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  1. बेशकीमती जानकारी देने के लिए हम आपके आभारी हैं बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद

  2. Sir, thanks to upload more info.
    But One Doubt…..
    On date : 31-jan-2017 Jubfood sell @ 855.12. Sell of Merrill Lynch Markets Singapore Ltd.
    But that stock was gone upto 1000/-
    Why gone up sir.
    Fill sell that….
    Plz Clarify my Dought…

  3. thanks for sharing great short cut with us
    can you give some more input on the excel sheet
    how did you filtered FII and DII list ? from NSe bulk deal

  4. hell sir ,thnku for vedio..can u tell me how u have decided and shortlistd FII dII from the list,bcz that you haven't show in vedio

  5. Hi Mr Singh idea sounds great and how can I find the fii and dii company list,
    this company is listed under fii or dii there are Enn no of company buying and selling how to recognise.

  6. halo sir pls send a link of DII Investor.aur sir main aapka tino video dekha bahut acha lagta so thanks .I am just beginner.

  7. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Mujhe ye puchna hain ki aap trading karte waqt stop loss use karte ho kyu ki aapne iss video main stop loss ke baare main bataya nahi.


  9. Sir, after buying the shares bought by FDI/mutual fund, if the share price goes down, can we buy more number and make average????

  10. Hi Mann Singh, Thanks for sharing such a nice strategy. I also gone thru ur other videos. All of them are very good and nicely explained. Have a question. On 24th march,2017 Citigroup bought 2.7 million shares of SREI infrastructure finance whereas their own growth fund SREI Growth fund sold 18.45 million of shares. What should be the strategy here? Do u think an individual should go for this stock?

  11. Mannji,are we talking about cash buying positional trade.or futuresIn cash ,we need a lot of money in that case.

  12. Sir I have one doubt for you ,
    every time when I open bulk Deal's in NSE side
    at the end of statement following line mention
    " The data pertaining to bulk and block deals is subject to change, based on the request of the members who have executed the deals."

    does it affect on next day position or trade ?

  13. Sir who is your blog post. If you have a fee, the bulk deal, then you keep posting on your blog too. Please tell me definitely.

    Greenply, Cupid Limited (March), ASIANTILES (April), INDTERRAIN and APOLLOHOSP
    (May) all are going down, any specific reason.

  15. Awesome video sir…… u…….Fantastic, fabulous, marvelous, amazing, too good, great information i cant explain how much help it ……tooooo goooooddddddd sir…….God Bless You. Jio hazaaro saal aur aise hi video banate raho………super se uper……

  16. sir, isaw ur video on "how to earnprofit……." i liked it but one problem is while downloading from nse bulk deals data to excel sheet the other columns such as price of open.high,close,%profit/loss ctc,ctc do not appear. how to get them on excel sheet as shown in ur video. pl.reply me on my gmail or sms on my mob. no. thanks.

  17. Very good strategy , but I have few doubts
    1) any stop loss required initially,
    2) preliminary fundamentals to be verified
    3) tracking back to check if the MF or fii has sold back

  18. This is one of the best videos I studied.

    Info about Bulk deals really informative, insightful and helpful.


  19. Thank for this video i am thinking For learning trading good information thank you again from my ♥

  20. 1st Thanks For Share your great Knowledge. Sir please tell me Stop Loss is necessary or not if yes please Suggest SL criteria. Thanks

  21. very nice info ,
    1 question sir ,
    what u explained in video in those bulk deal every deal is successful ?
    or sometime we have to bear losses also.
    and sir if by any chance i can learn market with you lively .
    i seen ur videos and got more respect for u as u r sharing ur knowdgage

  22. बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद ? कुछ नया सिखने मिला ??

  23. sirji ,, excellent ,, my complain is you make very less videos ,, please share more knowledge , i actually wait for your videos , which are explained in a very practical and simple manner

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