How to Invite Connections to Follow Your LinkedIn Company Page

How to Invite Connections to Follow Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn company pages has a new feature
where you can invite your connections to follow your page now this is only
rolling out to select users so you might not have this feature yet but everyone
in your organization who has admin access to your company page should be
checking this to see if they have access just go to your company page in your
admin view in the upper right hand corner in your admin tools if you see
the word new with this icon that means you have the invite connections feature
in your company page you can simply click this to invite people to follow
your page now this will only invite your specific connections this is why it’s
important for everyone in your organization to look at their page if
they are admins and invite their own connections so by doing this you can
simply go through here and you know invite the people that you want and
invite them to like your page there’s also a feature on the right side of the
page so you don’t even have to go into the tools at the top it’s right here in
the page it’s in a pretty prominent spot and you can simply go through and if you
see people here you can you know that our connections that you might want to
invite it’ll suggest a few but then you can even click this to invite more
connections make sure everyone in your company who has admin access to your
company page is checking this because the more people that have access to
invite their own connections the more connections you can invite to like your
page and this is how you can get more page followers for your company pages on

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  1. The struggle here for me – some admins of the page have this possibility and some don't. Can't figure out why. Any idea?

  2. Hi
    I'm unable to find the 'invite your connections' button on my company page. Can you please help me out

  3. Even we are trying to intivite the people., But. We are not able to find the option (invite followers) please help us

  4. Is there anyway to induce the invite connections feature? I don't have it on my company page in the admin view

  5. Can you track who has already received an invite in your network? My colleague invited someone, but another is still able to invite the same person. We don't want a contact to receive 6 invites from our company.

  6. What does the person see/receive when they have been invited? We've tried a few test invitations but nothing has shown up on the invitees end yet.

  7. I had the invite connections button and all of a sudden it is gone:)? I do not know why?

  8. I have a funny situation. I had this feature on my page, but after sent about 300 invitations I lost it. I wrote to LinkedIn in this matter, they did not answer directly, but they said that the function does not work at every account yet.

  9. Same problem happened to us. I was able to invite my 1K+ connections, I was showing my boss how to do it, and now the feature is gone from mine and he doesn't have it either.
    I'm curious – does anyone here still have the feature?

  10. We've had the same issue with it disappearing! It worked a treat before it disappeared. Heres hoping they bring it back!!

  11. Hi everyone. We ran a small test with a new feature called Invite to Follow, and discovered that some of our members weren’t satisfied with the experience. We have temporarily disabled the feature and will make it available once we complete our improvements. Thanks!

  12. LinkedIn should simply their dashboards to include a blue SHARE or INVITE button for all users next to your existing FOLLOW button.

  13. Hi People, Nice video but already outdated. We also had the button 1,5 weeks and start inviting everyone:)! Best option Linkedin ever did to give a boost to all the sleeping company pages nobody is looking at. We got more than 400 connections and happy with it! But then….. IT STOPPED! Why o Why! In contact with LinkedIn and they notified us it is coming back to selected company pages. The question, what the criteria are and when? No answer:)! Got in touch with some people I know within LinkedIn Singapore and Hong Kong. They are not saying it literary but they got a bit afraid this will hurt the advertisement on LinkedIn. Let's see and wait if it coming back! Emile Leus Singapore

  14. AH, good – I am not the only one who lost this option, looks like EVERYONE lost it. I guess Linkedin either had members complaining or decided this is working against their business model.

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