How To Employ Your Own Personal Assistant – Disability Charity Scope

How To Employ Your Own Personal Assistant – Disability Charity Scope

Hello. I’m Nadia and this year I won “Best
Individual Employer Who Employs Their Own Care and Support Staff” at the Skills for
Care Awards. When it was announced that I had won, I was surprised, happy and proud.
Here are a few of my tips on employing your own personal assistant.
First of all, decide what support you need to live the life you want.
Make sure you have a think about the number of hours of support that you need. You also
need to decide whether you need to recruit more than one PA to support you. It is a good
idea to have more than one person, in case one PA is off sick or on holiday.
Think about how you will find the right person. You can advertise in loads of different ways.
You could try the internet and Facebook groups. Do remember to keep yourself safe and carry
out any interviews in a public place. Some support organisations may be able to help
you with this. Just remember, it might take some time to find the right person for you.
Remember that it needs to be a business relationship. It might seem like a great idea to hire your
friend but remember that they will be your employee. You need to make sure they have
the skills and qualifications necessary to do what you need them to. Remember, it’s
really important to ask for references and to do DBS checks for your PA.
Always think about your responsibilities that come with hiring and managing a personal assistant.
This can include managing direct payments and lots of other administration. My dad helps
me with my taxes and direct payments. My PA does not help with that. I organise rotas
and shifts with the help of my Communication Support Worker.
Finally, remember you might be able to get help to become an employer.
In some areas, it is possible to outsource things like payroll and get extra help to
become an employer. Your local authority should be able to advise you on what local support
and information is available. If you’re considering employing your own
personal assistant, visit Scope’s website today for more help and information.

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