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  2. Awesome video! By the way I'm just wondering how do you record your sound. Is is built-in microphone in your camera or external? The quality is great, without any external noises.

  3. Hey Radu, please make a new episode of muscling in! I really like to follow your progress. Im currently on a cut. How do you get consistent measurements each mornings? On some days I would urinate but on another day it would take me 2-3 hours before there is any bowel movement. So its kinda difficult for me measuring my progress. Please respond thank you radu!

  4. hi radu! i really enjoy your edits, and my question is. what software do you edit on, and whats the configuration of your computer ?

  5. This video is just brilliant. Radu. You are a success! Greg is lucky to have you on his team. I wish you the best my friend. Keep up the great content.

  6. Radu youre my rol model, youre an awesome person wishing some day i could be like you, ive discovered you this summer and i watched all your videos im a big fan, im from Colombia by the way

  7. hi, in video you are saying that your brother will write or already wrote a book "the power to just do it". is the book already out there an where we can find it?? tnx, Mario

  8. I make unique hand made jewelry. How do I go about selling it with a business name on it and be legit and not get sued for injuries? Any direction or anyone with experience would be appreciated greatly.

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