How To Differentiate Your Business and STAND OUT

How To Differentiate Your Business and STAND OUT

– I’m gonna give you our
top tips to differentiate your business in any
market so you are found by your ideal client, let’s go. (light music) If your creative is looking to rapidly relocate or grow in any market, then make sure that you
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out every single week. Markets are oversaturated
with carbon copies of businesses all trying to
compete for the same clients. Today, I’m gonna show
you how to stand out and differentiate yourself in that market so you can get booked
by your ideal client. Step number one, research
your competition. Notice I said research
your competition but don’t copy them, so often
when we look at what our competitors are doing,
there’s a fear that what they’re doing is the right thing to do and that we have to do
exactly what they’re doing in order to be as successful as them. And that’s just simply a lie. Because if we do exactly
what all of our other competitors are doing,
then there’s no difference between myself and them. And so when a client comes
searching for what I do, if I’m doing exactly the
same thing as someone else, there’s no reason for them to book me. They may go with that
competitor because I look exactly like them. If you have ever felt this
way when you’re researching your competition and you
felt like you have to copy them, hit yes in the comments below. Step number two, offer
a different experience. If you are wanting to
differentiate in your market, then you have to be different. That may be just as simple as
offering a different product. For example, I’m a wedding
photographer, and I offer heirloom quality artwork. Now my competitor down
the street may also offer prints or canvases, but I
make sure that I differentiate myself by the product that I offer. I give so much attention
into the products that we offer our clients that I
make sure that they are not available in our
market or anywhere else. That makes us different,
and makes us stand out. The second way you can offer something to differentiate yourself
is how you make people feel. That is so vital, it is priceless. You may be an okay photographer,
you may have an okay quality product that you produce. But if you make somebody
feel amazing, that will make you stand out and
differentiate in your market. Tip number three,
pricing what you’re worth and not charging what
your competitors charge. This is a big way to
differentiate yourself because again, if everyone
is doing what everyone else is doing, everyone’s
the same, nobodies different. Instead, if you look
at what you are doing, your cost of goods and
what you’re worth is, what your experience level is, and the quality of the
product that you produce and you charge appropriately,
that will set you apart from your market instantaneously. Because you’ll stand out above the crowd. That crowd that is instead
undercutting each other, doing things for free and not
charging what they’re worth. It will teach your clients
and your potential clients to value you and value what you do. Making you different and
standing out in your market. Tip number four, be aware of trends. Now, being aware of trends
means whether that is a product that you’re
offering, that is on point on trend or if it’s a style
of how you produce things. Now, that doesn’t necessarily
mean that you follow every single trend that
comes your way, but if it’s something that looks like
it’s gonna stick around, and not just be a fad, then
you may want to take notice and adjust your business practices, the products that you
offer to meet that trend that looks like it’s going
to be around a long time. An example of this is the
way that somebody may edit their pictures, their portraits,
or the way that they may shoot and produce them. We’re starting to see
an industry trend that says that more authentic
images, more authentic editing and a higher
quality of light is going to be a trend that sticks around
for a long period of time. And so, we definitely want to adjust and make sure that we
are aware of that trend and not letting it be a
detriment to our business. It allows us to differentiate
because we are aware of what’s going on in the market. Now that you’ve followed
our steps on differentiating yourself in a market, you
may have questions about client experience and
how to go about making that extra special and
different from your competitors. So, I want you head to
our show notes below and hit the Facebook link
for our private group. We have Facebook live’s that
happen every single week that go more in depth into
topics like this and we can’t wait to see you there. Thank you so much for watching this video, if you liked this content
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creative business owner that is struggling to
differentiate in their market, share this with them, share
the education, share the love. And again, thank you so much for watching.

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  2. Lots of Carbon Copy Realtors— 🙂 I am always trying to differentiate myself……I try to make my people feel great and cared for ! love this !

  3. Great advice! Research, but be different. Another way to differentiate yourself: Show your personality. There's only one you and the more you show it (and are transparent about your strengths/flaws/own particular weirdness) the more people will trust you over someone who comes across totally polished and unreachable/unattainable. If you are your brand, embrace it and show them who you are!

  4. Great tips to get over that anxiety of what is right to do to build your business, thank you. I especially like the tip to offer a different experience. Have you ever heard of the Blue Ocean strategy? This hooks into that, to make your service distinctive in ways that appeals to your ideal audience.

  5. Yes, I have definitely felt inferior when seeing someone else's content. It's tough to know what's real and what isn't since everyone makes $10M/minute and owns 7 private jets on YT and Instagram. Thanks for the reminder to just be ME.

  6. Love your shot and background (and great on camera energy)!! Super solid content — keep it up! Here's a quick tip for you that would be super helpful for taking out that background noise:

  7. Your video quality is excellent! Looking directly at the camera a big YES! Great video content lovely. Well done! ❤❤❤

  8. Charging what you're worth is important! Communicating the value that you bring will help with people being willing to pay that as well!

  9. I've recently begun carefully studying my competition – how they do things, how they show up, their offerings. It's a great lesson.

  10. That's always been my philosophy! Be different 😉Seriously though…the most successful entrepreneurs typically are thought of as different. The odds of success in building a small business is really low so you have to think outside the box. Great tips. Thanks!

  11. I'm hoping my new videos help people feel amazing! ….. I'm different so I hope it pays off lol Great tips thanks 😊 -Elizabeth

  12. I love this! When I am creating content I always ask "how is my viewer going to benefit?" I want to make sure I'm providing value for them.

  13. I just learned a few more things on how to stand out with my business. Love the tip on charging your worth and not under sell your product.

  14. Just joined your channel's family and I'm excited about it. I'm from our Facebook page… Just clicked the Sub and like button ❤️

  15. Research, collect, create! Humans are emotional creatures. You have to make them feel important while still being you. It's a balance. YES I use to want to copy, now I'm pretty good about copying and creating with my own spin on things. I like to see what others are doing and then say how can I do it better or different.

  16. I like to look at competition just to see what is trending or popular but always try to be unique and true to me! I love your tip about how you make people feel, that is so important for longevity! Great tips!! New subbie here! 🙂

  17. I really like the suggestions you made. I think it is so important to differentiate ourselves. Being more authentic is definitely working for me in my Sleep Coaching business!

  18. Heyyy Gorgeous, I really enjoyed watching your video, I just Liked and Subscribed to your channel.

    I also have a channel would like to invite you to check it out, like and subscribe!! ❤❤

    I hope that we can support each other and help our channels grow together 😊!

  19. Offer something different – simple but so true! And pricing what you are worth…yes, this makes sense – but in the graphic design piece of my biz I find a lot of undercharging!

  20. This is great advice. By differentiating yourself, this may take some time to get established, but eventually your experience and uniqueness will be what brings you ultimate success!

  21. Thank you for creating this. Being new to the world of business is so new for me and I'm in the process of creating my very first product/service so this was highly useful for me 🙏💕🙂

  22. Thanks for the video. I will remember the point on how do i want people to feel after watching my videos. Thank you!

  23. This is great advice, thank you! Working to stand out and attract customers that we can align with is so important to us.

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