How to Get Your First Business Analyst Job!

How to Get Your First Business Analyst Job!

hi everyone what’s up I am Karaleise and
today I’m going to be sharing with you how you can land your very first
business analyst job I’m going to go play my intro so come right back it’s
going to be great we’re going to have a good discussion so I’ll see you in a
second so you are here because you want to get
your first business analyst job you probably have absolutely no experience
as a business analyst before but you want to break into this field actually
you are in the right place I am careless and I make videos to help
people just like you start their business analyst career and also people
who are already working as business analysts to help them grow in their
career I have been working as a business analyst since 2011 so I have a lot of
experience under my belt from different industries and I’m willing to share that
with you so you also can become a successful business analyst and grow and
learn in this field as well so if you like this kind of content please
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video and leave a comment below now let’s get into it so I’m not gonna sit
here and tell you that it’s going to be easy just go out there and apply and be
optimistic it’s gonna work out I mean I will give you some inspiration but it’s
not gonna be easy let me just tell you that right now you are trying to brute
force your way into a whole new career with nothing you have no experience you
don’t know anything about business analysis in the field you have no field
experience no practical experience and you you want to become a business
analyst that is hard but it’s not impossible you can do this if you follow
certain strategies that I’m going to share with you right now so first of all
you have to get the knowledge I was just talking about having practical field
experience you will not have that we know that but you can go get the
knowledge which is available from the BABOK so here it is on Amazon you
literally need to have a copy of this book it is the guide to the business
analyst body of knowledge and you need to be very familiar with it to know how
to apply the techniques to understand the lingo to understand the process you
need to learn these things even though you’re not going to apply it right away
you need to get that book learning because it’s gonna help you when you get
a job to say oh this is why they talk about that Oh and so you can connect the
dots faster when you get the job because you already had that background
knowledge from the book does that make sense? You need the knowledge now you
don’t have to go get your certification you don’t need the ECBA to get your
first job it doesn’t hurt though, it doesn’t hurt to
have it but you don’t really have to stress yourself to go get the ECBA
certification if you don’t have a certification you can’t apply and you start
feeling flustered you don’t need to go through all that you can do some courses
there are some good courses out there on udemy Coursera the other places there
are many people who offer business analyst courses you can consider doing one of
those you just need to get the ground knowledge there these are things that
you may not learn in your college if you did some other degree in business
administration or IT or something you may not get the business analyst
specific information from your college courses and if you were working before
in a different field you certainly don’t have it so you need to go get that that
is gonna be your basis right it’s gonna give you the ground information that you
need to be able to speak to business analysis when you get in front of an
interviewer so please please get the book and read it follow it through the
examples I can link some other books below that will have some exercises for
you to just practice and understand the world of business analysts now once you
have that kind of grown knowledge if you kind of comfortable with what you
learned in the books or the courses or whatever you did to get that knowledge
gap field then you obviously need to apply you cannot get your first job
unless you apply right obviously you have to apply but while you’re applying
and you see strategies the first thing is you know that you don’t have any
experience you know that so what you have to do is you have to drown out your
inexperience with other activities that you’re doing in the business analysis
realm how do you do this you want to be as active as you can in all the
different places of areas that you can for example IIb
is a wonderful wonderful resource for this they are always looking for
volunteers always so you can volunteer the IBA which is the Institute
international institute of business analysts they have chapters almost in
every city in the US and if you’re outside of the US you can see if there’s
any chapters locally to you and you go to the chapter meetings you meet with
people you network with people you learn about things because they always have
panelists coming in talking about different topics it’s a very interactive
group they like to share things so you go there I think it was like $10 to get
in but you pay for the International membership and then you pay to be a part
of the local chapters but it’s a small price to pay for what you’re gonna get
right so you pay you go in you learn and they’re always looking for volunteers so
you volunteer volunteer because that can go on your resume as you’re a be a
volunteer and then when you’re once you’re in there they’re always looking
for positions so people might do you know they may be president they may be
president of something else and they’re different committees and stuff but
people do short term tenure because it’s it’s volunteer work right so people
always you’re always changing out the leadership you could be doing something
like that you could be volunteering and get a position there and even though
it’s it’s free for you to do it helps you because now you put this on your
resume it gives you authority you understand it gives you it makes you
look like you’re so interested in business analysis that you’re willing to
do all these activities are wrong business analysis and that will help you
because you don’t have experience so if you can get other things on your resume
that speak to business analysis that would be in your favor the other thing
is you can look for meetup groups meetup is an app that’s very popular here in
the United States where people can have different groups and they meet they
physically meet somewhere and sit and chat and talk and exchange and things
like that so if you have meetup you can see there’s any meter for business
analysts in your area you go there you network with people you talk with people
you get in people you know you get in people’s world and you understand who
they are they can get to know you put a face to the application
could eventually hear about a job there you could be able to email them your
resume you know you never know who you’ll meet so these are ways that you
can expose yourself to business analyst is always that you can get more
information the biggest benefit here is not that
they’re going to give you a job it’s that you’re gonna be in the world of
business analyst they’re gonna immerse yourself with business analysts and
you’re going to learn different terms different lingo things are gonna start
popping into your brain that you wouldn’t have thought about by yourself
so if you go into this world when you get into the interview and you’re
sitting in front of an interviewer you can speak the lid the language you can
see the language of the business analyst because you’ve been exposing yourself to
them and not to belabor this point but you can also listen to podcasts you
follow channels like mine that talk about business analysis there’s other
channels out there also that are pretty good but just keep yourself in the world
okay go look for LinkedIn groups because sometimes you advertise jobs on these
LinkedIn groups they advertise jobs in the Facebook groups go join these groups
be a part of the community learn the different things like sometimes I’m on
LinkedIn and one person might post something and there’s like a whole lot
of chatter and come you know comments and people have different opinions and
it becomes very lively and I enjoy that kind of thing because you see the kinds
of opinions and the different way people think about things and that gives you
perspective you know so when you go into interview you can explain certain things
with the perspective that you learn from being in these groups last but not least you have to tweak
your resume because your resume has its own job to do the resume has to get you
the call the car gets you the interview the interview gets you the job so the
resume has a big role to play and a big job so you have to tweak your resume and
this is something I talked about in my other video called how to break into
business analysis which I highly recommend that you watch that because it
gives you so many practical tips of what to do you can start doing right now to
break into this career and I also did a video on how to become a business
analyst which talked about some other things as well which is also very useful
so please go check them both out so tweaking your resume I talked about
this already but I can’t say it enough you have to look at the job description
and there’s a lot of information in there that you can use to your advantage
so you look at what they’re asking for and then you look at your resume and you
see how you can make the to much you see what is it that they’re asking for that
I have done in another field maybe at school in a project but I can make it I
can massage it to kind of fit what they’re asking for right so if you let’s
say for example you worked in sales and they’re looking for someone who can be a
good negotiator well you did sales and you were able to negotiate the deal so
you can treat that to make it match a kind of business analyst requirement
from the job right so you have these things that you can do please don’t
overlook them it’s important because every little thing that you do puts you
one step closer to becoming a business analyst and getting your first business
analyst job and another thing to keep in mind is
that you know you don’t have the experience so if you apply for certain
jobs you’ll be more likely to get a chance then if you apply for others so
you want to look for a job like entry level business analyst or Tier one
business analyst you’re unlikely very unlikely to get a senior business
analyst position or you know Tier three or like those kind of higher level
business analyst jobs are much harder to get if you have no experience unless you
were working in someone to feel that you have a lot of domain knowledge maybe you
can slide in that way but for the rest of us if you’re starting out from
scratch with no experience just coming from college or coming from another role
you’re likely not gonna get a senior business analyst job so when you see
these jobs on the job portals that you go to if you see something that says
entry level or you know just business analyst or even tier one those are the
jobs we should be applying for because you have a better chance of getting an
interview for those jobs another thing that you can try is when you write your
resume and you tweak a resume everything is there that’s good I like to recommend
that you put a keyword section at the bottom of your resume and you put your
business analysis keywords in there so you’re gonna put business analysts
requirements elicitation stakeholders you know whatever keywords that you can
come up with at our business analyst friendly so there’s a lot of them you
can you just go through your your Bible can you find a lot of them anywhere but
you want to put these keywords because some of these systems are you’re
applying for jobs it’s not really a person that’s reading your resume it’s
going through this filter and the filter is looking for certain keywords before
it actually pushes those resume to the hiring manager so you want to fill your
resume with some of these keywords to make sure that this robot that’s gonna
be reading these Word documents and PDF documents of the resumes actually can
find you and suggest you to the hiring manager so part of it is you
make a human-readable so your resume has to two parts of it right
you make part of a human-readable so all of the part I talked about your
education and your experience and why you want the job all that stuff that’s
all good and fine because when it gets in front of an actual person they have
to be able to read it so you make it that way you tweak it towards a job
description but you also need to go through the robots right you need to be
robot friendly as well so you put your keywords section at the bottom and you
put all these keywords that are relating to the job you can get them from the job
description itself or you could just have a generic list of keywords based on
business analysis terms and you put that in there so that when the robot reads
your resume it can find you and suggest you but you can land on a hiring
managers desk another a resume tip is when you do your resume you want to put
the most relevant experience first because I know some of you you’ve done
several jobs you’ve worked as a waitress you work in a retail stores and
associate you’ve done this and that no you want to break into the corporate
world and you’re like oh my god I have so many different things I’ve done they
just start putting them on your resume in random order I mean or you could put
it in terms of the date it’s good to put it in the chronological order but I
don’t think that they would be too offended if you put the most relevant
experience first to say this is the role I did that was closest aligned to the
job I’m applying for you know so that that way they can see the most relevant
thing first because sometimes I don’t read the entire resume sometimes they
read it and they scan it and they’re just going through it fast so you want
the most impactful thing to be the first thing they read to make sure that you
you know you get a call and you get to go for the interview so those are the
strategies that I think you should apply in order to get your first business
analyst job so there you have it guys these are the
strategies I recommend for you to land your very first business analyst job I
want to welcome you to this career so I think if you go out there you apply
these strategies you will get that job and I can’t wait to hear from you so
please email me at Carly’s blog at send me a message on my
Facebook page and let me know how it’s going
I want to hear these success stories I’d love to hear people getting the job
based on the strategies that I’ve exposed them to and also if you like
this video just just like the video if you like this content just subscribe I
mean I give you information you subscribe and like it’s a win-win so I
would appreciate if you would do that so go out there follow these strategies go
get that job and get the money you deserve you know get the get to work in
a field that you love that will give you a lot of options that you can you can
grow in that you can get a good salary for your deserve it so you can do this
alright so I will see you guys in the next video
take care

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