How to know what direction to go with your career (or business)

How to know what direction to go with your career (or business)

welcome to another edition of the SeedTime podcast i’m your host Bob Lotich and I brought Linda my awesome wife on today and if you are listening to this we are actually doing a video
version so you can check that out over on YouTube if you like along with many
other videos that we’ve done that haven’t made it to the podcast and if
you’re watching this you can listen to the podcast in your car so you can check
that out on iTunes or anywhere else but today we’re gonna talk about I got a
question from a reader that that would make for a really good one in it kind of
was asking me how I and really we got to where we are in terms of career and
hearing God on career moves and trying to figure out how to get to where you
want to go and things along those lines right alright and the question is this
“How did you determine what direction to go with your career move? What feelings
thoughts, actions, passions, led you to doing? What you are currently doing and
how did God work in all of your decision-making process?” and this is a
really good question yeah I think it’s a great question because I think that you
really seem to love your work and I think that’s a more popular concept
these days although it’s difficult to get there so yeah and I honestly spent
many many years not loving my work I would say most of my career I did not
like my work and a whole lot of it I hated my work yeah
and I was actually found myself in many positions doing jobs I was not gifted to
do which is a terrible feeling um when you are working really really hard and
you feel like you cannot do a good job because it’s just not part of your
gifting and and for me I struggled with that a lot because I felt like a failure
I felt like I just wasn’t good at stuff I felt like I was doomed to have a
miserable career and the reality is I was just kind of in the wrong spot doing
the wrong doing something I wasn’t gifted at no that said I don’t think I
was in the wrong spot in terms of God’s will I think he taught me so much
through that I think there’s something really to be said for how you handle
difficult situations how you handle your attitude when you’re
in a job that you hate how you how to handle your attitude when you have a
boss that you don’t like I think these are all things that God is watching us
to kind of see how we’re gonna handle it you know to see if we’re able to be
promoted to the next level that he has for us yeah I also think that there is
definitely a time and a place for just getting in a job and making the money
that you need to provide for your family or provide for yourself whatever
situation I mean at the time when you first started working you were just like
I’m out of college I need a job it’s time to get a job time to start I don’t
think sitting on the couch for five years just waiting for God to tell you
what to do is often the answer you know yeah for us I think then the thing that
happened next was God just started laying stuff on Bob’s heart and he just
started obeying the idea I think there’s so much to obedience working on a book
right now that is gonna kind of encapsulate some of this but I think
there are so many blessings tied up in our obedience and I think there’s so
many times when we look at something that God has telling us to do and we’re
terrified and we’re scared of what it means and the sacrifice is gonna take
but the reality is that is the thing that is going to bring us to the
blessing and bring us to what we want that’s gonna bring us to the promised
land and it’s easy to you know just kind of get locked up in that fear but I
think obedience is one of those keys to opening up what God has for us and
specifically what you’re talking about with getting the blog started is that
were talking about yeah yeah so in my case with the blog I didn’t this didn’t
look like a career path this didn’t look I mean especially in 2007 you know most
people didn’t know what a blog was you didn’t know what a blog like I didn’t
know what a blog was in 2007 a friend of mine let me know he explained it to me
but uh this wasn’t something that I sought out after as a career path this
was something where I wanted to help people and I was learning a lot about
money and I was learning a lot about what the Bible said about money and I
thought it’d be a good idea just to share that with people and I didn’t know
writing a book seemed like too big tasks at the time and so I didn’t want
to do that but I just discovered this blog thing and like this is a great way
hopefully to kind of share what I’m learning and hopefully it’ll help
someone else out there in the world and so it started with me taking what I had
been given and you know just starting to do something with it
and then God was the one who took that two levels way beyond what I ever could
have imagined or dreamed you know yeah and I think what’s interesting about
that is we’re to the point now like in hindsight it looks like it was this big
calling and really it wasn’t it was not easy to miss but we didn’t know it was just
this oh like you’re just like I kind of want to do this now okay I mean it was
really that simple and I feel like God does this a lot
where He will take this little thing that he’s given us this little desire
this little gift and we just start doing something with it and then he just
multiplies it and turns it into something bigger and in our case like
once we kind of started walking down that path like I really didn’t know that
this was gonna turn into a full-time thing but he kind of led me to a point
where I got this really big opportunity to walk in faith and so basically it
about a year after I had started my blog like well we weren’t making very much
money with it all definitely not and you know couldn’t pay half of our bills with
it and you know maybe even car payment really and and at that point I got laid
off for my job and I felt like the Lord was leading me to do this full-time
which didn’t make much sense to me at all and I couldn’t in my in my head see
the path of how this would ever turn into a full-time income but it was
something that I felt God was calling me to do and we prayed about it and we both
felt good about it we felt like this was the right step for us even though it
made no sense in the natural and the reality is is because we stepped out
because we obeyed like and God was in it like he just made it work and I don’t
think I could have made it work in my own strength but it was clear that he
was calling me to do it and therefore he had
means and the resources to make the thing work and we got to watch you know
really cool miracle in the next year you know within that next year we were
making more from the blog than than my old day job and which just made
absolutely no sense to me you know yeah and it was really cool because you being
such a planner you know you did not want to be in this situation where we
couldn’t pay our bills you know but I feel like in that specific situation God
kind of called us out to trust Him and it was such a good opportunity to go
okay well hope this works out we’re just gonna trust you God I mean it really was
a good opportunity for us and I think it has served us well over the past
whatever it’s been decade more that it seems like that kind of thing just keeps
coming up over and over again don’t you think yeah absolutely it’s like we’re
planning as best as we can and we aren’t we’re doing the best that we can the
same way we’re paying off our debt no I mean yeah so many things
yeah it just does seem like he wants to he wants to know our heart in the whole
thing and he wants to know that we’re trusting Him all right another thing I
want to add to this on like kind of a practical level that helped me was kind
of looking for the intersection like when trying to decide what you want to
do what your career path is you want is to look for the intersection of things
that you were naturally gifted at and then the things that like fire you up
and get you excited or get you frustrated or passionate or whatever and
if you can find the intersection of those two things that’s an area where
you can excel like when you are doing work and it doesn’t feel like work like
that’s a really good thing like if you can do something that everybody else
doesn’t like or a lot of other people just don’t like doing and you actually
enjoy it that is a key that is something to pay attention to yeah I think a great
example of this is like doctors and nurses where they get so passionate that
there’s that type of job that’s not for me
but I am so glad that there are doctors and nurses and
love that God has put people like that on the earth when I look at my
accountant I have an awesome accountant who is passionate so good about
accounting and that is just not something I am interested in and I’m so
thankful that he is and yeah I’m so thankful that God creates all
differently that we all have these desires and strengths and gifts yeah and
yeah and honestly for me running the business at Bob runs like I don’t have
the those are not my strengths like my strengths would not be to run a business
by myself but I really glad that you do obviously but I do have other
strengths and so I guess what I’m saying is not everyone’s called to run a
business and I think that that’s perfectly okay yeah everybody’s
different career path everybody has a role they’re supposed to play but yeah
just look for that area look for those things that light you up and I always
tell people to ask your spouse ask them what they think you’re interested in a
lot of times you don’t even see it because you’re too close to it but
people who are close to you often times can tell they know what you spend your
time on they know where you spend your money they know what websites you’re
looking at and you know know how so I kind of think essentially what this
question is asking a little bit is it’s kind of about like finding your calling
do you think yeah and I kind of just want to say about that I think that
sometimes our calling can sound really like this big huge thing that doesn’t
seem like it’s attainable and really especially in our case it was just very
much like someone mentioned to him what a blog was and he was like huh that
sounds fine I’ll start a blog and then yeah it just got I had no idea
it built on top of that and it was just really simple it was really
practical it was something you were interested in it was so much less of a
mystical you know how do I know everything figure this out God how am I
going to figure out what you want me to do and it just seems like guys like I’ve
already put it in you the the word says that our steps are ordered
by the Lord and I almost feel like if we’re seeking Him it’s kind of difficult
to miss what he has for us yeah now that’s set I think there’s a lot of
times where it’s in front of our faces and we don’t see it and and I think
there’s a lot of people who kind of fall in that category where you know this is
where your spouse comes in into play because a lot of times I think we miss
it we can’t see the things were actually gifted at we think well there’s this
person way over here who’s better than me at it and that doesn’t mean that you
aren’t really gifted at it and it’s really easy to do that especially in the
online world where we see so many people who are better than us at something and
we think that that means we’re not uniquely gifted at it yeah
the reality we are but we’re an interconnected world and we just happen
to see you know a good percentage of other people who might be gifted at it
and I think this goes right along with what you were saying earlier about
things that you’re naturally good at and that come easy to you where it seems
like well this is it’s just an easy thing everybody this is easy for
everybody I think that’s another key is just because it’s easy for you doesn’t
mean it’s easy for everybody and it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any
kind of voice or help or impact to add to the world all right so that is a
little bit of our story and how we kind of worked through this I do recommend
checking out our first podcast which was with Jeff Goins and we were talking kind
of about the same topic so I think if you’re interested in that check out that
first podcast as well and that is all for today
appreciate you stopping by and watching or listening and feel free to do the
opposite one if you’d like and yeah have a great rest of your day and we’ll see
you soon and if you haven’t already head over to so you can get your free email course from us on how to master your money
using biblical principles so that’s all for today have a great rest of your day adios

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  1. Awesomeness being obedient is vital to financial freedom I’m learning this the WAY hard way
    Anew is on the horizon

  2. I really appreciated this content and video. It really spoke to me. I had taken a buy out from my company and had been off work for 2 years. Last Fall, I was feeling confused about making a living and I felt God gently pushing me to get back in the workforce. I'm older than you all so the interview process was very scary. I did my best to get updated and ready for interviewing, especially the technical part (database administrator), but felt overwhelmed. I had several phone interviews with another company and they didn't go so well. Then, the company I wanted to work for called me for an online interview and after that, an in-person interview. The in-person interview went better than I could have imagined. The technical questions were very easy. I came out of the interview thanking God for making it easy for me. A week later I got notified I got the job. All of that to say that sometimes, God's "still small voice" is a gentle nudge and it is up to us to move in that direction. Basically, just what you said. Anyway, thanks!

  3. Follow your passion is terrible advice. Why advise someone to follow their passion when you don't know what their passion is? They might want to go and blow balloons for a living and have a family, it's ridiculous. I love comic books and know a whole bunch about them but God led me away from that nonsense and garbage because it has an adverse effect of his righteousness in my life in just the mind.
    Its only an American concept to and Americans are just as miserable as everybody else sure sometimes some people follow their passion and it works out really well for them but in all reality life does not owe anything to us in our dreams the best advice is to seek God's and be obedient.

    There are plenty of things that I'm passionate about. I love to cook but honestly I would hate to cook for a living even though I love to cook for a hobby and there is a difference so bear that in mind if you decide to follow your passion

  4. Hi Bob and Linda thanks again for sharing am watching this video again. And i love to ask is it ok to apply this knowledge or strategy to a side hustle and i mean something that is a little risky to do but works for me for now?

  5. Thanks so much for this video Bob and Linda!!! God knew I needed this today. This is exactly where I’m at right now, I’m in a career that’s making me miserable and is really hard for our family life. I keep having opportunities come up, opportunities that I’m very passionate about but I’m so scared to take the plunge. I’m praying for wisdom and direction! Once again, thanks for video

  6. Amazing how He works, how He brings about exactly the things you need to hear when you need to hear them. Thank you for an excellent video and talk!

  7. I'm saving this video because I'm in the same situation… Trying to find my "niche" in a depressing world. I feel like crying because I had a feeling that I was the only one going through this journey. You a very good example of ECCL 4:9-12. Very motivational. Thank you

  8. Bob I am 65 now and need to diversify as I can no longer do what I used to do in the world of work due to some health problems.

    I became a published author at 59 years old and have 2 non-fiction books out. Unexpectedly, and as a result of doing this, I have of necessity done a lot of public speaking. I now prefer this to writing.

    God has taught me some wonderful lessons I want to share with the world, but I am not confident with all the technology. I would like to do a blog, podcasts and YT channel.

    I need to make a living as my health problems have prevented me traveling and speaking to audiences for now.

    I am British living in America and I have noticed that people do seem to like listening to my voice. My publisher is encouraging me in all this as well.

    Also the spiritual and emotional lessons I teach are well received.

    My concern is that I am not young and attractive like so many You Tubers and wonder if people will watch me on YT? I know I would do well with podcasts as I've done radio interviews which sound intelligent and engaging.

    I do need to start making a better living and I have heard it's hard to do so podcasting.

    Would you please advise me or address this topic in a video.

    I am extremely dedicated to my message and know I have knowledge on several subjects which have inspired many.

    I would really appreciate an answer from you as I feel you are understanding and have integrity.

    Many thanks.

    DEB 🐝

  9. I have just recently found this channel. I didn't know you were a blogger. I love the idea of blogging but I keep getting discouraged and deleting it. No matter how far I run, I always end up back at the blog. I had a nice blog of 1,000 or so views a day but it crashed when I tried to self-host. It's hard to decide when its opposition and when it's God saying "no". I get so frustrated I just want to give up but my special needs incarcerated husband is 100% depending on me. Any suggestions?

  10. Before beginning investing,do a background check up on your source,make sure you are trading through a solid foundation to avoid losing your money

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