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  1. Hi Andy, As always, great Video with invaluable information.

    I want to clarify one thing and that was your suggestion not to reference the gap on the resume under work history. For example, Career Sabbatical – Stay at Home Parent -> 2011 – Present

    In no way am I challenging you – you my friend know your stuff well :-). I'm more curious as to why that would turn a recruiter off?

  2. What if you encountered an injury that caused you to be out of work for a year or more ? Would it be wise to explain that reason in a cover letter?

  3. Yeah! Love this topic. Gaps in employment can be a little sticky. I really enjoyed your thoughts on this idea. Especially the functional resume part. Was that a dachshund on your mug?

  4. Couldn't wait to get home to tell you about the job interview I just had. Wish it was good news but it was prob one of my worst. She asked about the gaps (which the longest is 3 months & there aren't many). Not only did she keep cutting me off but she gave me absolutely no option to ask any questions!! It felt quit insulting & the whole thing lasted shorter than the amount of time i sat & waited for her to come in the lunch room. If you haven't already, can you please share on the dreaded question "why did you leave this job"? Dreaded for me at least. As always, thank you for your knowledge. ?

  5. Hello Andy, I took your advice and I quit last week! It feels great but I have a few questions. First, what is a functional resume and how is that different from your ultimate resume format (profile/highlight/history)? I got worried when you said “you will be hiding something”. I followed your ultimate resume guide, which ties into my main question below.

    Second. Before I resigned, I have submitted applications. My resume still shows that I still am currently employed (for those apps). I have received 2 interview schedules after I resigned. How do I address this properly? My new resume is updated now, but I don’t want to make it seem that I lied to the interviewer because my employment gap is so recent (4 days).

    My first interview is tomorrow so any insight before then will help. Thank you!

  6. Hey Andrew, this is not the right video for this question but what do I do if the HR insists on giving a number for the expected salary over a phone call?

  7. My wife received her green card back in June and arrived here then. Ever since she's been unable to secure anything much less any initial inquiries. She worked for reputable companies like HP in Taiwan and can't even get HP here to consider here. It's depressing as hell. Her employment gap is just getting worse

  8. Love this! It's so important to step out and do SOMETHING that will gain you experience rather than waiting for something to come around. Cheers!

  9. So my gap has been since August to present. Mine is from migraines and getting medical attention so it doesn't interfere with my job anymore. After testing, meds, I am ready to go back into work force. How do you explain medical issues which can be a touchy subject?

  10. what should I do I have a large gaps. I have been applying and I have always been interview but not never accepted. the HR or Manager tells me why don't you have a job. I can't answer "because I don't have a job, they never call me or email me". I just lie and lie. Right now I'm still applying for my field. I even applying for a lower position just to get a job

  11. Hello, this was very helpful. I have been taking care of my only sister who had COPD for over seven years. She passed on in late 2017. I was taking all kinds of on line classes in coding and web design. But, now I just want to get back into the work force. My wife of 35 years is a Nurse Practitioner which is why I was able to take time off and take care of my sister all this time. I've been so worried about how to fill-in this gap. Overthinking every possible question and how to answer it in an interview about my resume to the point of being paralyzed! Anyway, thank you for this video. I will be watching many more of your videos. Take care. Oh, in the past, I was hired by every Company I ever applied for… need to get that confidence back!

  12. Hi Andrew, I'm a university student applying for retail jobs, and I'm currently a volunteer retail store assistant for a non-profit. Should I put that at the top or bottom of my resume? Thanks for all the tips!

  13. HI , great vid. I am 51 years old and recently after working straight thru with no gaps since I was 17..yep no gaps, I moved to Mexico city to help a friend with his interior design business. Well, it was only supposed to be for a summer it lasted 3 years. He died so I returned to New York and started to put together my resume HOw do I put that on there cause there is no way for an employer to verfiy it..hes dead. It was an interior designer just him and his personal clients it was not a big company at all he worked with the local rich people in Mexico City…all word of mouth. Somehow these people all know each other. He did very well bur he just needed an extra person since I wanted a break from NYC life I went to help him plus take a long needed break..Well, now I dont know how to write that hes dead and there is no way to get a reference even the web site is gone. Help! I just dont know how to write that this is what I did but sorry you cant verify it at all …see what I mean?

  14. I had asked how to write a resume with a long gap on previous video. Thank you that you have this online for so many of us. I appreciate you and all you do!!

  15. Another question. What if you were paid the same salary to care for I’ll parents? I ended up saving them about $3,800 a month by taking my father out of elderly care home by having them pay me what I was making and also allowing him to be cared for with love and respect. This allowed him to pass at his own home. Then eventually had my mother move in with me and continued to receive payment for her care. She had dementia. And has recently passed. Should this be on resume? It was an honor for me to be able to care for them.

  16. how would you handle an employment gap due to mental health issues and physical health issues? I have PTSD, Depression & Anxiety combo on top of Diabetes & Fibromyalgia. I have had to resign and not work at points for both mental stability because my PTSD was causing me to have flashbacks on the job and physical health issues related to my fibromyalgia getting out of hand. how do i explain those?

  17. Hi, if I have been a stayed at home mom since I took my degrees, 8 years ago, so no work experience, and my major is wide, Health and environment, I am not anymore up to date, and I really don't know what are my strengths or skills (beside that I am responsible and consistent in doing what I have do in best way, rapid learner,…???

  18. Hi, Andrew. I would like your advice about my situation. I'm currently unemployed and job hunting. I have a bachelor's in management and following graduation, I suffered an illness. On my resume I have a 2 year gap due to illness followed by a 1 year Administration Assistant position from Jan 2018- Dec 2018.

    My issue is that this was an unpaid position. My sister is owner of the company and asked me to help part-time with her small business while I was still recovering. I did and was in charge of writing bid proposals for local govt jobs (we won some small contracts worth $25k total), communicating with customers, and other admin duties.

    The reason I didn't ask for a salary is because the business is only in it's 3rd year and I wanted to help it grow (some of profits were used to buy more equipment to expand for this year). Plus, I was still recovering. This year, my sister quit her old job and has taken over control of all admin & managerial duties so I wasn't needed for this year.

    Do you think I should mention this was an unpaid position in an interview? I know they do employment history checks so I'm trying to figure out my best strategy on how to spin this?? It is a real business that can be verified. Do you think I can possibly compete for entry level managerial roles with all these gaps? Thank you for your videos. I'm slowly getting my confidence back during this hard job search.

  19. Hey Andrew, Jen here. I like your suggestion to explain gaps and reason(s) in the cover letter. Can keep it short and sweet that way. I also have a blurb on my resume that states: "Much of my work on island consisted of sewing for private clients, and various odd jobs. I am happy to supply further information upon request.
    " Anything wrong with that? I so appreciate you and your constant free advice. Thanks

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  21. Hi Andrew,

    This is my first time on your channel. Such a great video with valuable suggestions. I am a first time mom and took break when my daughter born last year. Now how should I address that break on my LinkedIn profile. I hope you read this comment because I genuinely want to go back to work now. Thanks in advance.

  22. Life does happen. I have been unemployed for roughly 8 months by choice to care for a parent who is now deceased. Following his passing there was a period of time in which estates and other issues needed resolution. Would this be an appropriate thing to share with a potential employer? It feels a bit personal to share professionally. Thank you in advance for your response.

  23. I was just laid off this month after 14 years. I am looking for a job immediately. Can I put I was laid-off anywhere on my actual resume? A cover letter may not be reviewed in the types of jobs I am applying for.

  24. Hey, so I am in dire need of response. Please read the situation and let me know.
    I have mentioned a job in my resume which I left almost 2 months ago and i have forwarded that CV to some companies and I am going for interviews on behalf of that resume. Now currently i am working in a company that is unstable and fires employee so i want to switch immediately. Now the companies which know that I am still working in my last company because of that resume so now what should i say to them while providing experience letter? As it might show 2 months gap. please help

  25. Hello, Andrew. I have been going through all your videos last two weeks, and that helped me a lot in my employment process. I have a question regarding gaps in unemployment. During the gap, I have been working on portfolios and developed computer skills that are irrelevant to the job I'm currently applying for. Should include those skill sets on my resume? if not, how should I explain the gap in resume? if yes, is it okay to say '(computer proficiency) from self- teaching during period of unemployment'?

  26. my employment gap is about 12 years and its because i was on social security/disabled for a long time. my first job was at radioshack and i got fired because i couldn't keep up with the expectations, second was as a telemarketer which i quit because they were kinda sketchy. so i wonder if its even worth mentioning any job experience at all, like maybe it'd reflect better to just talk about volunteer experience and having a GED than explaining some unflattering things like that

  27. Hi Andrew! I woke up at 5 this morning with major anxiety!! My brain wouldn’t shut down because I was so nervous about explaining an employment gap. I’m so glad you recommended I check this video. I feel so much better! ?

  28. Hello Andy, I just found your channel. Thank you for all the information you share with us. I wanted to ask your advice. I had a career and I was laid off near the end of 2015. At the same time, my mother was very ill. I had to take a part time job at a supermarket because they offered a very flexible schedule which I needed. I would get calls from doctors, nursing homes, social security etc. I still have that job. My career wouldn't allowed me the flexibility to take care of everything for her. Everything is settled with my mother now so now I can start looking for jobs in my profession. I understand that I could mention my mother's illness in the cover letter/email but should I list the supermarket job I have in my resume even though it has nothing to do with my career? My thinking is it at least shows that I'm interacting with people and not sitting home doing nothing for the past several years. What are your thoughts?

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