How to Create and Package Services That SELL (For Business Owners)

How to Create and Package Services That SELL (For Business Owners)

Hello and welcome it’s Leon Streete and
today I’ve got an exciting topic that I want to cover for you business owners
coaches and consultants out there and it’s a big topic and a very important
topic and this is it how to create and package services and products that sell
for business owners and coaches so you can probably see on the screen as well
but that’s what we cover in today and I know it’s a real it’s a real pain point
for a lot of people because they don’t understand what to package and they
don’t understand what price to package and all the other things that go into it
so today I’m going to break it down with some key steps of what you need to
consider in order to package your service and products and by the way if
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particular channel so let’s get into it so the first thing is why use packaging
for your services or products why not just say hey I’m an accountant
we offer accounting services or I’m a plumber I fixed pipes or I fix leaks
yeah why package your products and services or maybe you’re a life coach
and you say I help people with their life or a business coach and I help
people with their business well here’s a few reasons why a few benefits so when
you package what you offer you move away from trading time for money that is
disproportional to the value that you give so you can see there’s a lot of
business owners out there he will price themselves based on what the market is
charging per hour or what other competitors are charging but when you
move out of that price per hour and you have your services and products packaged
you can actually move to the point where what difference does your package make
in terms of value to your target audience how did I see that it’s going
to help them in their life or business the next thing is you can set specific
expectations and price points so when you package something it’s almost like
you’re adding some secret magic fairy dust to what you offer and you can start
to create what actual price you want to charge rather than what the market is
doing and also you can set specific expectations in terms of your customer
and what you’re going to provide in your particular service or product and how
its packaged the next thing that the next benefit with why you should look at
packaging your products and services is you can use your experience toward the
perceived value that people see in your experience and you can take hourly rates
out of the picture altogether so let’s think about this imagine you were buying
a ford, so a normal family saloon yeah you probably understand the pricing
is going to be anywhere from twenty to thirty thousand for an average four-door
family saloon what if you were to buy a Rolls Royce what would the price
difference be what would be the experience or the perceived value of
somebody buying a Rolls Royce compared to a Ford see that’s what happens when
you start to package yourself you see a Ford is packaged one way, a rolls-royce is
packaged another and somebodies perception of the two is completely
different because of how its presented how it’s put together and all the things
we’re going to cover now so these are just a few benefits the other cool
reason is you know why not style yourself out of the market see not just
like the competition you offer services and products that actually are different
and appear different so let’s get into it the first step you got to consider is
you and the reason why you’re gonna consider this is very simple what are
you passionate about because you don’t want to product a service or or or
package a service or product that actually you’re not passionate about it
you’re doing it just because you can make some money because that’s going to
be one of the first steps to failure so what is it that you’re passionate about
what is easy leveraged in terms of time and earning
and fun for you so you enjoy what is your goal around being easy
leveraged and fun so those three criteria and what is the goal for you
and for your clients around that so if you’ve got something that you’re
passionate about its easy its leveraged it’s fun what is it in terms of the goal
that you can achieve for you and your clients with that so if you were to
design your life how would your business benefit around that yeah the next step
is how many weeks vacation would you like to take if you were to create this
new service or product how many hours of the day would you spend on your hobbies
you thinking well how does that relate to your product or service well you’re
not trying to create a product or a service or package or service or a
product to chain yourself to your desk or to your car if you do a lot of
driving the biggest thing is you’re creating something that will give you
your lifestyle and also the business style the way that you operate in your
business from your products and services how many hours with your family or
community will you gain because of how you gain leverage out of the services
that you provide so these are important questions for you to consider because
you don’t want a package you know something that’s really not going to
serve you and your business right what makes you an expert that’s the next
thing so when it comes to packaging your services and products look at what
experience do you have so that must be considered what testimonials do you have
if you don’t have any testimonials right now
you know what testimonials can you gather about what people think of you if
you’re a good type of person in your community upstanding citizen that type
of thing what type of results have you gained already if you’re new or you’re
in a start-up what types of results can you gain by maybe offering some free
trial services so you even know how good your services are by offering a trial
and getting some customers on board so that you can understand your own
results, also remember your knowledge is important you are an expert in the topic
that you are passionate about hopefully you should be you’ve got to be
experienced because people are going to buy into your products and services with
the understanding that you have some level of knowledge so look at what
you’ve got so once you understand about you you need to focus on
the target audience and the reason why I started with you is because if you’re in
business you’ve got to create your business you’re not creating the
business for somebody else without considering what you want in your life
but let’s look at your target audience so with your target audience what one
problem will you solve for them with your service or your product and I say
one problem because it’s critical stay focused because I’ve seen too many
people where they create loads of products loads of services and they’re
proud of it but hardly any of them are selling so you know what’s the point you
being proud of having a hundred products or services and nobody’s really buying
it you know it’s almost like having a million pound or a million dollar
service but you’ve never sold it so nobody’s buying you know focus on what’s
the one problem you’ll solve for your target audience from your audience’s
perspective get very clear so no acronyms just clear understanding of
what their problem is and the symptoms of that problem it’s critical for you to
understand the next piece is who are they you need to describe your target
audience so you’re very clear on who that product is going to be sold to or
the service so I understand the demographics that age ranges the gender
the location all different types of demographics and attributes
and then also look at the psychographics the psychological reasons why they will
buy from you they’re critical understand what they fear what they’re you know
what they kept up at night around this product or service the problem they’ve
got and that your product or service will help them fix or solve really
critical piece so now that you’ve got those points with your packaging what
results are you going to offer so let’s look at the results what results can
your clients achieve or what’s the promise you can offer with your service
or product note that down the next thing is it’s got to be tangible can’t just be
airy-fairy oh they’ll just live a better life you need to be very clear on what
is it in terms of numbers or transformation so if they are going to
have a better life are they’re going to be able to create new habits and get rid
of old habits or they’re going to be able to go from 0 to 100 in terms of
numbers get very clear on what results or what you can promise another thing
with a promise is it could be a guarantee maybe you can guarantee
something around them achieving results or a
transformation and then equally understand what three failures will your
target audience experience if they do not have your product or service
critical to know because you’ll really understand what problems they’re
actually going through and if you’ve nailed it with your product right so the
next thing is you need to look at the actual package now in the package we
have the four p’s so the four p’s are and these aren’t vegetable peas product
description so write a paragraph that describes your service of product and
the previous steps you’ve just gone through will provide the information for
you to write that succinct one maximum two paragraph so you understand what
your product is or your service you understand your target audience what the
problem is what your plan is to help them are you all the things that go into
your product and into your package and your service and number four what does
their life look like after you help them ie the results they’re going to gain,
know this is what’s going to go into that paragraph so succinct and summarize
everything into that one to two paragraphs the next step in the four P’S
is pricing so when it comes to pricing will it be higher when it below the
advantage of having higher pricing is that your work equally as hard selling a
lower priced product as you will a higher price product so if you’re
selling something for ten pounds compared to something that is a thousand
pounds obviously there’s going to be a greater return if you get one customer
for a 1,000 pound product to compare some but somebody’s selling a product or
you saying a product that is ten pounds to ten dollars that type of thing so
consider what’s the result worth to your audience because you might want to
charge a thousand ten thousand a hundred thousand but what’s the actual resort
worth the audience maybe can’t be priced to a certain level because of the result
that it promises and the perceived or the intrinsic value just isn’t enough to
warrant a price that you want to charge so I’ll look into that here’s another
good rule what is the market pay right now so what are people buying from your
competitors don’t say I’ve got no competitors I’m so unique I’m so
special blah blah blah look into the people that closely or come very
similarly closely to what you offer right now as a product or service look
into what they’re selling looking to what they’re charging even go into their
website fill out their contact form speak to them on the phone find out
their pricing find out their process great research by the way the next step
in the four PS is packaging the whole thing that this video is all about so
with packaging look at the length so is it one off is it on going look at the
frequency of communication that you have to have with your product or your
service look at the format is it one to menu is it one-on-one that this services
or product is for the delivery so is it gonna involve a welcome pack workbooks
is it going to be physical is it gonna be digital like an online course it’s
gonna be a mix of both look at if there are any bonuses or premiums you need to
have with your product or service that supports it and then also look at if you
have any unique mechanisms like a unique method of how you do things like you
have your three five or your seven step method that your service or product
contains which also adds to the kind of USP than unique selling proposition or
unique selling point of what your service or product offers so there you
have it the fourth one now with the four P’S placement so when it comes to
packaging your services and products where will it be sold or marketed it’s
highly important to really consider this is it online is it offline will you have
joint venture partners strategic partners who will introduce your product
or service to their audience so that you can sell maybe pay them a commission and
there you have it that is it guys we’ve gone through the complete steps of what
you need to consider when it comes to packaging your services and products for
a business owner cultural consultant it involves you your target audience the
results and the four P’S all critical and essential points into packaging your
products and services so you can make more money and grow your business so
which step is the one you can use in your business are you thinking actually
I’ve got most of them covered and I can use one step two steps actually I hadn’t
considered any of them are probably use all of them to package my service and go
over again or create a new product or service so guys that’s it if you’ve
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here’s another thing if you need to talk or you’re struggling with how to package
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and I’ll catch you on the next video take care bye bye Okay, Five, Four Three, Two yeah I do on purpose and so you’ve got a
cut point so you’ll just know I’ll say five, four because then it’s silence for you alright
director, know your Man, come on Meant to be working with professionals here So, lets go Courtney Thought you were a Hollywood movie star Courtney Cox Alright so let’s go guys

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