How to get out of the box and generate business ideas – How to Invest Like a Millionaire Ep. 8

How to get out of the box and generate business ideas – How to Invest Like a Millionaire Ep. 8

– Put up your hand if you’ve
met some cool entrepreneurs. Put up your hand if you’ve met someone that you never want to talk to again. (laughing) Thank you for your honesty! Very nice! And you know what? I don’t blame you, I don’t blame you. (audience member shouts) – [Voiceover] The King
of High-Ticket Sales. World’s Highest-Paid Consultant. Media Celebrity. Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur. Acclaimed TEDx Speaker. International Best-Selling Author. Dan Lok. (dramatic music) – So, there’s something very, very, very strange about our group. Most business group, or
networking, or meet-up, most people when the meet-up is finished they leave immediately. Our group, sometimes we go quite late, 9:00 p.m, 9.30 p.m., people don’t leave. 10:30 p.m., 11:00 p.m. It’s crazy, people like every single time the staff has to kind of kick us out, and then we go. So there’s something very
strange about our group, and I pride that I
would argue that we have one of the, I would
not say highest quality you know, that’s kinda braggadocious but the one of the highest quality group, a business group, in Vancouver. Do you know why? Do you know why? (audience member shouts out) Partially. (audience member shouts out) No partially, but why? – [Audience member] Referrals. – Referrals, yes. And, also, it’s also a lot,
of the rules that we have. Because, it’s a commitment to get here. It’s downtown, you gotta park, right? It’s Vancouver club, you
gotta dress in business. It’s a bitch! (laughing) I mean, it’s a lot of work. But that is what is good. It’s something you gotta think about. Well, (sucks) do I want to attend? Okay, I gotta drive, gotta
park, and I’ve gotta dress up. I gotta be ready, you’re
gonna meet people. It’s a commitment, can you see that? – [Audience members] Yes. – That’s why it’s good, it
filters out the wannabees. It filters out the people
who are not committed. So, I mean you have to
be pretty committed, pretty ambitious, and growth-orientated. Show up, some of you after work, yes? – [Audience members] Yes. – Long day of work, drive here, park, get ready, listen to three hours of Dan. (laughing) And then meet people, and
then go home quite late when you get home. And for the ladies, go home, you gotta, you know, your make-up, right? And a shower, you don’t sleep until, like, 12:00 a.m., or 1:00 a.m. So, you know, my wife
takes two hours, right? So, I know how long it takes. So, it’s a commitment. So, anyone that’s here, I
mean, I acknowledge you for it. Because most people, I
always say to people, it’s easy, it’s somehow some
of the most important things in life, like exercise,
easy to do, easy not to do. Anybody can show up, easy not to show up. With now over 1,500 members. On the average we have 100
people at each meeting. I always wonder, how come
we don’t have 1,000 people? Now that’s about right, because sometimes life
gets in the way, yes? Other commitments,
sometimes it would be like “Ahh, you know what, I’m not
interested in that topic. “Maybe, I’ll attend next time. “When the topic, kinda,
resonates more with me.” How many of you are here tonight because you’re interested
in getting more referrals? Right? And, let me give you a big tip. That’s not actually a very good way to decide what you want to learn. Because, very often in business, we have what I call a tunnel
vision, this is what we see. And very often, the problem that we think is the problem, is not the problem. Break it down, I’ll say it again. Very often the things that we think is the problem, usually,
is not the problem. So, when you are looking for solution, you have a very fixed idea, of, I think my problem is this! So, I want to learn things
that will help me do this! Instead of being open-minded, and actually, attend some things that, well you know what, you know this workshop would be actually more beneficial to people who are already
getting a lot of referrals. Not people who are not getting enough. Because it would help them
refine their approach. That’s why one of the habits I have, I would, you know, go to a magazine rack, and, you know, in a supermarket, I would buy magazines that
I don’t typically read. Gardening, or you know,
some mechanic magazine. Something like totally, like
just out of the, or you know, National Enquirer, how many
of you read National Enquirer? That would, put up your hand in a minute. (laughing) Okay, I do, I just read
through different things. What are some of the lady magazines? Give me some examples. (audience member shouts) Yep, yep, Vogue, right? Those types of things,
out of the box stuff, because it gives me out of box ideas. Now what you just saw is a presentation that I did to a group of entrepreneurs. If you enjoyed, make sure
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and if you have any questions, comment below, because in the future I’m gonna take some of these questions, your questions, and
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  1. Do you know How to get out of the box and generate business ideas?
    Lets see who is applying Creative Thinking as an Entrepreneur?
    Post your comments below on how you are going to apply what I have taught in this video

  2. I enjoy your videos and watch them regularly. How do your marketing techniques apply to Marketing a performer or playwright's work to producers/casting agents? This could be big money if marketed right, but how?

  3. How would you invest 50k at 20yo ? (I'm thinking about owning a Coffee Shop as i am good at that but can for sure i can change everything if you got a good idea)

  4. Hi Dan. I have been following your advice for nearly a month now. Video and books. I don't live in the USA but on a island in the Caribbean. I can say, that over here most people are not that financially educated to same level as what I saw on your videos. But can you apply all of these what you are teaching us everywhere in every country no matter the population amount, wealth of the country/ economical stability? I always thought bigger countries bigger opportunities to become a millionaire rather than islands where less people (see as customers/ clients) live.

  5. How to get out of the box and generate business ideas:
    1. Research a niche where Im not familiar / What are the top player do different / Ask myself how I can apply that in my own niche / market
    2. Searching on different Marketplaces like Amazon or Clickbank what products are "hot" / Ask myself who is buying and why.
    3. Go shopping into supermarket and have a look at the position of different products (ask myself what can be improved so it has a higher perceived value for the customer).

  6. Oh… ah… That’s a good approach to find what’s good in other industries and port it over to our business. Perhaps attend different trade shows.

  7. Thank you very much Dan. You are now my source of inspiration.
    Will make my best efforts to get in touch with you in a few years to pick your brains 😀

  8. Thanks Dan always a delight watching. My question I am a surgeon how do I take my high income skil to a scalable busines to a High Return Investment

  9. Hello Dan, please guide me the next step to train with you in the class. I am so sick and tired with 9 to 5 job, so I need to do something with my career. Thanks I hope I can see you soon.

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