How to Grow Your Business Faster

How to Grow Your Business Faster

Hey there my name is Kelly Roach, I’m the CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching where we help entrepreneurs from around the world to make six and 7th figure leaps in their businesses. I’m super excited to be here with you for this quick two-minute tip that will change your life. Today we’re talking about how to make your business grow faster. One of the key questions that I get from entrepreneurs all the time is “Kelly, was do I need to do to pack a more powerful punch and get a better return on investment for the time I’m putting into my business?” Well the simple answer that is two-fold. Number 1, raise your prices on your premium products and services that actually require your involvement or the direct involvement of one of your employees and number two on the flip side and even more importantly it’s really leveraging and scaling your business into selling, servicing and delivering one-to-many so of course if you look at a program for example you could be a coach that servicing a one-to-one client and making maybe five hundred dollars per hour, right? But on the flip side if you run some Facebook ads and you build up your email list and then begin launching a coaching program and group coaching program to that list and you sell people into it every single week eventually you get to the point where you 50 or 60 or 70 people even if they’re paying you less per hour you can double triple or quadruple your income and you’re still putting in the same amount of hours that you were with that one-on-one client so if you want to learn more about how to quickly leverage and create your own celebrity so that people will start flocking to you sending you Facebook messages shooting emails into your inbox and you wake up every morning with new merchant receipts coming through for you to look at I want you texting the word celebrity or follow the link in this post texting the word celebrity to 44222 or you can follow the link above or below but all I want you to do is listen to this free training and I want you to really take some time to evaluate what you’re doing currently a market and grow your business versus what you could be doing from the standpoint of raising your prices with your premium product food services and leveraging the scale that’s available to each and every one of us today with the power of the Internet we’re talking video podcasting webinars all the great things that are accessible to each and every one of us that allow us to move from that one-to-one model to one-to-many and multiply our income. I hope this tip was helpful for you again you can gain access to the free trainings I put together for you on how to engineer your celebrity by texting in celebrity to 44222 or follow the link in the post thanks so much

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  1. 🙂 Hi Kelly! Looking at the engineering celebrity idea. I would like to do this in the NYC and tri-state area, acoustic guitar, maybe a trio or quartet if I can find them. Again, pleased, message anytime, including now. 🙂 or 1-914-374-2360.

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