How To Get 10K Followers On Instagram In 60 DAYS

How To Get 10K Followers On Instagram In 60 DAYS

Are you feeling like having 10K
followers on Instagram would be like boom, I’m legit, buy my stuff, hire me? Well in today’s video I’m gonna share with you how you can actually reach 10k
followers on Instagram and stay tuned for step number 4 where I’m gonna share
something that you can try that so few marketers are doing on Instagram it’s
insane Reaching 10k followers has worked for my client Erica who is a realtor in Pennsylvania and with two clients booked
in from Instagram, she’s made over $10,000 to her business so
let’s dive into how you can get 10K followers on Instagram. So story
time. Back in 2018 I was at an event called Funnel Hacking Live hosted by
Russell Brunson Shoutout to Russell he’s helped me so
much in my business. Russell is one of the top marketers in the online space
today and I watched him, I witnessed him get up in front of the crowd and he
literally said Instagram is the most important platform for you to grow today
in your business. I was shell-shocked this was the first time that I’d ever
heard a marketer actually say this Everyone was talking about messenger bots and YouTube, but Russell said Instagram is number one. Why is that? Well, Russell went on to say that Instagram is so good for your business because of
Instagram stories. Instagram stories are hugely powerful. They show the behind the scenes of your business, you can tease upcoming products and most of all with
Instagram stories you can get the swipe out feature. “Swipe up, swipe up!” You see
people doing this all the time but how do you get the swipe up feature? Well
here’s the catch. Instagram gives you the swipe up feature
once you reach 10,000 followers so how do you reach 10k followers that’s why
we’re here today let’s dive in step one is start collaborating one of my
favorite things about Instagram has been the community of people that I’ve met
through the app I’ve literally traveled with Instagram friends around Bali
around Portugal we you have helped each other grower counts
we have done photo shoots with each other we’ve given each other advice so
my first tip for you is to actually reach out to people in your niche now I
know you might be feeling like um at least they’re competitors but I would
ask you to change your mindset around this if you feel like someone’s a
competitor I think that’s a good sign that you should actually send them a DM
and say hey what’s up how’s your business going for you because once
you’ve developed that connection with someone in your industry in your niche
you can team up with them in really cool ways inside my program insta growth boss
we talked about how you can create private groups so that you can help each
other out with your posts and with your engagement but if that sounds too
complicated you can even just start with Instagram story shoutouts so once you
have your community of people in your business or in your niche you can
actually shout each other out in your stories now the great thing is is when
you team up with someone who they have an audience that’s similar to yours but
they offer something totally different that’s the best partnership because
you’re both trying to reach the same people in a non competing way so go
ahead and search out people in your industry send them a DM say hi and start
collaborating step two is to DM your followers or your potential followers so
with step one you’ve already started to build a community of influencers but you
can’t forget about the people who are already following you
you can even seek out new followers so people who aren’t following you yet and
start a DM thread with them now I’m not saying to pitch them I’m not saying to
send them a copy and paste message and spam people with no none of that
I’m just saying find accounts of people who would be your ideal follower and
send them a message you could even just reply to their Instagram story and that
will automatically create a private DM thread between the two of you the key
here is to be human simple but a lot of people don’t do it on Instagram so ask
them the questions a compliment use this as a way to really
get to know what makes them tick and what keeps them up at night and maybe
you could even help them out PS these conversations are gold for getting to
know your actual target customer so all of us are constantly learning about our
target customer and who they are what they need how we can help them these
conversations they have nuggets that you can actually bring back to your overall
business so that you’re offering the best services or the best product for
your target customer step three is to level up your Instagram stories game now
if you’ve been slippin on posting on your feed I’ll forgive you but with
Instagram stories you want to post here every single day this is where users are
most engaged and if you’re not showing up at the top of your followers feeds
every single day they’re gonna forget about you really quickly so like I
mentioned stories are a great way to share behind the scenes and sneak peeks
of your business but they really help to boost your visibility and your overall
engagement here’s a few ways you can do that my favorite way is to actually look
at your own notifications look at all those people who have just engaged with
your account then take a really good close look at their profile picture is
there a ring around it a colored ring that means they’ve just posted to their
Instagram stories so those are the people that you want to click on over to
head on over to their profile look at their stories and engage with them reply
to their stories a lot of times Instagram users complain about lack of
engagement but when is the first time that you engaged first I promise you
that if you start with engaging first to other accounts that engagement is going
to come back to your own account tenfold the other thing you can do to boost your
Instagram stories engagement is to use all the features that you’re given in
Instagram stories so go ahead open up your Instagram stories app and check out
all the stickers the gifts the question stickers the pull options that you can
use in your stories to ask your viewers to
engage this is a little secret but instagrams algorithm loves it loves
it when you use Instagram story features that get your followers to take some
sort of action it could be as simple as answering your poll they literally just
tap on your story but when Instagram sees that your followers are feeling
motivated to take that action it’s actually gonna show your story to more
of your followers and lastly this is a bit of a ninja trick but if you’re handy
with canva what I like to do is go ahead and create an Instagram story template
so you can ask for people to fill in their favorite foods or whatever leave
some spaces for people to fill in the blanks and share that template in your
stories what this allows people to do is actually save and screenshot that
template so they can post it to their stories and answer your questions but if
you did your branding correctly your handles gonna be in that story so now
their followers are seeing you and maybe they’ll use your template too so it just
kind of passes along step for not a lot of people are doing this but if reaching
10k followers is top priority for you I recommend to set some budget aside and
experiment with running Instagram ads ads can be hugely beneficial to get your
account in front of more targeted people and it’s crazy how few businesses have
even started to try running ads on Instagram now Instagram ads are
different than Facebook ads you can’t run campaigns to boost the number of
followers on your account like you can do with a Facebook page but that’s not a
big deal you can simply boost a post in your feed and run that as an ad or you
can even run conversion ads where you can choose a landing page to lead people
to so in this case you can literally just lead people to your Instagram
profile page you don’t have to stop at just promoting your posts you can boost
your Instagram stories you can even boost the videos in your feed which I
like to do every now and then and the results are pretty fantastic the best
part about running Instagram ads is you don’t need
money to do so you could start with five or ten dollars a day and in the big
picture of running a business that’s not that much money you just need a small
investment in some creative strategy to see if those ads help you boost your
followers do you want even more Instagram growth tactics like are you
ready for 10 K followers like yesterday I have a free masterclass for you head
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I said I feel like I’m a captain like Oh try it again I think that why I keep
doing that ah thank you whatever

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