Do you wonder what it would be like to travel
first and business class on those long haul flights? But its just to damn expensive? This
video is all you need to fly business class and first class every time. I have been traveling
the world in business and first class for the past 15 years. And today I want to share
my strategy for luxury travel with you. But before we get started here are a few preconditions
that you have to meet. No. 1 You have to be willing to pay a little bit more than for
coach and economy class on your first few flights. No. 2 You need a good amount of flexibility
when it comes to travel dates. No. 3 You will need quite some patience in researching the
flights and waiting for the right flights for you. And finally No. 4 you need appreciation
for luxury travel you need appreciation for traveling first class and business class.
So lets get right into it. Here are the 4 basic strategies for traveling first and business
class for cheap. The first strategy is buying points, miles and utilizing credit cards.
The second strategy is flying from cheap airports and utilizing error fares. And the third strategy
is sponsored traveling and earning airline status. Lets jump into strategy number one.
Most airlines have a miles program that wont only let you collect miles by flying but subscribing
to news papers, getting credit cards and others. Some airlines even let you buy miles in bulk
at a heavily discounted price. The miles you collect and buy can then be redeemed for flights
in business class and first class. Finding the right program for you heavily depends
on where you live and where you want to travel to. The best resources I can give you to find
the perfekt match are “The points guy” “One mile at a time” and “The travel hacking cartell”
I will link all these websites in the description down below. I subscribed to their rss feed
and use “feedly” to always stay up to date with the newest deals and tricks. I encourage
you to go to “One mile at a time” and check out the best credit cards section. Also google
a frequent flyer forum for your country here you will find the best deals for your country.
Generally “Flyertalk” is the best place for a world wide view and deals from the USA while
for example “Vielfliegertreff” is the best for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Many
milage programs require you to be signed up for quite some time before you can buy miles
at a promoted price. therefore milage programs you should sign up for right now are: “Lifimiles”
from Avianca Airlines, “AAdvantage” from American Airlines and “Milage Plan” from Alaska Airlines.
Strategy number two is flying from cheap airports and error fares. Every few months seemingly
out of nowhere there is a new airport with unbelievable business class prices. Usually
the prices stay this cheap for few weeks if not even for a few months. Currently Dublin
is one of the cheapest airports to buy transatlantic business class tickets. A few months ago it
was Copenhagen and Oslo. These airports make it possible to travel transatlantic on business
class for below 1.000 dollars. We made good use of this and traveled from Copenhagen to
New York for 900 USD. We where traveling Lufthansa and earned a ton of miles, these miles we
then used for booking reward tickets. Error fares are probably the cheapest way to travel
on business and first class. But they are also the hardest to get. Error fares usually
come from data that was entered incorrectly into the ticketing system. A misplaced decimal,
a wrong currency conversion or maybe just a typo. Error fares disappear very fast. Usually
airlines and ticketing offices notice the mistake and correct it within hours. That
is why it is so important to always be up to date. But how can you take advantage of
error fares? The best ways to find error fares is to constantly search through booking sites.
But only a few of you will actually have the time to do that. The second option is to get
involved in the forums that I mentioned before. Contribute with trip reports. Answer questions
other users might have and just be involved. That way when another user finds an error
fare – he will be more likely to share it with you. You can also subscribe to threads
within the forum that way you will get a notification on a daily basis – what the new posts in this
thread are. If you subscribe to the premium class thread in this forum, you’ll get daily
updates of new posts and changes within this thread. I personally refresh these threads
on my browser a few times per day to see whats new but not every body has the luxury of having
an internet connection all day. Check out the link in the description below for the
most popular thread for luxury travel. This way I travelled from Oslo to Miami and back
in business class for only 528 Euro and you muss not forget I earned so many miles while
flying. The last strategy is sponsored traveling and airline status. If you have a company
that pays for your tickets and you are permitted to use the miles personally you have to work
out the right strategy for you. Depending on how much you fly for work you might never
have to pay for a private ticket again. Again here I would recommend “One mile at a time”
or “The points guy” to find out which program is right for you. If you enjoyed this video
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Alright guys thank you for watching this video. If you have any questions drop them down in
the comments below and I promise I will answer every single question. I will be uploading
videos on how to book reward tickets and some more details on collecting miles on a future
video so be sure to click subscribe button right now. I’ll see you guys in the next video.
Bye Bye.

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