How to deal with workplace conflicts – Develop your personality and business skills.

How to deal with workplace conflicts – Develop your personality and business skills.

Hey friends welcome to Skillopedia – The place
to learn skills for the real world. You are with me Niharika and in today’s session we
are gonna look at some tips to deal office conflicts. Now, workplace generally is quite
a stressful environment and conflicts are pretty inevitable. SO how do yo deal with
these conflicts? Or what’s the reason of these conflicts. Well there are different reasons
to it, probably its the pride, ego , jealousy, compensation issues or may be someone is just
having a terrible day. So what’s important for you? Well, do not fear these conflicts,
embrace them because that’s your job and therefore we are gonna look at tips in order to deal
with these office conflicts. Well the first this that you need to keep
in mind is approach a conflict with an open mind. Here what I mean to say is that it is
important for you to understand that people have different perceptions therefore getting
on one single ground for you is necessary. Now, here if you look at certain conflicts
that you have encountered in the past, you will realize that it is all because of lack
of communication, it’s because of lack of information, misinformation or no information
at all and this creates conflicts. So here you need not wait for the person to come approach
you, just go ahead take that step and communicate your issues and the understand why he or she
came up to this point. Once you understand it then take the next step forward that is
to solve the issue and this has to be done with a very open mind. So always approach
a conflict with an open mind. The second thing you need to keep in mind
is that control your emotions. Well, let not the emotions control you. what happens when
emotions start controlling you? You will never get a positive outcome of any conversation
that you are trying to have. There are people who love to drama queens or drama kings. They
love to show off their crocodile tears the moment they have to face a conflict. Do you
think that is right? Do you think the people who play these blame games – “Hey you are
responsible for this” Do you think that works for you? Well, definitely not. If you throw
fit of rage in the heat of the moment, you are not protecting your future, you are ruining
it. So stay focused, stay to the point and try to get a positive outcome. Therefore it
is important for you to control your emotions and not let your emotions control you. Another thing that you need to make a note
of is stop assuming. Well someone says something and the next moment you start rolling your
eyes with anger. well stop jumping to any conclusions. relax, let not your brain go
numb and think negatively. Try to understand and give the other person a benefit of doubt.
Yes, probably the other person said something incorrect. But, it’s not necessary that it
meant to blame you or it meant to put you down. So, you need to just relax, try to understand
have a chat with the other person, understand and acknowledge to what they are saying and
paraphrase what they just said. So this will also help you to put your point forward. So
the next time someone just says something please don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t start
t think negatively, it is important for you to acknowledge and also give a benefit of
doubt to the other person. And the last point that you need to keep in
mind is approach each and every conflict as an opportunity. Well, there are always these
hidden potentials when you get into a conflict. When you get into a conflict think that what’s
there in for me. Think in a positive way, because in every there are differences and
the moment you start arguing about it you are gonna come out with different innovations.
You gonna progress in what you think and the way you talk it out. SO don’t you think it
is a very positive sign in having a conflict with someone, there’s a potential of growth
and development and if nothing works for you then just go ahead show the other cheek of
yours, go ahead and apologise. A timely apology always helps, its not gonna put you down,
in fact a great apology is a sign of respect and civility. So go ahead an apologise if
nothing is working out, it’s not gonna put you down and you need to trust me on this.
So learn from your conflicts and go ahead and grab that opportunity in a very positive
way. While these workplace conflicts are very common
in each and every organisation it’s upto you, the way you choose to deal with these conflicts.
S the next time you face any conflicts, please don’t get nervous or scared. Go ahead and
face it using these tips that you have learnt today. And do not forget to subscribe our
channel in order to learn more and begin your journey to success. And I will be back soon,
till then you take care and have a great day.

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  1. Lady…. you got NO idea of what some slaves go through. Owners who employ human dogs to constantly bark at you (with 7 written complaints). GUNS are the solution.

  2. Srry but people don't work this way in a perfect world maybe but If managers had more idea-control of what's going on and supervisors weren't so egotistical then their would be less conflict right there

  3. this what I would recommend punch in first if you have a conflict at work walk out come back 5 hours later and then punch out.

  4. There is an employee who starts chatting with anyone the minute he arrives at the office. He continues to talk with people who come to the office.. and when everyone is busy he starts talking on the phone. All he does is talk. If other employees said a simple sentence to the other he would interrupt and join and tell stories reagarding that topic.
    I have work to do, I would like to read a book in my free time. Can someone help me with this tragedy?

  5. Dealing with people in the office don't get caught up in the office gossip stay away from that and also you always have the people who know everything and think they know what they are doing is the best job, then you the employee that is always the ass kisser to their boss and trying to make an impression, then there is the couple that has a realtionship in the office and they leave or dissappear for hours at a time and you knew what they were doing! Then you have some employee's that are drama kings and queens when it comes to work, or that person that eats at their desk all day and does very little work, or the single women on the prowl for men and the office is their playground! If your smart don't get your self involved with these people just go inside do your job and aviod the gossip because if they talk about others they will talk about you! Slience is GOLDEN! Always be professional and polite! The Office is like High School all over again and then you have the office bullies that don't do their job but they put more stress on you with their work on top of everything else so they can get ahead! Dealing with difficult boss be professional say little and do your job! Stay out of his or her way!

  6. all points r valid other than apology thing…when u hv to aplogise for none of ur fault to save ur job..nothing unfortunate than that…very difficult for people with self respect

  7. Yeah… Give people the benefit of the doubt. Give people infinite benefit of the doubt. I'm pretty sure that's going to work.

  8. Hi Niharika… As we focused on body language will you please focus on your elbow.. it looks funny like a flying bird.

  9. How do u manage ur co team workers, if they r not involve to work(playing) in a working time, that u r associated with it?how do u deal with them?(as a fresher how ans )

  10. I personally gone through this video by Dr. Hari Shankar Shyam sir to manage conflict at work place.I would suggest you people who are worried about conflicts at Workplace to go through it. It is really helpful.

  11. good video but so far my experience in corporate world, I disagree with crocodile tears point. I respect emotionality of people and don't consider tears as drama.This kind of thinking simply breeds negatively about natural human aspect.

  12. Work place conflicts can be tough, but I believe good leadership makes a big difference. I like what you presented. Very solid. I have a new video on how pre-set values help you deal with conflicts. Check it out.

  13. Thanks for the advise but how do you deal with someone whose job is under threat and is trying to take your role over and make himself out to be an authority in your area of expertise.

  14. Here’s my situation: one of the supervisors at work does not like me. That’s ok cos we’re at work to do what we have to do, not make friends. However, it’s getting to the point that it’s bothersome. I don’t interact with her that much & vice versa but when I’m talking to someone else, she interrupts the conversation and starts talking to the other person. I’ve noticed this on a daily basis so I know it’s not coincidental. It gets tiring at times cos it’s disrespectful. I’m not gonna go and argue with her, I’m not even going to ask to speak to her in private. I don’t want to face it head on cos I’m sure she’ll deny it. It’s just a nuisance to put up with. I get along with everyone except for her and I can live with that but just as I don’t go interrupting or getting in the way of whatever she’s doing with someone else, it’s be nice if she did the same for me. We don’t have to like each other, we just have to learn to coexist which I can do on my part, not sure she can do on hers.

  15. I don't work in an office. But, this will work. There was a conflict, but I apologized for my actions. They chose to stay mad. He is really rough around the edges so I wasn't surprised. I informed the manager that I apologized. I just went back to work.

  16. That's nowt, I was transferred to another town by the company I worked for, they needed me there because of my skills, they used constructive dismissal techniques against me for their own gain and my loss.

  17. All these you mentioned are good but only works out if the other person (your coworkers,boss,etc)are the same and genuinely want to solve the problem.but it doesn’t work when they are not Honest and cover up each other mess up at work and make your motivation for the job fade away. My experience says they don’t want good employees they only wants slaves to follow their own created rules and even not the company.

  18. Thank you beautiful young lady, for the valuable information. Absolutely iam going to use this tips in my work and life conflicts.

  19. I work as a volunteer, and my manager now wants me to work full hours! From 9-4pm. Is this right or even legal, when you are not getting paid?

  20. Argument happened this morning and Mizz Thang Caused it And was very disrespectful since she walked in the door. . .

  21. I would like some advice here, and see who is right and who is wrong here. I have a paid job, but I worked as a volunteer for 4 years I really enjoyed it, however a new manager took over and demanded I work the same hours as staff, despite not being paid for it! I couldn’t work full hours due to over commitment after a certain time. I disputed this with senior management, but they couldn’t care less. What should I do here

  22. I am here to tonight to find resources because for time for a long time time I had big conflict and argurments with my co-worker whitch I hate it. I'm not a queen drama at all! I like work place to be peaceful and drama free. I hope my co-worker thinks the same way. Thank you. This video helps me to forgive

  23. Hi I am from Los Angles I like your vids try out my channel

  24. I already fight with colleagues what can I do i got disturbs someone's i scold them after that I'm thinking I react very fast but that's wrong


  26. Great video post, there was a lot of helpful content. Workplace conflicts should never be taken lightly.

  27. I and a bunch of others at work play cards with actual betting during our break times. I’ve probably won about $3000 the last few months. My boss told me I have to stop the cards. I think he’s jealous of the ? I’ve won!

  28. Some people that are in my work environment are the Oscar winners for the biggest asholes on earth ?,they are unbeatable on been an ashole no salvation

  29. I was taught , to mind own business, keep your mouth shut, and do your job. I have done that for the most part, and it has work very well for me. Getting working done is all about concentration and focus, so do not be drawn and/or provoked into situations that will interfere with you concentration and focus. DO NOT get involved work place dramas or cast judgement on it.

  30. in my team a 21 yrs engineer is there he is good at regular work but when I gave work he is taking is low prior.
    how to handle it plz advice.

  31. I m percieved as some1 who does not hv the ability to do the job…i m as good as final results : meaning In give results but use alternate and ethical means : i guess I m focusing on quantity and ignoring quality

  32. I hate people who tell you how to do your job. I used to work as a groundskeeper and this woman team leader, was telling me how to do my job! When she isn’t even qualified! I kindly told her to get lost

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