How to Grow Your Business with YouTube (On a Budget)

How to Grow Your Business with YouTube (On a Budget)

– So how can you grow your online or even your offline business
with video without spending a fortune on equipment? In this video, I’m gonna be
sharing my favorite pieces of affordable video gear, plus my four-step video formula coming up. (upbeat electronic music)
(camera shutter clicking) Hey, Sean here with THiNK Media, bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video. And on this channel, we do
a lot of tech gear reviews, plus tips and strategy
videos just like this one. So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. So I recently spoke at a
conference to business owners all about how to grow your
business using online video without breaking the bank. And I wanted to just share
that entire session with you right here on THiNK Media. And so it’s a deep dive,
and in this session, you’re gonna learn a few things. This training covers my
favorite budget tools for video, my four-step video production formula, four practical ways any business
can grow using online video and I also talk about how to get my personal YouTube checklist
for completely free. And by the way, at any
point during the video, you can check out show notes and links in the description below, I’ll list out all of the
various things I talk about as well as the gear, so you
can reference any of that in the youtube description at any time. Well, let’s jump into
the training right now. And in fact, I want to kind
of just go through a few stats to sort of paint a picture
of how significant, really, online video is right now, and kind of the internet in general, the time that we’re living in, right? And so I recently read this
article on The Huffington Post that talks about the rising
billion of new consumers that will arrive online by 2020. And so the next few years
are gonna be so significant and there’s so much opportunity for us to grow our businesses, grow our influence, and make a greater impact online, and the article says this, that the most dramatic positive
change in our global economy is about to occur between now and 2020, that three to five billion new people are about to come online. And the author of this
article predicts that it’s gonna cause the greatest
surge of economic growth to the global economy really
that we may have ever seen. And so we already know that
the internet’s blowing up, social media’s blowing up, these are awesome tools to
be growing our influence and income, growing our
businesses, but it’s about, it’s just starting, and I
want to encourage you that if maybe you feel like
you’re late to the party or you’re not really
sure what’s happening yet or whatever that there’s
still so much opportunity. I was at another event
called VidCon recently talking with a few different
creators and someone said, he was talking about YouTube, “Do you think that the ship has
sailed already for YouTube?” And another creator that I
respect I was standing next to had said, he said, “Sailed? “The ship isn’t even fully built yet. “The ship hasn’t even left the harbor.” And I really agree with that. I think that these platforms
are still so young. Yes, there’s competition. Yes, there’s a lot of people doing it, but yes, there is a ton of opportunity. And Social Media Examiner
said that this year, video is people’s
content format of choice. So I’m passionate about audio,
podcasts, blogging, photos, Instagram, but across the board, when people are looking for content, they want to find video, right? Let me ask you, do you, when you’re searching,
do you like to go read a blog article about how to do something, or do you sometimes want to
actually just find a video about how to do something? Raise your hand if you want
to just find the video. Raise your hand if you
actually like the blog, if you like the blog, you
still like the blog, yeah. So both are relevant, but generally, the majority of people
are interested in video. And then Mark Zuckerberg,
CEO of Facebook said this, that by 2019, the majority of
Facebook is gonna be video. So right now of course
there’s tons of text, there’s photos, there’s
all these different posts, but video is gonna be taking over and that’s what they’re preparing for, that’s how they’re building Facebook. Cisco said that 80% of
the consumer internet is gonna be video by 2019. And so video is really taking over. And I love this quote
from social media expert, Gary Vaynerchuk, and it says that the single most important strategy in content marketing today is video. So video is a huge deal. And if you want of course to be relevant and make an impact as a
business owner of any kind, you definitely want to be using video. But this is one of the
questions I hear the most, isn’t video expensive though? Isn’t it too expensive to get into? Isn’t it hard to kind of produce and you need all these different tools? And my answer that question
is actually yes, yes it is, in 1978. This is a picture of George
Lucas on the set of Star Wars, and that Panavision camera right there, in that year, you could
have picked one of those up for yourself at the
budget price of $625,000. And that camera could have been yours, and you could have started
shooting some beautiful video content in 1978. But when people say is
video expensive today? The answer is it really isn’t, it’s more accessible than ever before. And the smartphone that
you have on your desk or in your pocket or in your
bag can actually produce a better quality video than
some of the film cameras that great films were made on years ago. It’s amazing what your phone can do. In fact, your phone is
a photography studio. It’s not only a camera,
it’s a video camera, it’s a video editing processor, it can be your audio recorder,
it can be a music studio, it could be your production planner, scheduling out shots or ideas,
and it can do so much more. And every single one
of us really has access to our smartphone. And so first of all today, as we’re talking about really
how to start creating video that can really grow our
influence for our businesses, I just want to talk about four keys to creating great video on any budget, and this is my four-step formula, C+AVL. Now we’ll get to C in just a second, but we’re gonna start with AVL. And I just want to ask, and then I also want to share
some cool tools with you guys, would that be okay? – [Crowd Member] Yes. – Awesome. Let’s dive into it. And so AVL stands for
audio video lighting. And so when we’re talking about video, let’s just simplify it. Let’s break it down into
its rawest components of actually what goes
in to creating video. And these are the three elements that you should ask yourself about in any situation before shooting video, even if all you’re using
is your smartphone. Even if you’re about to shoot somebody, you have your phone, you’re about to create some content to walk people through your business or to shoot some kind of
content for your business, these are the three
questions you want to ask. Number one, level up your audio. How can you start making better video? Start by actually improving the audio. What I’ve found is that
people will actually tolerate low video quality, like
maybe doesn’t look the best or the light, even the
lighting is not the best, but if it sounds bad, people will bounce off
that video right away. Have you noticed this? If there’s a hiss or
there’s an echo in the room or you can’t really hear the person, you might even be
interested in the content, but if it doesn’t have good
audio and it’s incomprehensible or it just sounds noisy, it’s distracting. And so the first thing
you want to think about is your audio, but this
doesn’t have to be complex, just consider your surroundings. If you’re ever gonna create some video, consider maybe shooting in a smaller room without high ceilings,
without echo like this, versus shooting next to
an airport tarmac, right? Or versus shooting next to
an air conditioning unit. Just consider your surroundings no matter what camera you’re using. Also, project your voice. Now if you’re gonna be the
person that’s on video, one of the best ways to
start having better audio is actually to just work
on projecting your voice. In fact, we use some
expensive microphones, and we found we do a lot
of interviews with people, and we found that even sometimes, the best microphone, if
someone is soft-spoken, it could be very challenging
to get the message across that you want to get across. So by projecting your voice, just using a point-and-shoot
camera or your smartphone, you’re gonna get a lot better results. And then the next thing
you could do of course is purchase a budget microphone. And what’s so cool, this session is all about how
to produce video on a budget is it doesn’t have to break the bank. And so this Pop Voice
microphone is on It’ll plug into your smartphone, and it costs $12.99. And one note, if you’re ever
looking for a microphone for a smartphone is you want to have three prongs on it, not two. And so if you ever look
at a headphone jack, a lot of times, it has two. That’s just for hearing the music. That third little ring,
that’ll be on your ear pods, and that’s how the microphone
on iPhone ear pods works, will make it work in a smartphone. But if you just make sure
that a microphone is like a smartphone-compatible
microphone, 12 bucks, and now you’ve got this
HD camera in your pocket, in your smartphone, and
you have this great audio that you could just hook to your shirt, or you can do something
like the Rode VideoMic Me. It’s about $70. But what’s great about that,
it’s a little shotgun mic, it’s now going to cancel out
all the ambient noise around it and just get the audio that’s
directly in front of the mic, and this is great if there’s
more than one person on camera. And a couple tools that are super cool. Second thing is level up your video. Level up your video. So definitely recommend
to be shooting in HD, I think that’s the new
standard, and again, this is just commonplace on basically every smartphone today, every point-and-shoot, every DSLR. Second is invest in stabilization. Have you ever seen a video that
you, almost made you dizzy, kind of like you got
a little uncomfortable because it was so shaky? Raise your hand, raise your
hand if you’ve ever seen that. Yeah, everybody. But why? Because if sometimes when you hold it, some cameras don’t have
image stabilization. And so what I mean by that is
simply invest in just a tripod if you really want, video is
just a medium of communication. So if you want to get the message across, what we’re trying to do here is eliminate distractions, right? And so it’s distracting if
the video is really shaky. And so just invest in stabilization. And then also consider a wide-angle lens. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but sometimes if you use your
smartphone to film yourself, you’re like, “Why is that just my nose? “Why am I not even, why is
it so close to my face?” And so you can just clip on
a little wide-angle lens, that will give you a wider shot and, maybe two if you’re gonna put
somebody else in the frame. And so this one of my favorite tripods. It’s by Arkon. It’ll go on your desk. It’s about 11 inches. And this is a $20 tripod
that is on Amazon, and you can wrap those
legs around a railing, you could set those on a desk. And then the phone mount
is actually detachable, so if you already had
a tripod that’s taller, you could just put that
phone mount on another tripod and you’re good to go, just $20. Guys, it’s so easy to create video, great video on a budget these days. And so that’s a great tool. And then I use this lens kit, actually don’t need all
five-in-one lenses personally, but inside of that CamKix lens kit, that’s about $20 as well. All this stuff’s on Amazon, I actually have a download if
you want to see a checklist of all the stuff I recommend,
we’ll get to that in a sec but this CamKix lens just
clips right on your phone, and now it’s a little bit wider, so you can get more people in the frame, and whatever else you want to do. And then number three, number three. So, let’s do a little participation here. Let’s everybody say A. – [Crowd] A. – The energy, I’m inspired. Everybody say V. – [Crowd] V. – And then say L. – [Crowd] L. – All right, so you
can, and so that’s AVL. And that’s what you always
want to think about. Whatever tools you have at your disposal, this is literally a framework. Okay, what’s the lighting like? What’s the sound like, what’s
the video gonna be like? AVL. Third one is your lighting. So for your lighting again,
even if you don’t have lighting, here’s some free hacks for that. Shoot during the day, right? Another tip there would
be shoot in the shade. One thing that is never favorable to video is direct sunlight. And so one of the worst things, one of the worst times to shoot
is in the middle of the day in direct sun in Utah
when it’s 100 degrees. I’m from Las Vegas, so it’s 115, and so we’re not shooting
outside anyways during that time. But shoot during the day
because you want a lot of light. Every video camera requires light, and actually a lot of times, people say, “Hey Sean, what camera should I buy, “what camera should I upgrade to?” And usually, I recommend
people invest in lighting before they invest in a new camera, because if you add
lighting to a bad camera, it’ll look great. But even if you don’t have
lighting, even on a great camera, it won’t necessarily look great. Lighting is the key to good video. So turn on the lights. In your house, turn on the lights. And one of the things that
I know, we’re at CVX, right? So a lot of vloggers here,
or some, will actually, when they really get
established as vloggers, they might the upgrade all
the bulbs in their house because they vlog
everywhere in their house because they just realized,
“We’re shooting everywhere. “More light, the better.” Especially at night at different times. So just turn on the lights, whatever lights you have in your house. If you get more light, it’s gonna make the
video look a lot better. Record during a window. If this was the window during the day, the light would be coming
in, so a lot of times, I will take that little tripod, I will set it on a desk
right in front of a window, and I’ll do maybe a Facebook Live or some kind of a live
stream or video content just having the camera pointing at me, and then I sit there and I talk, and the window is a giant softbox, it’s like a giant light,
it just looks beautiful, and those are all free. And then the other thing
you could do is invest in a budget lighting kit. And again, this is probably
one of the best way to spend your money, to
improve your lighting. And there’s a StudioPRO
lighting kit on Amazon. A couple different levels of it, but even just for about $100, you can make a huge impact
in your video quality. This LimoStudio one is a
little bit not as bright, but it’s $70, I think,
right now on Amazon. So level up your lighting, right? AVL. And if you want to grab this, I just put all that stuff
in some of my other tools. And that’s actually
the way I’ll set it up, I actually don’t use
this giant lens anymore, but it’s kind of cool too. So you can see it’s
like a wide-angle lens, I’ve got my phone there
on that Arkon tripod, and I’ve got the lapel mic
plugged into the phone. Yeah? – [Crowd Member] How important
is your battery problems? – Great question, how important
is your battery problems? I plug it in when I’m shooting. And if you got a iPhone
7 and your fire port is also your mic port, it
gets a little more complex, but there’s ways around that. There’s a couple cases that
give you a port and a mic jack, but yeah, so that allows
me to have it plugged in the entire time. And another thing you grab off Amazon is a 10-foot power cord for your, or longer, for your smartphone, and
that way you’re gonna be powered up the entire time. But anyways,, and all that gear is listed out. So C+AVL, so we just talked about AVL. This is the formula for just making sure we’re having great video,
but now let’s talk about C, and C stands for the content. C stands for the content. At the end of the day, the content is that what matters most. The AVL is never going to ultimately, if you have great audio, great
video and great lighting, but the content is not great,
then it’s not gonna work, it’s not gonna make an impact, it’s not gonna drive the
results that you want to drive for your business. But if this first, if this part is bad, well then you’re not gonna be able to understand the content. Sometimes we want to
shoot comedy on YouTube or comedy on Facebook, and
again, the content is the joke, the content’s what’s being presented. But if you can’t hear it,
see it, or it’s shaky, well then, you’re gonna lose, right? But the content is what matters most, and I always like to say this. That content value is
significantly more important than your production value. And we all know this, right? We know this because there’s
been plenty of YouTubers or social media stars with just webcams or just point-and-shoot cameras or just their smartphone that
have created a huge impact, even business owners, because
it’s the content value that matters most more
than the production value. And so let’s talk about
four practical ways to use online video to grow
your business right now. And also like I said, if
you have any questions, particularly about your
particular business, like specific situation, I
think that’s where the most, the magic will happen in this session because we can contextualize what this could actually
look like in the real world to drive big results for your business. But here’s four things, if you ask me, “Sean, what would you do right
now to grow your business? “What would you be focusing on?” These are the top four things
that I’d be focusing on. The first one is Facebook Live, actually. The first one I’d be
focusing on is Facebook Live. Have you ever done, has
anybody done Facebook Live yet? Raise your hand high, high, high. Awesome, awesome. So about half the room has
done Facebook Live before. That’s great. And so you’ve got a little
bit of experience with that. One of the reasons why I
love Facebook Live is because Facebook prioritizes video on Facebook, and they prioritize live
video even more right now. And so that means you’re
showing up in people’s newsfeed, it’s more shareable,
there’s a lot of things that you can do there. And so recently, and an interesting
way to use Facebook Live is I recently shot this
video, I was on the beach, and I actually used Facebook
Live just to create a video. And so what I mean is, this video was one and a
half minutes long and my, the goal of this video, every video that you have
should have a mission, you should never just
post something online if you didn’t have a mission for it, but the goal of this video
is just to stay top of mind. It was just to have a message
to my current audience ’cause I don’t want
them to forget about me. So I just wanted to get
something out there. So it’s just like a quick, kind of like a motivational message. And it only went for a minute
and a half, and here’s why. I didn’t want to shoot a video on my phone and then try to upload it
and then all this stuff, I wanted to go, I wanted to
shoot the video right then, and have a video that was up, and that’ll be 720p if you’ve
got a good LTE connection, and then you have a video that’s done. And the video got 1,100
reach and then 3,100 views, and then I boosted it for $15. And so we’ll talk a little bit about that. But has anyone used Facebook Ads yet? Raise your hand. Facebook Ads? Great, awesome, so you’re
already using Facebook Ads. So you can see, you can see the engagement
on it and whatnot. And so this is such a
simple, quick and easy way to get video content out to your audience, to your Facebook fan page, and also to potentially
reach new people where this actually wasn’t
the goal of this though, I actually, it was internal,
so when I boosted it, I just boosted it to
my own fan page likes. And so a couple of quick
Facebook Live ideas for, and really, video ideas for your, for business is one, you could
show off a product, right? You might have a product,
you want to show it off, just show how it works. I think that one of the biggest
things that holds us back is just, is overthinking this. Again, you got some good audio,
you got some good lighting, it sounds all right, and so
just show off the product. “Hey, this is out now. “Our new shirts are out,
this is what they look like, “this is how they fit.” People want to see video, right? It’s people’s preferred
content format of choice. The second thing you could do is you could show off a location. We just went to a kind of
cool breakfast spot here in Salt Lake City this
morning, and it’s really, it’d be really easy to say,
“Hey, here’s our location. “It’s right here off of whatever street “and this cross street. “Come on in and we’ll show you, “we just added some new
things to the menu.” And you could just create video content showing where you are, maybe
giving people a walkthrough. You could give a product tutorial. How does your product work? Simply just explaining the
steps, showing what it is. You could do FAQs. What are the top 10 to 30 questions that are relevant for
your business and brand? In fact, write that down. You don’t have to write all
the questions down right now, but you probably could, right? You know the questions
that you get the most. There’s so much power in those
frequently asked questions. And so now that’s video ideas for you. You could do a Q and A with your audience. You could highlight fans and customers. Whenever you have the opportunity
to pull out your phone and shoot a testimonial,
somebody that loves you, loves your product, is
a fan of your stuff, whatever it is, do it. That’s video content
that you can then share. You can give away coupon codes. “Hey guys, we’re here,
we just launched this.” So many different ways
to go on Facebook Live. And that’s kind of just a quick hack. We could do it right now, we
go live, we end it, we’re done and that video is living on Facebook and there’s a lot of things
we can do afterwards to boost how many people see it
and things like that. The second thing I would be
focusing on the most right now if I want to grow my business this year and in the years to come is Facebook Ads. And maybe you came to
the session and thought, I don’t know what you thought
coming to this session but this is like real business, this is what I’d be focusing on. And not necessarily YouTube, we’ll talk about that in a second as much, but for businesses, this is where it’s at. Many agree that Facebook Ads are the greatest advertising
solution in human history. What? Who can even say that? Talk about the most hype-filled,
outrageous statement, but it’s true and I
actually agree with that. That never has there been
a better tool with almost two billion active, with a B, two billion active users on Facebook. That means your ideal fans,
customers, audience are there. And Facebook has a scary amount
of data about you and me, it’s terrifying. They know, they work with
credit card companies, so they know your spending habits, they know what pages, of course, you like, they know a lot about your age, they know a lot about
your family dynamics, they know if you’re in a relationship or if you just left a relationship, they know if you’re a mom,
they know if you’re married, and they’re analyzing micro, even what you post to create
massive data about you. And for some, that’s scary. For businesses and
marketers, that’s awesome. Because what it means is that
we no longer have to have a shotgun approach to
reaching our ideal audience. Now that we can be very specific to only really get in front of the
people that would care. And in old-school marketing, it was very much a shotgun approach, like, “Let’s just throw up a billboard “and just hope that some of
the people that go past it “are interested and
maybe come and check out “what we’re doing.” We now have the opportunity
to show right up in front of people right where
they are most of their day, on their smartphones, on their
desktops, on their tablets, on their computers. And video ads are among the most powerful Facebook Ad formats for
generating user engagement. So if I’m a business owner
in the year we’re living in, I am creating a compelling video, good AVL but some good
content that is going to have a mission and a message that
is for my target audience, I am putting it on Facebook
and I am doing Facebook Ads so that the right people see that, and I’m ultimately going to
be spending as much money as I possibly can until it
gets too crowded, saturated, and maybe it’s the next
advertising platform. Right now, if we spend about
a dollar on Facebook Ads, we return anywhere from
two to four dollars. Let me ask you, if you could
give somebody $1 right now and they would give you $2 back, what would you be your
limit of doing that, how much would you do? About 100 bucks? 1,000? I love it, all of it. You would just keep going, right? Once you dial that in,
once the video’s working and you’re getting the engagement and maybe there’s some experimentation, there certainly is some
experimentation and there’s testing and sometimes people say, “I tried it once, it didn’t work.” Well, that’s true about anything. And it’d be like the first
time I tried to ride my bike, I won’t even forget, I grew up in North Seattle and I remember I had the training wheels
phase, love that phase, and then my stepdad
Phil, one day he’s like, “We’re taking the training wheels off.” And I remember he’s going and he said, “I’m gonna hold the back of the seat.” I said, “You better hold
the back of the seat.” He said, “I’m gonna hold the back.” I was like, “You better.” And he’s like, “All right.” And I’m going, I’m going,
I go, “Are you holding it?” And he’s like, “No, I let go.” And then I got scared, and so
boom, I crashed in the bushes, I tumbled, I got scraped up. And that’s what happens, right? The first time we do anything is not necessarily a
time where it’s effective and when it works, and that’s where I see a lot of people say, “Oh,
I tried Facebook Ads, “it didn’t work.” It is the greatest advertising
solution in human history. And so if you want to grow your business or even grow as a personal brand, be thinking about Facebook Ads, especially right now why
there’s so much opportunity on that platform. I just did a little test
here because we’re at CVX, and just targeted 84101, which is the zip code that
we’re sitting in right now. And there’s 34,452 targetable
people on Facebook, just in that region. That’s without narrowing it down. What you can add to that is you could say, you could say “That amount of people, “I want to target that zip code, “and people who like coffee.” If you have a new coffee shop
and you’re not doing that, then you’re missing out
on the age we’re living in when it comes to digital marketing, social media and advertising. And so, definitely be
focusing on Facebook Ads. The third thing that
I would be focusing on is searchable content,
searchable content on YouTube. YouTube is the second-largest
search engine in the world. We’ll do questions in just
a bit, so capture that. YouTube is the second-largest
search engine in the world. And so, number one is Google,
and number two is YouTube. And Google owns YouTube. And so you can, when you
produce good YouTube content and it’s optimized in a
way that people can find it and for the terms they’re searching for, you, a lot of times can
even get YouTube videos on the first page of Google, which is the holy grail of any business. That is the new real estate
that people want and need for their business is
showing up in search results, and YouTube is this great search engine, but because video can seem expensive, or it can seem hard, and it certainly is, and getting on camera can,
there’s that learning curve, all of that’s real. There’s a ton of opportunity
on YouTube compared to Google because writing a blog
post is generally easier, ranking a website is generally, building a website, hiring someone, creating video content has
a little more moving parts. And so there’s a ton
of opportunity to find searchable content on YouTube, and then Google owns YouTube, so videos appear for 55%
of Google keyword searches. Cisco did a study that said
videos are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google. And so searchable content on YouTube. So here’s an example
in a business context. Years ago, I had a
production company called Clearvision Media, around
2011, started in 2010, and I did this video
for a Mexican restaurant in a small town Arlington,
Marysville, Granite Falls, they had three locations,
an hour north of Seattle. And so, this video, as
you can see, is from 2011. And there’s this cool tool
that I love for YouTube, it’s called vidIQ. And you can get the free
version, I use the boost version, and it’s, it gives you this data. The way you get that data
on your YouTube videos is you sign up for vidIQ,
and then you also download the vidIQ Vision Google Chrome plug-in, in case you want all this data, it’s really cool, it’ll
help you on YouTube. And it has this little
stat up there that says 0.01 views per hour. So that adds up to 2.4 views a day, and something like near 900 views a year. So this video is very specific. It doesn’t, this is not
like millions of views, we want to reach the world, this is like we want people
to come to our local business. And if we could get up to
two to three people a day to check out what we’re doing and come visit our
local business for free, does that sound like a good idea? That sounds great to me. And the video is what, six years old. And it’s still, this
is a recent screenshot, so it’s still getting those views, why? Because of searchable content, people keep discovering the video. And the video only was made once, but yet it continues to
produce results for this video. Let me also ask you, what would happen if they
made a video every week? What would happen if they continued to put out content strategically? A lot of good things. At the time, they paid me
$250 to make this video, put it on YouTube and rank it, and it’s been working for
them for years to come. Now, was that a good deal? Who wants that deal? Who wants, only three people. All right, well the discounts are, okay. So, local search. And number four is using
video to drive sales. And so one of the other
things that I would do, we’ll talk about three things, the first one would be Facebook
Live and Facebook Video, the second one would be Facebook Ads, third, I’d be creating
searchable content on YouTube, and then fourth, use video to drive sales. And so one of the things that’s
also great about that video was they put it on their website. And even, it’s not as
much of a search thing, but some stats that are,
I think are important is online shoppers who view demo videos are 1.8 times more likely
to make a purchase. 4x as many customers
would rather watch a video about a product than read about a product. And I find myself as one
of those customers where if I land on a website,
I land in a new place. I’m here with Omar on my team, we haven’t spent a lot of
time in Salt Lake City. So last night, we were like, “Where should we go eat? “What should we go do? “What’s happening?” And I loved looking at Yelp
and reading some things, but you know what I love more is video. “What’s it gonna look like when I walk in? “What can I maybe expect? “What can I experience?” And so having just a video
showing off your product, showing off what it is you
do embedded on your website, which is what that Mexican
restaurant did as well is very, very powerful. So use video to drive sales. And so one kind of case study of how I fell into this trap of great marketing was just the other day, I was on this website called I’ve never made a purchase
from the site before, but it’s kind of like, you know how people get into
sneakers and they’ll camp out at a Nike to get the
latest pair of sneakers? Well for me, that’s kind of audio. I love music, I love headphones and what
you’d call audiophile gear. And so I was on this site and I was like, “This is pretty cool, but 200 bucks?” Even though they were 500,
and that’s a good sale, I mean, that was still 200, I don’t know. So I kept reading down the site, I was looking at the pictures, the copy on the site was building
up my excitement a little but I was just kind of checking it out. I was on the email list of Massdrop. But then I got to the bottom
of the page, and sure enough, there was a video at
the bottom of the page from someone who I’m familiar with, but not necessarily someone that I, not somebody I follow. And this guy’s like the
leading audiophile reviewer tech guy online. And so I watched this video, and seven minutes later,
I’m adding these to cart and I’m making the purchase
and I’m telling my wife, “Hey babe, I think I just
bought my Christmas present”, ’cause actually these,
I don’t even get these until December 16th. So I was like, “Hey,
Sonja, I got my thing.” So, but what happened? Well, I wasn’t, I wouldn’t
have actually bought them until a couple things. When I saw the video and I
really saw them hands-on, and that’s what people want to see, right? We need to see, we want to,
especially with online shopping. If you’re not in the store,
you’re not able to touch it and feel it and necessarily try it on. But then the other thing was his expertise and description of what
these headphones were in relation to other headphones, even though I didn’t know much about him, I could tell he knew what
he was talking about. And so a power tip here is the power of influencer marketing. And I’m sure you’ve heard the term, many people at CVX of
course are in that space and maybe are even here looking
for influencers to work with but what’s interesting
about influencer marketing, if you’re new to that term, is it just simply means
working with an influencer to get the word out about your product. So if you’re an Instagram influencer and you’re a clothing company, then you may be paid and sent free clothes and give money to those
Instagram influencers so they wear your clothes, et cetera, but I want to expand
the definition of that to also say that for your business, I encourage you to just work with experts, because maybe nobody at Massdrop
could have done what he did but the reason I bought ’em
was actually not because I was like, “This is my favorite guy, “I follow him on
Instagram, oh my goodness”, but it was because he just
knew what he was talking about, because he had authority, and you can see it was backed up because he gave me the comparisons. So ask yourself who could you work with to build the influence of your business? Who could you collab with? And it might be very easy and
even affordable or even free to work with influencers
around your product, your topic, your brand, whatever
it is that you’re doing. And so those were, we talked about C+AVL. So always remember, how’s the lighting? How’s our audio, how’s our video? But what’s the content like? What’s the message that we want to convey? And then we talked about four things that I’d be focusing on today if I was wanting to build my
business with online video. But one of the biggest takeaways that I want to leave you with
and then let’s do Q and A and I would love to get
into actual case studies of what you’re going through
is done is better than perfect. Done is better than perfect. If there’s anything I’ve
seen paralyze more people when it comes to video,
it’s perfectionism. And I’ve had to battle
through that myself as well. I think we, we think that
we have a brand to uphold, and we do, and we have a
certain level of quality that we have to uphold, and we do, but what I’ve also seen
paralyze a lot of businesses is they sometimes set that, so they hire a company and
they spend a couple grand to produce one video that looks amazing, and then they’re dark the rest of the year because they’re like, “We
can’t even sustain that.” You know what would be a lot better? Consistent weekly content that’s
good, but it’s not perfect, it’s just conveying the message. People are way less concerned with if things are fancy
and if they look fancy, they just want the actual information. What is it you’re trying to do? What problem are you solving? How are you actually helping people? So I want to encourage you that
done is better than perfect, to dive into video, to use your smartphone a lot more, to go on Facebook Live a lot more, to tap in to online video on Instagram, stories, Snapchat, whatever platforms are relevant for your business,
YouTube, Facebook Live because there’s so much opportunity, and no one piece of content
is gonna destroy your brand. But you know what will destroy your brand? You not being on those platforms and you not being top
of mind in the market and you not being top of
mind even for your customers. There’s a lot of competitors, right? Massive opportunity
also means that there is massive competition, so stay active, done is better than
perfect, and use video. And let’s dive into Q and A, but I also have a
resource too just in case. We talked about number
three, and that’s really, YouTube is my personal favorite,
and something I use a lot. It’s not necessarily the
best for every video, but if you’re curious
specifically about what you said, get your videos to show up in search, this is the checklist that I
use every time I upload a video so I don’t miss a step. Okay, make sure the title
is right, make sure, there’s about six, 17
steps that I go through, make sure the thumbnail is
uploaded, make sure everything, so if you want to grab
that free YouTube checklist so that your videos can rank in search, that you get more views,
get more subscribers, get more awareness to your
product, and your business, and that’s at Okay, so I hope that you found
that training super valuable. And if you do want to grab my
personal YouTube checklist, you can grab that for
free at We’ll link it up in the
YouTube description as well, and on the YouTube card. Question of the day; How are you using video right now? Have you already started? What platforms are you using? Facebook Live, Facebook Video, YouTube? Let me know in the comments section below. So thanks for checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for
more videos just like this. And to check out other videos
in our YouTube Strategy Series you can just click right here, or another video from THiNK Media, you can just click right here. And if you want to grab
that tube checklist, you can click right here or
in the YouTube description. Until next time, THiNK
Media is bringing you the best tips and tools
for building your influence with online video. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon.

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