How to Find Previous Facebook Posts Using the Search Feature | Ballen Brands 2018

How to Find Previous Facebook Posts Using the Search Feature | Ballen Brands 2018

Here’s how to use the Facebook search feature
to find a post that was published recently or in the past, sometimes you want to dig
up an old post that you did or that somebody you know did and you want to be able to find
that post. You might want to find a photo and sifting
through your photo gallery can be quite overwhelming for somebody like me that post a lot of pictures
and this search allows you to not have to just scroll through those as long as they’re
related, if you can remember some sort of key word that was used when you post it. Okay, so up here I’m on the desktop version
and up here there is a search and search all of Facebook. Okay. Now let me give you an example of something
I was doing on Sunday. I was looking for a picture of my dad to post
something on Father’s Day. So up here in the search bar, I went in here
and typed in Father’s day. Now, originally I went to my photos and try
to just search my photos and I’ve got thousands of photos and it was ridiculous, but here’s
where it gets fun. When you first type in Father’s day it up,
automatically the default is it’s going to show you posts by anyone. This is going to be pages and public posts
and people you don’t know could be anything. Okay? Now here is where it gets good. You can find a post from you. Now all of the posts in here are only posted
I’ve made for Father’s day and sure enough there’s a picture of my dad and if I wanted
to search by my friends, maybe there was a post the other day about a friend who, who
posted about the Disneyland fast pass that I want to learn everything there is about
the Disneyland fast pass, but my friend had posted a really good, information, a little
cheat sheet about it. I would go like that and I would look at my
newsfeed to see which of my friends go go down here to friends and groups and it’ll
filter it by your friends and groups. There we go. So there’s my friends that had been at Disneyland
and that have talked about fastpasses. Also you can look in your groups and you can
go down here and choose a source and this would be something different. And this would be where you search for a specific
name. So let’s say my sister in law posted something
fantastic about it. I’m going to click on my sister in law, nope
she didn’t, but if she did it would be right here. Okay. And that is how you can use Facebook to search
for previously posted posts and images, videos, anything that’s been published on Facebook.

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