How to generate more leads and convert customers

How to generate more leads and convert customers

So in business today one of the biggest
reasons that they fail is through insufficient and lack of cost-effective
marketing now consider about six to seven percent of gross revenue is
actually dedicated to your marketing budget and can often be as much as 20%
in a competitive niche so let me ask you a question. Which is going to be cheaper?
Imagine you’ve got 2,000 visitors landing on your homepage each and every
month. Now 60% of those visitors never visit anything other than the homepage
they leave so which is cheaper? Option one getting 20% so 400 visitors to stay
on your site or doubling your traffic now if you’re thinking option one then
you’re absolutely correct why because the key is optimizing your site to
convert more traffic it’s going to be far more cost-effective in the long run
so when we’re looking at maximizing our digital marketing profits we have to
understand our return on investment now this is all down to the maths of selling
so consider the three most common goals in business today number one increase
customer base number two average order value and three purchase frequency now
if every business achieved those three common goals then each business would be
reaping the profits they deserve so in business today there are just three key
skills in the world of digital marketing they’re going to give you the best
return on investment now what are those three skills well firstly it’s appearing
in search engine so SEO search engine optimization so that businesses can find
you secondly social media is a key part of business today and can be really
central to driving lead generation now the third one is email marketing it’s
been around since 1970 but still not harnessed by many businesses today to
its full potential but it can have the best and quickest return why because
it’s instant you can press a button and you can start to see people taking
action immediately – opening the email buying an
enquiring and visiting pages on your website so many say marketing has
changed more in the last two years than in the last 50 so what should your
priorities be in this ever-evolving world of digital well quite simply you
need to be focused in on generating leads that turn into profitable
customers but why are businesses struggling with this? So let me share a
case study with you so you can see just how quickly you can make improvements
and increase your customer base by over 10 percent in just 30 days! So one of the
most successful things in business is when you get your digital marketing
campaign really reaping the results that you deserve but there’s four key touch
points that you should always be measuring the number one is reach number
two is act number three is convert and number four is engage now what does
that mean well reach is all about acquiring new business act is about
generating leads and capturing the all-important data that we need in
business today such as email addresses. Convert is all
about tuning those leads into profitable customers and engage if not one of the
most important aspects of business today which is looking after your lovely
customers who in turn will spend 33% more with your business but are often
neglected when we think about generating new leads and new businesses with
digital campaigns we did a case study earlier this year and it was a 30 day
digital challenge so what was the digital marketing campaign well it was a
30 day digital marketing challenge whereby we went live on social media for
10 minutes a day giving added value tips so what were their amazing results that
we achieved while looking at the four touch points of marketing I’m looking at
reach that I mentioned earlier we got 2.5 million video views and that’s still
growing now that was over 30 days but in just one week we got 27% increase of web
visitors the second touch point of digital
marketing was act, lead-generation now in turn we managed to not only increase our
customer base by 11 percent in 30 days we were still generating leads way
after the 30 day challenge and we had a whole host of new subscribers to
continue to market to so with the second touch point of marketing act, it’s all
about lead generation so not only were we getting people watching the video
but our engagement on social media had gone through the roof
people were comment liking and sharing they were joining the group they were
signing up for the blog and also we were building our subscriber base the third
touch point of marketing which is convert all about profitable customers
over 30 days what we were actually doing was launching a product there not once
did we talk about the product it was all about adding value now once we created
the buzz on hype we managed to launch a product and increase our customer base
by 11 percent in just 30 days so the fourth touch point of digital
marketing engage, what did he do for all of our lovely customers? Well it re-engaged
them we heard people coming back that we dealt with maybe 10, 5, 3 years ago
and we built that relationship back up and we were driving the relationship
forward because we were re-engaging with our customers and they were our
biggest advocates they were helping us along with a challenge by comment liking
and sharing too – So what did we learn from this campaign? Well this support is one
of the most important aspects of your digital and social media today ‘social
selling’ now this is all about not marketing your product and service every
single day but focusing on creating content around the consumer and what
they need is about creating content that adds value they provides advice maybe
gives them a solution to a pain or a problem they have and this in turn will
help nurture them through to becoming a profitable customer it’s a far more
solid way of presenting your business rather than just talking about what you
do but this is about what you do for them
so if you’ve enjoyed these tips why not head over and download a free copy of
our course perspective today and find out just how you can develop you digital
marketing skills to scale and grow your business

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