How to Find Your Purpose | Jay Shetty on Impact Theory

How to Find Your Purpose | Jay Shetty on Impact Theory

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  2. HEYYYYY TOM!! I love your mission, content, vision, and absolutely love who you interview because they are TRUE PASSIONATE PEOPLE like Grant, Anthony robbins, Ed mylet BUT TOM WTF ?? why did you interview a fake poser who is just a kardashian-like wanabe GURU SHMURUU JAY SHETTY??? IM DISAPPOINTED because when you listen to him speak hes just very very good at regurgitating sayings and proverbs but when you had asked him deep questions all he could do was to give very shallow answers without backing it up with real life struggles, how could he? hes a just an indian from uk who went to a monestary then came back a "GURU" SHMURUU" . PLEASE NO MORE POSERS TOM:))))

  3. Thank you Jay for giving us a reason to want to live, for taking us out of darkness…..for bringing us light….for helping us to want to have dreams thank you for helping us to want dreams again. It’s a cruel world getting more cruel YET HERE WE HAVE JAY SHETTY THAT HAS COME INTO OUR WORLD STOPPING THE THOUGHTS WE ARE NOT WORTH LIVING AND NO MATTER HOW MUCH I WAS MOTIVATED THEN TAKEN DOWN BY A MASSIVE HEAD INJURY THAT WAS NOT MY FAULT BUT I HAVE HAD TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF ON MY OWN AND ITS BEEN A HARD 16 years and I just wanted to lay in bed until I die then I find you. I am going to live again. Even in heartbreak-pain, you will help me be a warrior again.

  4. The moment he said that don't look at the results try to observe the process of becoming a tech startup or a billionaire. Do you really want that process. Ask yourselves first. Yes or no. That is self awreness

  5. It is a great interview!
    One thing I really like about Jay is that he never uses the F word. In my humble opinion, the English language is rich enough to not have to use that word ever. Ask Jay, he read the thesaurus 😉😊.

  6. I want to ask you something, @Jay Shetty : Do you believe a person is a lesser person if they are unable to impact positively the same NUMBER of people as you? Do you believe that NUMBERS count one's moral merit, and thus people can be less morally meritorious on dint of inheriting less-talent-filled DNA, on dint of ending up in less-nurturing circumstances, on dint of ending up without the right mentors, and more and more and more that are random, chance, luck factors not in your control?

  7. And they're both wearing nike, a company which has a history of human rights violations. Typical for these types of guys to get in depth with their words and what not, but they still wear nike and the guy on the right talks about ice cream, which was made with the milk of an enslaved cow.

  8. Brilliant Speech! Love the wisdom behind his sentences and the way he wants to change the world in a POSITIVE way! Love the ending where he says: "To me, the highest form of Empathy, Love and Compassion is to meet people where they already are, rather than expecting them to change" ~Jay Shetty

  9. I always tune into Jay's video wisdom when I want my spirits to be lifted up! Always insightful and makes me feel more closely in sync with life! Thank you Jay for these invaluable teachings 😊

  10. Absolutely wonderful…both of you!!! I am 56 years old and beginning to feel like I can breath again with a this youthful generations thirst for growth and more fulfilling and healthy lives! When you feel the harsh contrast of what you grew up with know it there speaking to you and for a reason…just listen!

  11. @Tom Bilyeu I think you should bring up Sadhguru,Jay Shetty and Vishen Lakhiani together that will just blow everybody’s mind with so much information and help everybody learn from their experiences altogether.

  12. Saw a lot of Jay Shetty's videos on facebook, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and kudos to Tom for being such a good interviewer and listener.

  13. I am so Proud to learn english by myself and discover these incredible videos and great minds ✊🏽🤗🌍

  14. Tom… your interviewing skills make every interview you do AMAZING but THIS one , you stayed right up there with Jay!!!! Like you said, you may use different words then he does but you both mean the same things! This interview compelled me to reach for my notebook and pen. I couldn't take notes fast enough. To use entertainment to educate is the best choice for impacting the world! The garbage that is out there…so much violance death, darkness, crime…come on! I have seen movies or tv shows that actually TAUGHT me how to break into someone's home! They taught me how to kill someone! I would support Jay Shetty in his endeavors ANY day of the year! Thank you SO much for having him on as your quest.

  15. You lived like the fictional character on the Book called " The monk who sold his Ferrari". Keep up the good work bro

  16. I loved this video but it also made me realize how uneducated I am. This man has answered so many questions I had in my head. I’m learning so much about life and it’s purpose and understanding! I’m going through a rough time in my life at the moment and these videos are really beneficial to me. Thx

  17. Now this under 30 no experience gonnaa teach us because they are well speakers without experience it's a bullshit as his name shetty haha

  18. Great episode! This was one of the most impactful impact theories for me. Thank you for preparing this 🔥

  19. Jay, if you are reading this, I just wanna ask. Did you want to wake up and shadow a monk for nxt 10 years, while you were at it?☺

  20. "Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn't know the first thing about either." -Marshall McLuhan

    I think his point was sort of the same 8n regards to making education spread like entertainment. Just more politicised.

  21. The interviewer is bad. He doesn't not know how to ask questions. He gives Jay million questions at a time. 😠😠😠 Annoying

  22. Did 10 years of twice daily meditation, yoga and vegetarian lifestyle. My body was healthy (I was young and lean), but no other benefits. No passion, purpose or deep insights. None.

  23. i don't buy this guy.  
    i don't think he's entirely honest or sincere.  
    i think he does it for money, followers, fame, writing & selling books, being on tv, making movies…money money money..fame, ego.  
    this doesn't sound like monk like behavior to me.

  24. This is one of my favourite talks. Very useful, inspiring and humbling. Thank you Tom and Jay for sharing your wisdom.

  25. Wow, Jay Shetty, so young, so wise, I was captivated by his presence. Divinely instructed to complete his Mission on Earth.

  26. This is my new favorite video on YouTube. Best life advice I have heard in years- simply put. JUST BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF, or work towards that everyday. Namaste. I love everyone here that is helping themselves help this world.

  27. Does nobody really see through this clown? I don't think even he knows the phrases he's regurgitating. His smile looks fake for god's sake.

  28. I am going through tough times nowadays, it always seems inadequate to experience the negative thoughts entering your mind, it leaves you lost, and gives you in to believe them (rather than focusing on the present). I have experienced that over the last 3 months.

    I still don’t know if whether or not my path will become who I really am, or make me expand the love, joy and spirit of fulfillment in the things that aspires for service and confidence. Yet, I still will never ever stop believing in myself, and the lesson and ampleness of people like Jay Shetty, for the truth stands before everyone. Won’t give up.

  29. I’d love to learn how to find your path while having chronic pain, a horrible memory/Brain fog, and work 8 hours a day. I’m exhausted and don’t move in the evenings and need weekends to recoup mentally and physically for the next work week. Anyone?

  30. The amount of power in the wisdom shared by Jay is absolutely heart warming. The way he speaks, and the impact he has in my soul is all I need at this stage of my life. Thank you Tom, thank you Jay. Thank you for your service. Love you both ♥️

  31. would much rather hear wisdom from people who have walked the talk…people who have made difference to the world with their actions…mother Teresa, einstein, gandhi, lincoln, bill gates  etc….not a kid who attended monk school and has figured out how to make money out of that…sure he makes sense…but its easier to look at the stories of great people who have existed and learn from them rather than fill your minds with things you find woke… "get up in the morning…do something worthwhile"…all you need to know…

  32. I am not what I think I am. I am not what you think I am.
    I am what I think you think I am.
    Promise myself from today to work on it

  33. Hey Jay Shitty is a con artist constantly plagiarizing other peoples quotes. He sells ideas that are not his own but claims them as his own which is where the conning begins.

    If Impact Theory is featuring a con artists what does that make them?

    Have you noticed that London Real took down their interviews they had with him? That’s integrity. Where is your Integrity Tom?

  34. this is probably be my first you tube comment ever… but the one thing that stirs me and probably bc I wanted to hear the rest of what Jay had to say (multiple times) because he is truly captivating and real and just makes the world seem like a better more hopeful and better place and awesome bonus it's in "laymans terms" and a way,at least for me ,I can understand… you talk multiple times of trying to use the internet to change lives yet you are so scheduled on time that you cut off ,what I can guess, are beautiful things that are being said by jay… and yet we can turn on CNN, FOX , NBC whatever… and stair for hours at a building with an armed man inside putting all the watchers in utter fear… but no time to let a good man say good words 🙆🤷 Friggin Media … so disappointing but thank you none the less for what was recorded and aired

  35. Umm, seriously?? If you are into this guy please just check this out :

  36. " the noise outside makes us wanna fit into the container,and that stops us from differentiating between what is my mind saying and what is my intelligence saying and what happens is the noise becomes your voice that noise becomes what you think is what you're saying " such a great talk and this is my 2 time i watched it .. شكرا لكم خطاب ملهم ( it means thank u its was an inspiring talk in arabic )

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