How-to Find Bots & Digital Workers on the Bot Store | Automation Anywhere RPA

How-to Find Bots & Digital Workers on the Bot Store | Automation Anywhere RPA

The Bot Store is the world’s leading
marketplace for a ready-to-deploy Digital Workforce brought to you by
Automation Anywhere. In the Bot Store, you’ll find pre-built configurable Bots and Digital Workers that run on the Automation Anywhere
Enterprise platform to automate diverse business functions, processes and
applications. There are two types of listings in the Bot Store: Bots, which
automate tasks and processes, and Digital Workers, which automate repetitive activities in specific job roles. You can learn more about Digital Workers in the
meet the New Digital Worker section. Bot Store can be accessed by anyone with a standard web browser, but you’ll need an Automation Anywhere user account to
download Bots and Digital Workers. If you don’t have an account, you can create one
by going to the login page and clicking on the Create Account link. Complete the
form, select the check boxes and click Sign Up to create your user account. Now,
let’s take a quick tour of the store. The intuitive search experience looks up
titles and descriptions to find relevant listings. Click on a business function name on the top left navigation pane to find Bots
and Digital Workers for specific business processes. The categories pane
helps you find specific types of pre-built automation. Clicking on
Artificial Intelligence, for instance, will display automation that invokes
third-party AI services. Clicking on Cognitive Automation displays IQ Bots
available in the Bot Store. IQ Bot is the Cognitive Automation platform from
Automation Anywhere. Clicking on insights displays downloadable Bot Insight
dashboards. Bot Insight is the RPA analytics solution from Automation
Anywhere. You can also find automation for specific business applications by
clicking on an application name. Clicking on a Bot Store listing takes
you to a Details Page where you can find more information about the listing. The
Details Page displays the name of the Bot or Digital Worker, a short
description of what it does, the applications it operates on, category and
the name of the vendor that developed the Bot or Digital Worker. Below you’ll find
four tabbed sections: the overview section displays the key features,
benefits and some useful resources for deploying the Bot. You can also find the
three images that show the Bot in operation. The “How Does It Work?” tab
displays the inputs, outputs and additional information. The “How to Get It” tab displays the contact information of the Bot provider and instructions for
installing the Bot or Digital Worker. The Reviews tab displays reviews from other
Bot Store users for the listing and allows you to submit a review. And
finally, you can download the Bot by clicking on the Get Bot button. Note that
you must be logged in to complete the download.

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