How to Create Loyal Fans Who Love to Promote Your Business

How to Create Loyal Fans Who Love to Promote Your Business

– Today we’re gonna talk about
how to develop SUPER FANS, And you’re gonna discover techniques, that you can employ right now, to take your fans, to the next level. – Check it out. (upbeat music) Today I’m excited to be joined by Pat Flynn the author of the
amazing book super fans, and the founder of smart
passive income which is a blog and a podcast. what do you want to say to people who are struggling to develop loyal fans? – If you’re struggling to develop fans, and you really need to refocus
on who your Audiences is and what their problems are, because that’s the
quickest and easiest way, to have a person start
paying attention to you but also sharing your stuff. Because if you can help them
then they’ll help you back. – So maybe we know who our audience is, but we don’t know what their problems are, So how do we get at done? – Have actual conversations with them. I know that might sound weird, what you want me to have actual
conversations with people. The most amazing things
happen when you do that, because they’re not only gonna tell you, what those problems are. They’re gonna tell you
how those problems are. Meaning what are the words that they use, what are the big things that
they’ve tried that didn’t work. And if you can really
get into their psyche, you can understand how then, provide solutions for them. And like the marketer
Jay Burnham once said. “if you can define the problem better than your target customer they’re gonna automatically assume you have the solution when you share, who you are, and what you do,
you want them to go finally I found somebody who’s
speaking my language, like this is my go-to person. – What are some of the
questions, that we could ask, in order to get at some of those problems? – What are you struggling with right now? What’s your number one
challenge related to blank? If you had a magic wand and you can have things
the way you would want, what would it look like? Those initial questions, are gonna get a lot of information back. And the most important thing
is to keep going deeper. A lot of people are gonna give
you surface level answers, but then if you go, well
tell me more about that, or why, or what else, and you’re
gonna get to the real root, of what they need help with
and how they might need help. – Let’s say we ask that question, but we get answers all over the place what’s the pattern we’re looking for? – You’re looking for things
that are more popular. the most common answers
that you might get. You might have specific sub-niches in your, space that
truly need some help and, that’ll come with more conversations. there’s also ways that you
can find conversations, that are happening online
already through forums and groups and what not, but honestly, the best way to do it is to
have a real live conversation. ’cause here’s the other
thing that happens. You now have real life Empathy, for your target audience. You hear that story, when you create your
content or your product. You’re not just using a
made-up avatar to support you. You’re a real-life person. – Let’s say that I’ve done the research. I know who my fans are, I
know what their problems are, now I want to help move them from Fan, in the Super Fan category can you give us a couple
of tips or techniques? – Super fans aren’t
created the moment people find created by the moments
you create for them over time. So after a person finds you, or hears about you or is attracted to you give them some quick wins, something within 10 to 15
minutes that you can offer them whether it’s a Lead Magnet or a particular piece of
content that you might have. To give them something that
they didn’t have before that just reinforces that
they are in the right place. something I do is when people subscribe to my email is for example. The very first email, is my
best one gives them a tip, on how to find out what content
to create for their audience and it just removes all the effort and gives them a quick win
within about 5 to 10 minutes. Psychologically people will get a reward, and want to keep coming back
for more and more rewards Charles Duhigg an author wrote, very extensively about the
power of a small quick win. and too often we entrepreneurs, wanna give our audience
the big win up front. But it takes a long time it takes effort. It’s like help them lose 3 pounds first, before you help them lose 50. Then they want to keep coming back, ’cause they’re seeing
results from you already. People want to deal with, and work with, and befriend other human beings, is not the companies or
the products that we have. Be more of a human, be vulnerable,
put yourself out there. I’m not saying that you have
to post like what you’re having for breakfast every day. But if you’re like a big
fan of back to the future. make that known because
that’s what people know about friends and this is
what will have you stand out from others who are offering
similar services to. People want to make that
connection with other people and really amazing things happen, for example when people see
back to the future on TV I’ll get tweets, I was
just thinking of you. So now I don’t even have to do anything, they know something about me, and they’re thinking about
me without me even trying. – What do you want to say
to people who are like man I don’t know if I want
to reveal my personal life, and my personal interest to my audience, because that’s separate from my brand. – It is separate from
your brand but remember the personal connection
goes a very long way. You don’t have to put
your whole life out there, even just one little tidbit,
and finally once you start to build this community
bring your community together because at that point it’s
not just you talking to them and them talking to you, is them talking to each other, they can fight other people just like them in the community they’re
not going to leave, They finally found their people. friendships made but
brand awareness as well. Something that we could all
do right now is you take out your phone you go to
Instagram or Twitter you find somebody who said thank you for something that you’ve offered or something that you have send them a quick video message to thank them. private message say their name people love their name and it’s
going to blow their mind because they’re not getting
that kind of personal attention well pet that’s not scalable no it’s not scalable but you can spend 10 seconds to send a quick little video message that’s gonna mean a lifetime of future interactions with that person. – You want to check out
Pat’s channel he publishes amazing amazing content we’ve got it linked up here on the screen we also have a video from Patrick Hanlon on how to develop loyal tribes and it talks about the brain psychology we’ve got that linked up right here on the screen watch it right now

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  1. Great tip on the video DM, Pat! Much more likely to cross the chasm, than trying to leave a voicemail and finding the mailbox is full!! 🤓

  2. Love Pat Flynn’s Switchpod! I plan to make future videos with it. I also enjoy these videos from Social Media Examiner. Great advice keep up the great work! It’s helping me grow my business. 👍

  3. Once again, incredibly valuable and informative content! You guys continue to elevate your own value by elevating others…

  4. Thank you so much for having me in the show! I love how you’ve all put this together – stellar! Can’t wait to see y’all at SMMW20!

  5. Hey thanks for writing me back on my other comment! This morning I got the audiobook of "Superfans" — I have about 3.5 hours left in it — but so far it's AWESOME! It's the book I didn't know I was looking for — thanks for sharing this video and mentioning Pat's book! I already know it will be one I listen to more than once!

  6. I read Superfans after hearing Pat on the podcast. Good book, and I've already started implementing some learnings.

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