How To Get Customers – Local Business Marketing

How To Get Customers – Local Business Marketing

You know what time it is? It’s Q&A Tuesday time! Q: Beth, the owner of TasteSelects cupcakes
in Virginia writes… “Marie, I am exhausted, frustrated, and finished
with my cupcake store. I have owned this business for 6 years, and
of course I have the most incredible cupcakes EVER. All caps. But the problem is, I have no idea how to
market my local business. I am the ONLY cupcakery in my whole areaÉ
WHAT…Yes…Only. I am a 39 year mother who juggles life very
well….but marketing who and what we are……I SUCK at. She really wrote that, I suck at. One day I would love to have stores across
the country….but not if I can’t even convince my peeps in my small town. Any ideas? A: First up Beth, I want to congratulate you
for running your cupcake business for six whole years – especially since you kind of
suck at marketing, as you say. But Guuuurrrl! You betta come correct – cause you AIN’T the
only person selling cupcakes in little ol’ Lynchburg Virginia. Mama did some research and there is a bakery
called “Sweet Stella” that’s coming on the scene. That means you need to STEP TO cause the cupcake
competition is heating up. If you don’t get your marketing game on, your
business is gonna get BAKED! I’ve checked out your website and there’s
a TON you could be doing to spread the cupcake love. Strategy #1 is Build Your List. First thing, when I went to your website I
noticed you have no opt-in. That means you’re not collecting email addresses
and you’re leaving THOUSANDS of dollars on the table!!! I could shake the sh*t out of you woman!! Have you not been watching MarieTV? Every business needs a way to stay in touch
with prospects and customers. And since every person you’re gonna do business
with has an email address – building an email list is one of the cheapest and easiest ways
to do that! I recommend you start collecting email addresses
AND birthdays both on your website and in your shop. You can set up your email management system
to send emails out on your customer’s birthdays that tells them to come in and get a free
cupcake. You can also send promotional emails that
tell them about new flavors, about holidays, or any other promotions that you want to offer.. There’s SO much you can do with email marketing
that will dramatically increase your business. Strategy #2 is Find local partners and butter
them up! Make a list of strategic partners in your
area and get your hustle on. Seriously – you should be setting appointments
EVERY damn day to meet these people, and form genuine relationships because they’re gonna
order BOATLOADS of your cupcakes on the regular. Want some ideas? First up: Businesses – everyone has office
parties, and birthdays and going away celebrations. You could make a list of all the local businesses
in your area, make an appointment, drop by, give them some samples, and then let them
know you’d be happy to deliver dozen or two dozen or three dozen cupcakes whenever they
have a celebration. And don’t forget: GET THEM ON YOUR LIST. Next, think about Wedding Planners and Event
Planners. Make a list of everybody in your area, set
the appointments, go and drop off some samples and remember, GET THEM ON YOUR LIST. Last but not the least PTA, b*tches! Go around to local schools, find out who heads
up the PTA, and give them some cupcakes for their next meeting. And don’t forget to GET THEM ON YOUR LIST. Strategy #3: Advertise Once you get that opt-in up, consider testing
some Facebook Ads to attract local business. Offer a free cupcake on your birthday for
newsletters subscribers only. Strategy #4: Use Social Proof You need to add some great little customer
reviews on your website like this hot one liner I found about you on Yelp. Strategy #5: Highlight What Makes You DIFFERENT. Here’s what I mean, you need to shout about
those special flavors you have like Salted Caramelâ Cookies and Creme and you also got
some Smores – they are SO far beyond basic vanilla and yet they’re totally hidden on
your site. You want to make them front and center. You can even do a flavor of the day promotion. Remember, a little flavor porn goes a long
way! So there you have it Beth, over a half dozen
ways you can market your cupcake business so you don’t get BAKED (and frosted!) by the
competition. Now I’d love to hear from YOU. If you have more marketing ideas that you
want to share with Beth OR everybody else, please leave a comment below. Or if you want to let me know if any of these
ideas can be implemented in your business, tell me all about it.================You like this video? Make sure you SUBSCRIBE and share it with
your friends! If you want even MORE great resources to kick-ass
in business and life, and a little something that I can’t really put in my video come on
over to and sign-up for email updates. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch
you next time!

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  9. Hi We own a retail provision store and would like ideas to increase our sales, walk in customers what can we do.

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  15. Thanks for the informative video, you just made me realize how I need to do a few simple things & remember to have a list of potential businesses I can collaborate with. You are fun, my business is & watch it grow thanks to your tips. Also find me on Instagram @fashionguyaustralia or @redcypressclothing

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  19. I enjoy your videos but that exaggerated black accent: please knock it off . It’s as cringe worthy as a black American doing an exaggerated Chinese accent for example.

  20. My name is Michael Lee rouff I am 33 years old a single father got a 13 year old and 15 year old trying to start my own moving business family-owned

  21. Use Pintrest for you local business. Like a board for customer favorites and feature them. Use Instagram as a behind the scenes. Use your Facebook pixel for sure!

  22. Thank you for getting straight to the point! I’m a new business owner; Peripheral Beauty- selling virgin hair bundles; and I am very grateful for your tips!

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  26. Is Email Marketing – Really effective. I am not against it or something but how many people just delete those emails without even looking at them. I do it all the time honestly, any promotional emails or anything to do with discounts, whether it is from amazon or a small company- We just delete it these days.
    I also have to add one thing here, you do not want to give away free samples and stand in the middle of the road with no options. There is a limit for free samples. You give people something free, they love it, take it and never respond. We have to seriously consider the free sample to business conversion ratio. It is not that easy. – If anybody have any comments feel free to reply to mine – Thank you guys.

  27. Hi Marie, your tips are relevant till this day. One tip i have is for her to automate her business by setting up a marketing and sales funnel. this will work more with the advertisement strategy. It's real value for her ad spend.

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