How to Dress in Business Casual Attire for Men

How to Dress in Business Casual Attire for Men

How to Dress in Business Casual Attire for
Men. Hook up your look with hip but mature threads
that suggest a professional demeanor without shouting for attention. You will need Sport coats, blazers, and suits
Dress shirts Ties Slacks, khakis, and chinos Leather shoes and belts Matching socks Groomed
hair and conservative accessories. Step 1. Choose a sport coat, blazer, or suit in a
subdued color and current style. Combine this with an open-colared shirt or
a tie. Be sure you understand what the company rules
are for casual dress. High-level casual is more dressy, for instance,
though it still may not require a tie. Step 2. Wear a clean, quality cotton, collared shirt. Alternate with fine gauge knits free of wrinkles
and avoid shiny, silky fabrics and wild colors and designs. Step 3. Wear a stylish but understated sweater, or
change the look of a suit with varying patterns in the shirt or tie you wear. Step 4. Sport clean, pressed slacks, corduroys, khakis,
and sometimes chinos in the right climate. Avoid shorts, jeans, or anything with ragged
edges or hanging threads. None of this will matter if you forget that
“casual” doesn’t include letting hygiene or manners lapse. Step 5. Wear leather shoes, clean and polished, and
a matching leather belt. Basic dress boots are better than hiking or
athletic boots unless the office is full of gamers, geeks, and burn-outs. Leave the sandals and flip-flops at home. Step 6. Slip on comfortable, dark, mid-calf length
socks that blend well with your pants, so that when you sit or cross a leg no skin shows. Patterns like argyle are fine if they don’t
clash with stripes, plaids, or other designs in your pants. Step 7. Trim your hair so that it looks groomed, even
if you prefer the bed-head look, which can look almost intentional with a little product. Facial hair is all right if trimmed, neat,
and acceptable in the industry or to your company. Step 8. Avoid accessories beyond a watch and a wedding
ring. Did you know A recent study suggests that,
for the first time in modern American society, more men are married to women whose education
and income exceed their own.

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  1. Ironically, I was watching this while dressing for work, except I was doing the exact opposite, ex-jeans-pants shorts, sandals, and a Lamb of God T-shirt. I love working as an artist!

  2. @Aidux1 first is for tards, and retaliation makes you look like a complete and utter fag. especially when you mess up the person's name the same retarded way more than once. also GRAMMARZ N SPELIN. LERN DEM. Why do you even care about 1st anyway? it's really fucking stupid. also, 1 last thing. noob is for online games. this is youtube.

  3. I'm sorry, I must have missed where the "casual" part came in. I just saw some hack in a suit. All business, no casual.

  4. @BradODonnell Tan or beige pants are not formal. Here in South Carolina, a polo with khakis and dress shoes is business casual, however in Germany a shirt with tie, blazer, blue jeans and black shoes is. It obviously depends on where you are.

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  6. good business casual outfit: slim/staight fit chinos or khakis in khaki, Navy, grey, or brown; a fitted oxford-cloth Button down shirt in white, light blue, or even pink; good wingtips, or cap toe shoes in Brown; a Navy Blazer that is fitted to your body; maybe a cardigan or sweater to go with it

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