How to Get the Most out of a Sample Business Plan | Bplans

How to Get the Most out of a Sample Business Plan | Bplans

How to Get the Most out of a Sample
Business Plan by Sometimes it can be helpful to see an
example of a business plan before you start writing your own.
That’s why Bplans offers more than 500 free downloadable sample business plans.
From all different industries a sample business plan gives you a snapshot of
how another small business or startup in your industry built their plan. But
sample business plans aren’t just pre-written plans that you can pick up
and use right out of the box. Here’s how to get the most of an example plan.
#1 look for a sample plan that’s in your industry, it probably won’t be an
exact match. Let’s say you want to open a steakhouse but you find a sample
business plan that’s for a vegetarian restaurant. that should work just fine
the specifics like what type of food you’ll serve probably aren’t going to
have a major bearing on what you’re going to need to include in your plan.
You probably won’t find a plan that is an exact match for your business and
that’s okay. You’ll end up customizing the plan for your specific business
anyway. Number two resist the urge to copy and paste. If you download and print
out a copy of a sample business plan and bring it to your bank with your loan
application they’ll know right away that it’s not really a plan for your specific
business. Take the time to build out a business plan that includes sales
forecasts location and other information that’s unique to your business. Make your
business plan your own. Watch our How to Write a Business Plan video to learn
more about how to get started. Number three shorter is better. Don’t feel like
you need to match the length of each section you see in a sample business
plan. Keep your business plan as short as you can without leaving out important
details. You want to be able to use your business plan as a roadmap as you grow.
The shorter it is the easier it will be to review and edit it regularly
Number four business planning is a process not just a document. There is tremendous value in thinking critically about your business. Really diving deep
into your market and taking the time to understand your financial forecasts. It’s
proven to help your business grow 30% faster, so take the time to get it
right and resist the urge to take shortcuts. You’re the expert on your
business no one understands the ins and outs of your business model better than
you. To find a sample business plan that’s right for you visit Bplans
sample business plan library. If you’re looking for more resources to make
writing your business plan easier check out LivePlan. LivePlan walks you
step-by-step through the process of creating a detailed and complete
business plan including financials. Good luck!

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