How to Find a Book Using CONSORT

How to Find a Book Using CONSORT

I’m starting off on the College of Wooster library homepage. In order to find a book, I’m going to click on the second tab for the Consort Catalog. Consort is great for finding books, videos, and other kinds of resources. Consort is shared by a few other nearby colleges so I’m going to limit to the College of Wooster. This will ensure I can find the book I’m looking for in print here on campus. I’m going to do a keyword search, but it’s also possible to search by title, author, or other information. I’m going to try a fairly general search for my topic. Looking at the results display, the icons next to each item tell you whether it’s a video, print book, ebook, or something else. This item is a print book. If this is the book I want the next step is to use the location and call number information to locate it in the library. There’s more information about how to do this back on the first year challenge mission page.

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