How to Generate Seller Leads For YOUR Real Estate Business

How to Generate Seller Leads For YOUR Real Estate Business

Hey guys Jason Wardrop here And I know a lot of you recently have been asking me about a seller leads training so a few weeks ago I introduced you guys to my buyer leads mini course where I walk you through how to go through and generate leads Using your listing to go get more people Exposed to your business and since that time a lot of you have been asking about these seller leads and so What I did was I put together a a mini course of training specifically for you So you can go and start generating seller leads for your real estate business Right because I get it like you know a lot of you might be brand new to the business or you might have just barely Sold your last listing and so you’re kind of you’ve got no listings left But you still need new leads for your business and so what I did is specifically for you Was I put together a mini course called seller leads mastery alright? Now this for those of you guys who have been through the by oles mastery is very similar, so Basically in the the module what I’ll do is walk you through the different campaigns, and I’ve got a number of different campaigns using landing pages using Facebook’s leave forms as well as a number of different offers that you can go through and Model in your community all right so first foremost what we’re going to be covering as well is How to go through in these training visit how to go through and generate real qualified leads, okay? So if you’ve been doing Facebook marketing up into this point and just beginning likes and comments But not really ever seen any real leads, then the training is gonna Walk you through how to actually get their name their phone number their email address So you’re not just wasting your money on worthless likes and comments alright Then we’re gonna show you how you can actually get your name out to more people Okay, now a very common question that I get with Facebook. You know if you’re new to Facebook. You’re like okay well
You know I don’t know how to get my ad or my Facebook post out to more people than just my friends and my followers and my family right cuz that can become like a Question of how to actually go through and do that so I’m gonna walk you through how to go and target not the people in your community But also the right people that might actually be looking to sell their home right now all right Then also I’m going to go through and walk you through my my copy and paste Facebook ad templates alright the Facebook post the ads Exactly what to say in the copy or like in the text and then also The image of what you should go through and do and how you can rate that image And so it really looks professional alright and then Through this course we’re gonna throw it show you guys how you can get your first leads in just your first 24 hours Which is awesome because the great thing about Facebook is you know if you put some money behind these ads You can get things that are really converting and working very quickly for your business all right and then also along with the Facebook ad templates I also want to provide you guys with Some lead generation website templates landing page templates as well as the lead form templates alright now I know a lot of you guys been asking about you know lead forms with landing pages all that stuff So I’m gonna have templates on all those different things, okay, so one of these new campaigns So we’ve got several different campaigns that are part of the sillies mastery that you can go through and model and start to implement for your business and One of these new campaigns that I just was was doing some testing about two weeks ago We were generating leads within the first four to five days for just 45 cents per lead all right, so this was a working amazingly well And it’s literally just a copy and paste that the ad template and what the image looks like so you can start running it in your Community all right and today if you get started today. I want to throw in a cup of bonuses here so You’ve got here the secret appointments scheduling app alright, so once the lead is generated You know with the our celeb kg software And we show you guys how to use that and go through and set everything up We’re gonna show you how to create an automated email so as soon as the lead is generated You can have that instant follow up and inviting them to go through and schedule appointment with you And it syncs completely with your calendar. It’s immediate. It’s free it. You know it’s amazing. It works amazingly Well all right because we all know that the fortune is in the follow up Okay, so this is key right here all right and also along with that I’m going to provide you with some email Templates that you can just copy and paste and you can go through and use for your real estate business All right now. I have actually never released the cell Elise training this has only been part of our advanced webinar offer webinar course and This specific training normally goes for a hundred and ninety seven dollars Just on its own all right and for today only if you get started while this this this offer is still Available you can get started today For just one single payment of thirty seven dollars alright So when you we get started just right below this video with one single payment of thirty seven dollars you are gonna get instant access to all of our video training Or ad templates or landing page templates everything that you need to get started to be able to start Generating the seller leaves for your business all right So if you’re currently like in a position where you know you you do not really successfully generate seller leads Or you’re just out of listings, or you’re sick and tired of paying for expensive leads with trulia and zillow Then go ahead and take action right now click right below this video And you can get started with the seller leads mastery mini course for just one single payment of thirty seven dollars today Thanks guys, and I look forward to hearing about your result in your success

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  1. Hey Jason- is this feasible in the luxury real estate business?
    I'm located in manhattan and it's rough as hell my dude, you seem really cool and your videos are action packed.
    Just looking for some clarity from another pro 🙂

  2. I just clicked the link to buy the Seller Leads Mastery course. I chose PayPal as my method of payment but the course that it took me to was the Buyer Leads Mastery course. I thought it might've been a glitch with PayPal so I went to the link above the PayPal link and figured I'd pay with my card. It also gave me access to the Buyer Leads Mastery course instead of the Seller Leads Mastery. So I basically paid for the wrong thing twice. How do I correct this? I'd like the Sellers course still but If I can get the other one refunded that'd be great. Thanks a lot I"m looking forward to learning all of this.

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