How to Create a Plan Of Action For Business Owners Who Want To Achieve Their Goals

How to Create a Plan Of Action For Business Owners Who Want To Achieve Their Goals

“Plan – of – action” hey guys it’s Leon Streete
and today I’m going to be speaking about how you can put together a plan that
actually works for you so that you can break down maybe a big goal, chunk it
down and ensure that it becomes achievable
“I love it when a plan comes together” so here’s the thing you probably got it from what I just said, a
lot of the times when we set goals sometimes we set short goals, medium-term
goals or long term goals, but what I see quite often is that when people are
going for goals they kind of think of the goal as the one end result and they
don’t break things down or chunk it down in order to make sure that it’s in
manageable chunks that they can then go forward and achieve it. So here’s a
couple of steps that you can use in order to achieve your next goal if
you’ve got a long term goal, break it down into a 12-month goal and what
you’ve got to do over the next 12 months in order to get there and you can do
that by breaking your 12 month goal down into four quarters of four groups of
three months and split those three months into individual months, so you can
then say right I have month one, month two, month three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and then ten, eleven and twelve. So you break them
into four groups of three then each month break them into weeks and then
each week break them down into days and for every day that you have activities
or actions in order to achieve the next step in your overall yearly goal if
that’s what you’ve set yourself. Set yourself three key priority tasks so
three tasks that are going to help you to go to the next level or the next step
in achieving your overall goal. Now you’ve probably heard the expression
that how do you eat an elephant and it’s one mouthful at a time it’s the same
thing when you’re going for your goals break it down into manageable chunks and
that way not only can you monitor and see progress as you achieve those
bite-sized chunks or goals and you’re hitting them achieving them but even if
you’re faced with setbacks because you’ve broken things down the setback
shouldn’t throw you right off of target in order to hit your overall goal, because
you’ve broken it down into those quarters, months, weeks and day
and down to three priority tasks. If you’ve got a team obviously you can use
your team to help you achieve more but it’s one of the key things that I’ve
used in order to go for bigger goals so that way it becomes more manageable and
I can see more clearly about what’s got to be done rather than obsessing over
something big that scares me even though I am going for it. So if that’s made
sense to you guys then drop a comment below this video let me know what you
think if that method has worked for you will work for you, I’d love to hear
thanks for watching make sure you like drop a comment below and if you’re not
already subscribed to the channel and I’ll catch you on the next video take
care bye bye

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