How to Determine if There’s A Market for Your New Pet Business?

How to Determine if There’s A Market for Your New Pet Business?

Each of our pet sitters developed their own
unique method of determining if a market existed in their area. A great deal can be learned by talking to
your friends, family, local vets, groomers, doggy day care owners, and
kennels. Chances are that if you discover several
pet sitters in your area this will be a much better environment to start your business
than if there were no other pet sitting businesses. The first thing I would tell anyone
interested in starting a professional pet sitting business, is to first take your time,
and secondly to do your research. Research is critical. Now there are a lot of ways you can do this. Some of them include, opening up your phone
book, going to the Yellow Pages, and finding pet sitting businesses in your potential service
area and seeing who’s there. Also, if you’re in an urban area, you might
want to check local pet periodicals when you go to
the grocery store…you go say to your favorite restaurant and you can find these there. See
what services are being offered. See if they’re going to match with what
you’re planning on offering with your business. For example, PSI, at, we actually
have a locator where you can enter in zip codes and find professional
pet sitters, and you can use that to help figure
out who’s in my area. You can also contact local groomers, vets,
or other pet care professionals in your area and ask
for a consultation for a small fee and ask if you can rent a mailing list from them. All of these
are viable options. The research that I did to see if there was
a market for pet sitting in my area that I was doing… I did a lot of research. By a lot research I
mean, go to the vets. They would be more than willing (not to share
personal information) but to share the amount of clients they have,
which tells you how many pet stores are in the
neighborhood. They’ve got to have a lot of pets to sustain
mega-box stores. How many little
independents…I did all the groomers, how many groomers were there. Prospective business owners should
do a demographics study. They need to research the medium income for
the area. They need to
studies on pet spending in the area. They need to look at their competition, and
see what their competition is doing. Look in the Yellow Pages to see how
many pet sitters are listed. If there’s nobody listed, maybe there’s
no market. If you see quite a
few listed, then there’s a market. If you leave out some business cards, and
you get some call backs, there’s a market. Also you need to do census research with
the cities that you’re working with because you need to know you have a population with
a certain income that is going to sustain your
business. I think a lot of sitters, or a lot of potential
sitters, might feel that, wow, if they go into an area and look up in the phone book
and don’t see any other pet sitters, wow, that’s
perfect I’ll be the first one! But realistically, I think I would rather
open up a phone book and see 20 pet sitters, because that tells me
that the in area, people know who pet sitters are. If
there’s competition out there, there’s generally room for one more. It is much hard to start in
an area where pet sitting is not very well known and to be the first one. Where there are a lot
of pet sitters in the area, it’s an area where people know what they do, and I think
it’s a better market.

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