How To Go From Rapper To Business Mogul Like Diddy & Jay-Z Ep. 6 | Rules To This Sh!t

How To Go From Rapper To Business Mogul Like Diddy & Jay-Z Ep. 6 | Rules To This Sh!t

Life is just music. Yeah. Mm-hmm (affirmative). We wake up, make music. We at Magic City
and he’d be like, “Do you want to go
to the studio?” Dang bro,
let’s get in the studio.” I’m gonna have a studio set up
in my living room ’cause I don’t want to be
caught chilling too long. I’m like nervous as
[inaudible 00:00:18]. You never know. Hell yeah let go to the studio. (singing). My name is Domani,
ain’t nothing funny. 19 with dreams of being
on the big screen. All of the bi hill crew
rapping to a T. Man that shits hard bro. The most talented people in life
don’t always win. They don’t win as often
as the overachievers. So you got a talented person and a overachiever
who’s not as talented. I put my money
on the overachiever all day. All day. In sports, in business,
in music, in life the overachievers win. The people who put
in the most work and are relentless
at achieving those goals. The super talented people
have a tendency to be a little arrogant within
their own mind and be like, “Well I’m better
than all that shit. I know I can sing,
rap, dance better.” But you’re not the best hustler. I got to get up and go to work.
I got to get up and go to work. Sometimes I’m in here ’til 9,
10 in the morning. If I don’t somebody
gonna do it. Like somebody
gonna fill my shoes. I can’t nobody fill my shoes. So I outwork
everything around me. I don’t care if I get
a million dollars tomorrow, however I got
that million dollars ain’t good enough no more
’cause it already happened. Whatever way I did
that I got to out work that, I got to be that. So I’m always in competition
with myself. Always. Once I got old enough
started rapping. My dad was always like, “Look,”
just like grown man shit. “All right I sound good.
I don’t know about no hop-hip, but if this don’t work
what you gonna do in five years? How you gonna get up
out the house?” And that saved me
because I ended up saying, “Okay you’re right. If I don’t rap I need to learn
how to engineer and produce.” And my brother bought me
an MPC200XL. Beat machine
from guitar center. I built my closet into a booth, put my engineer board
on top of my bed and I locked myself in there
for about two years. Made like 700 terrible beats, but I learned it and learned it
and learned it and that’s really
how I got started. Life is just music. Yeah. Mm-hmm (affirmative). Like we wake up, make music. We were in the studio
for two months straight everyday and making music.
That’s how we got here. When we first started Wav3pop
we did like five, six, seven songs a day. Just everyday
for two months straight. Yeah. You never know what an
individual could bring to you. I had a booking agent and she wanted to
introduce me to a talent agent. I wasn’t so sure that I wanted
to meet that person, but that person ended up
being one of my biggest avenues to getting into the film world and getting my first role
as an actor. So it’s good to meet with people
that may be outside the box ’cause those outside
the box ideas are things that
could turn into a guru. You never know. Last summer when we finished
my last project my manager Chris Hunter,
him and TI have the same barber. He gave her the cd and she
gave it to T.I.P.’s cousin [Javon 00:03:32], Javon loved it so much
that he played it for T.I.P. and they’re calling us
back two days later. “Yo we want to meet.”
And I’m like nervous as [inaudible 00:03:40]
because I have a line in it where I’m like
I don’t need B.O.B or T.I.P to stand next to me, no co-sign needed
for my thug thizzle. I’m writing it thinking
I will never meet him. You know what I mean?
And I remember we were first, we sat down we was having
our first lunch. I was playing him the video
to that song and I was like, “Yo, before you say anything
I got this line coming up.” He was like,
“Look man I already heard it. We not sensitive over here man.” He was like,
“It’s dope song bro so like I’m not even tripping
like that man.” Then fast forward now me
and T.I.P and B.O.B have a video that we just
put out called Writer. So that was just how
that kind of worked out. When I met T.I.P we was
in Magic City chilling. And he be like, “Shit,
you want to go to the studio?” I was like,
“The [bleep]. Hell yeah let go to the studio.” But it was just weird
for him to ask me that ’cause I’m thinking like
we had met just sitting all this ass
in here why [inaudible 00:04:35]
studio sir? He still like a new artist.
Like he still work like hell. T.I.P. real, real,
real competitive, like weird competitive. “Like man we just walking
to the car, why you got to beat me
to the car?” Like everything,
even in the studio. You gonna go in you
gonna do a verse and he gonna come out
and look at you. “Who’s next?” And he’s always weird like,
“Yeah I’m gonna go next.” At first we was just
playing basketball. I remember I fouled him
couple times. Scratch you, we didn’t
even know each other. Yeah. Then one day he just
hit me up out of the blue like, “Bro, I’m having
a party bro come through.” Everything’s like, “Bro I’m having a party
come through.” And I was like,
“All right bet I’m there bro.” So I pull up, the parties
going on like music is playing and then all of a sudden
one of his beats came on. Oh yeah.
The house of the hills. The of the hills beat. House with the hills beat.
That beat was- The house of the hills
beat came on and I just started free styling.
Then he started free styling. I’m like,
“Man that shits hard bro.” He was like, “Yeah you know
I produced that.” Yeah. I was like, “Dang bro,
like let’s get in the studio.” He was like, “Bet.” Literally we did one song
now we have 300. Yeah that’s real. Think I wrote my first song
when I was 10. Let me see it was, “My name is
Domani, ain’t nothing funny. You better watch your girl
or she gonna be my honey. Catch me at the [inaudible
00:06:02] big phase hunches. King of the school
’cause you know I run it. Everyday after school
got all the girls running. You know why I’m cool
’cause you see me stuntin. New shirt, new pants,
new shoes I’m a baller got
your daughter’s number so you know I’ma call her.” That was it you know. I remember it was
a nice little catchy beat. I thought I was a super star. (singing)
“Yeah. She just want a house
in the hills. She never been to Beverly Hills. And you can come
to my house in the hills. You can come to my house
in the hills.” “If you like it.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Yeah that’s how it goes. “Lately I’ve been up for days
barely even blinking. Rolling blunts and pouring cups
to keep myself from thinking. And I’m just a girl, 19 with dreams of being
on the big screen. Blue jeans, Jordan’s kind
of cute, but still could [inaudible 00:07:03] me.
Started writing poetry and now I’m noticed off
this rapping, making music for
[inaudible 00:07:08] and Chicago they be snappin’,
but still could switch it off all the poets
they’d be snappin.” I forgot. I don’t know.
It’s something like that. My first was, “Well let me
tell you about a trip, a time ago. I was going there
to run a cold blooded show. When I was there I saw
some people jammin’ too. They called themselves the
[inaudible 00:07:29] crew. Dr. Ice, Romeo and Master E
all of the [inaudible 00:07:33]
hill crew rapping to a T. I asked them could
they rock with me.” That’s all I remember from that. That was the first rap
I ever wrote. You got to be on a certain type
of ball stacks to be a mogul. You have to be able
to reach farther than just creating the music. You can’t just call him
an artist anymore. You have to call him
a business man. What makes Puff a mogul
is his drive. And the audacity. Do this, do that. We got to take it to heights
that’s never been seen before. And I got a clothing line
and I own a couple bottles. That’s mogul shit to me. In the 90s the compact disc
had arrived and sales
for the entire record business, not just Hip-hop,
were skyrocketing up. But almost right after
that the internet arrived and the bottom fell out.
And sales dropped 50% because people were able
to get songs for free. So you saw really smart people
like Puffy, Jay-Z, a few others say
what else can I do? How else can I expand my brand.
Touring, merchandise, maybe a video game,
maybe liquor. This way of monetizing yourself
and being an entrepreneur has been extraordinarily
valuable for a bunch of people. Like moguls you got to be
on a certain type of ball stacks to be a mogul. I look at people like
Diddy, Rick Ross you got to like
really be on some Jay-Z shit. All right cool
I’m one of the most paid rappers and I got a clothing line
and I own a couple bottles. And I own this and I … If you want to be a mogul
you got to grow your worth. Like you’re not gonna
grow your network by just rapping your whole life. The way that Jay-Z
has transitioned from music to the business world
I think when you get to a certain level
like that where you have that much influence you have
to spread your wings farther and be able to reach farther
than just creating the music. Jay-Z you can’t just call him
a artist anymore. You have to call him
a business man. You got to shake his hand when you talk to him
and show him his respect ’cause he did invested
in Sprint. He’s competing with Apple Music
like that’s a black man like, “Yeah I’m gonna compete
with Apple.” You know what I’m saying? That Reasonable Doubt album
was like the hustlers bible. Like anything that you’re doing
to make money that thing will make
sense to you. If you just replace every
drug line with what you do, it will make sense for success.
I guarantee it. It’s the craziest trick
in the book. Jay-Z talks a lot
about dealing in the street. I think he was dealing
into his mid to late 20s. You know there is definitely
a sense of how to do business that he learned out
in the street [inaudible 00:10:34].
For Jay-Z to open up clubs, put out clothes,
these other sorts of things makes perfect sense
for his brand. It’s been an
extraordinary career. What makes Puff a mogul
is his drive. His hunger and being relentless
and being fucking fearless. Puff, Shawn ‘Diddy’ Combs like I believe
he’s the best that ever did it. You know just in terms of like
commodifying this thing at a time when to make money
off of hip-hop was seen as selling out.
But how he flipped it was like, “No we created this shit.
We got to eat off this. We got to take it to heights
that’s never been seen before.” His thing is to
outwork everyone. When we were doing
American Gangster we would be in the studio
all day though then he would come
in the studio and he would want us to stay
a whole ‘nother day with him in there because he would be
running his other companies and come to the studio and his staff is coming in
and showing him Sean John slide or he’s tasting
the new flavor of the liquor. He’s like, “Okay, yes,
no, yes, no. [inaudible 00:11:47] this.
Okay what’s the next thing? What’s the next thing?”
Then he gets to the music. Diddy. I think he’s just
super dope just in every aspect. Like he hustle.
You know what I’m saying? And he’s branded his self and
pretty much everybody under him. You know what I mean?
So I think he’s super dope. And the audacity I mean like I’m
Puff Daddy I can do anything. I can do minx and the chains
and going into fashion. I’m rolling with Marc Jacobs and I
mean like I can do anything. Puff and Bad Boys impact
on hip-hop changed hip-hop where the just brought
a different style. “Oh we wearing diamonds now.
We looking good. We dancing. It’s all right to dance
because at that time it was like you know the 90s
and we call it the grimy 90s. You had to be back
in the fuck up with Onyx you wasn’t drinking 40s. Puff was like,
“Nah we can do that shit. We gonna do that shit
with some style. We gonna do that shit acting
like we got a little class.” Like you know
what I’m saying? “Anybody ain’t fucking trying
to beat people up nigga, I’m trying to get fucking girls
and trying to make money and try and look good.” When somebody is expressing
a vision to you and it’s crystal clear
it’s one thing, but when someone is
expressing the vision to you and it’s crystal clear and
they’re actually activating it as they’re speaking to you then
you have to say to yourself, “Okay this is not just talk. He’s doing this, this,
this got a kid. Running this company.
Got these employees doing this and he’s getting up before me
and going to sleep after me. And he’s putting points
on the board. [inaudible 00:13:22], Mary J.
Blige, Heavy D, styling this thing,
producing this, rapping on this. So he’s scoring too.
You know what I mean? So you got somebody who’s like,
“Okay we can follow him ’cause he’s not just
on the bench saying, ‘Do this, do that.'” He’s actually saying, “Do this,
do that as I’m putting up 22.” That was Puff. Fucking genius.
He’s like our Berry Gordy. Like I made money
just being around him. Money like you know
what I mean, like just … And that’s my friend. How many friends you got like
that you could just be around and you just like,
money’s just there. Around. You get to make it. And knowing just how
to go get the money. That’s mogul shit to me. That’s good. Are you gonna- The sad part is I can
make myself laugh and I do this all the time so it’s like once
I start it, just can’t stop. Hmm? Seven, four, three, one, two.
Did it have to be in order? No? No that was perfect. Doesn’t matter. You make me feel so lit. Behind him. Damn she’s quick man. That’s funny as shit.

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