How to edit and update your business information on Google

How to edit and update your business information on Google

Keeping your business information on Google
accurate and up-to-date makes it easier for your customers to find you, and keeps your
information consistent across the web. If you notice that your information is incorrect
or outdated, you can edit it in your Google My Business account. In this video, we’ll walk you through the
basic steps to change or update your business information. For your edits to be visible, you’ll need
to make sure that your business is verified. If you’re having issues with verification,
click to watch a video about verification. Once your business is verified, sign in to
your Google My Business account. If you have multiple locations, choose the one you’d
like to manage. Click Edit in the upper right corner. Next, click the section you’d like to edit,
and enter the new information in the box that appears. Be sure to click “Done editing” at the
bottom of the box after you make each edit. This will bring you back to the main editing
section. Most edits take between 24 and 48 hours to
appear on Google Search and Google Maps. Google is always updating our information
based on a number of sources, including user feedback and data found around the web. If
we edit your information based on data from other sources, we’ll let you know so that
you can review it and make changes if you’d like. You’ll see those notifications on your
Google My Business dashboard as they come up. And that’s it! Of course, you can always
contact us if you have any questions about your Google My Business listing. Just click
this link to get started. Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel. While you’re there, get all the latest Google My Business videos,
and post any questions in the comments section.

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  2. I have a Google My Business account and CANNOT change the address. The problem is, that Google has changed so much that the videos here are outdated. Nothing lines up correctly. There is no where that I have found to change my business' address which shows up WRONG in Google search. Is there a number I can call to talk to someone about this?

    When I click EDIT, it just goes straight to my business page. And yes, I am verified.

  3. The video is outdated. I want to edit my Introduction but, I can't find it anywhere. I went to edit but, I can't find it.

  4. My business with name "Sakaldeep Popular Hospital" is on google map, with right "Google Map Marker Location", but with wrong address. How can I change it. Yet now I haven't verified my business because of wrong business. Please help me!!!

  5. My friend is losing business because google keep posting the wrong hours and says he is closed, I think he is going to sue google for lost business.

  6. Is a google plus profile different than a google my business profile? I can't seem to edit my google plus profile. I just want to update my address since I moved and I just keep going in google circles.

  7. Meanwhile, I still can't figure out how to update my business (that just has a city/state listed). It sends me in circles. Please help.

  8. Hey Google, I suggest removing 'Opening hours' altogether, these hours are too many times wrong and people show up only to find the store/museum closed.

  9. I put my hotel business in Google I found that it show 3 star hotel but my hotel is 5 star hotel how can I change this tell me as soon as…..

  10. If you are looking to get found by your local customers on Google, Yelp, and on mobile; we can help with that. Learn more at

  11. Hi, I have my Home-Based Business. I have a One-Person Business. Do I have to list my private home address in my Google Business Listing? Do I have another option? Can I list only Highlands Ranch, Colorado, 80126? I don't want my house number in my business listing. Please advise. Thank you. – Lyubov

  12. I have made over 15 edit suggestions to change our website details to the correct one. I get an email straight away to say it has been fixed but never is. So frustrating.

  13. You cannot change profile photos using the mobile app! Plus it's ridiculous that you cannot upload photos from Google Drive or Google Photos!! I thought Google was "Mobile First"?

  14. can i know about that how can i secure my gmb listing because some one second time request for ownership for my listing how i can i avoid

  15. Not able to update n edit any information… Done everything… Previous contact number is wrong… Not able to update new no.. Also name of the company is changed… Also address given is not proper…

    Please do call me n help…

  16. Hi have multiple address and before changing my website hosting my address is not appear right side on Google search. My business name is "market99" website is, I have my address in Google business account but I want to add my one address on Google search bar in right side. Can you please help me

  17. Our company(Narmada Polymers) address and road map are not updating appropriate as per location. please you suggest how to update accurate as per address with road map.

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