How to Create a Facebook Business Page

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

hey folks business and marketing
consultant instead of Anna McCann here in about two seconds I’m actually going
to let you see my screen because I want to show you how to create a business
page on Facebook so not your personal page but one for your business I’m going
to show you how to do that from scratch and some tools and some websites and
stuff you can use to kind of make it gorgeous
also the benefits of having a business page for your corporation you can’t do
Facebook ads if you don’t have a business page and if you create this
business page with Facebook they give you a ton of other great things as to
how you can measure the productivity of your ads okay so it’s a bunch of great
things and you won’t get that if you’re just telling people about your business
on your personal page you need to set up a specific separate page specifically
for your business and these are free so if you have a bunch of businesses you
can do it for each or different interests in that type of thing so let
me stop rambling and show you how to do it so let’s go to my computer screen
okay folks so now we’re at my computer screen and to create the Facebook page
for your business you’re going to go here to create a page now if you are a
local business meaning you have a physical location this is the one you’re
going to use your going to put your address and of course a telephone number
that is tied to that physical address if you are someone who doesn’t have a
physical location I recommend you go here of course if you have a brand of
products ie a book or something that your up trying to advertise branded
product would be a good one and of course the obvious could be other ones
for this demonstration we’re just going to come here to community and I’m just
going to type demo here I do want to add some information about your company and
of course you want to put your website in addition to the URL that you want to
add here so that people can easily find your facebook business page now you’re
going to upload a photo so one of the important things in regards to creating
a facebook business page you can definitely do a cover photo which I’m
going to show you a website where you can go to to get some gorgeous couple
photos done for almost nothing and of course you want to put a profile picture
which you will see here more importantly I want
to you about this add a button this is a great way to create a call to action for
your page what do you want customers to do when they come to your page do you
want them to contact you and they have a bunch of different options if you do
call now you can put your telephone number there you can shop if you have a
store and you want to take them there if you want to do an introductory video so
that they have some news your customers have a better understanding as to why
they should do business with you you can put that here as well so the variety of
different options you can use to do a call to action and I recommend that you
do employ this feature to Facebook kids so let’s say you’re not a graphics
person in this big beautiful space right here you want to add some photos of some
images for your business and you don’t have that skill I take you to a couple
resources and websites that can help you with that
so right here we’re at again canva calm here you can create a
facebook cover they have this wonderful tool here that help you create gorgeous
gorgeous Facebook covers and this is a free website so definitely go check out
canva calm and then you can also come to Fiverr where you can get almost anything
you want done for a five bucks so let’s do Facebook scroll down here to Facebook
cover there’s ton of very talented graphic design artists that will create
a Facebook cover page for your business for just five bucks so you definitely
want to kind of look at these two resources when it comes to making your
facebook business page brand stand out okay so I hope you found that helpful if
you have any questions or anything be sure to leave comments or questions
below or things of that nature I’m actually
going to do a training that will show you how to create Facebook ads for your
business it’s going to show you based on your industry where do you find people
on Facebook in regards to those ads and how to create a it’s going to be a long
workshop probably around the two-hour range and it’s going to be free you just
have to register for it so probably somewhere in this video just click the
link search around somewhere wherever seen this video whether it’s Facebook or
YouTube click the link in the description so that you can actually
register for the event again it’s free and if you have a business you
definitely want to know how to advertise on Facebook
because Facebook and put you in front of your target audience like no other
platform but if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re going to lose a lot
of money so I’m going to show you how to do that
so be sure to register and what else I think that’s it and that’s about it so
if you have any questions go ahead and leave them in the comments below but
I’ll see you in a bit so be sure to go ahead and register until next time guys

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