How To Create A Facebook Business Page In 2020 – Full Facebook Business Page Tutorial

How To Create A Facebook Business Page In 2020 – Full Facebook Business Page Tutorial

Hello and welcome back to the channel in today’s video we’re gonna break down how to create a Facebook business page from scratch and then I’m going to show you a few tips and tricks to make sure that you are utilizing on your Facebook page so whether you’re starting one from scratch right now today or even if you already have a facebook business page you want to make sure that you’re utilizing all these different features that Facebook gives you to use on your business page right now When you’re going through and starting your business page all you got to do from your main profile section from the newsfeed He’s come here to this crate button. So this is a fairly new button It just is really simple to go through and create a page and add a group or anything else that you want to create So we’re gonna choose a page Right. Now let’s say that you are a real estate agent. Okay, you’re a real estate agent I like to go through and brand myself as opposed to Remax Keller Williams or whatever brand or business or logo that you work for and so I’m gonna use my own name So I’d use Jayson Wardrop and you could say like Jason Wardrop Realty or Jason or drop real estate Okay, but I’d make sure that you’re branding yourself as opposed to the business that you work for Now with that in mind you might think well, I’m gonna brand myself. So I’m gonna be branding myself as a public figure well, actually if you are a real estate agent or pretty much most business owners you want to do a business or a brand so You’re just gonna click on here to get started. So click on that and then we’ll give the page a name So I’m just gonna say Jason or drop Realty okay. Like I said for this example, I’ll be a real estate agent But really doesn’t matter what type of business that you’re in and so down here the category I’m going to start typing you can see real estate company real estate or just an agent real estate service So I’m just gonna say a real estate agent right there. Now as you go through it has you put in your address So for this example, I’m just going to put in a bogus address right here. I will say Phoenix, Arizona I’m eight five. One, two three four, and then you can put in your phone number and then say, you know I don’t want to show my address or I don’t want to have my phone number actually shown, but you can have that option right there if you want people actually showing up at your office or You like want to keep that hidden you can obviously go through and check that then we’re just gonna click continue right here And it’s gonna walk us through This very simple process okay of going through getting everything set up now from here the first couple of things that we want to do and a lot of Times Facebook actually takes you through the process for you and has you simplifying upload like your profile picture and your cover photo? For some reason they didn’t do that this time But I’ll show you guys exactly how to go through and add a profile picture As well as a cover photo and then a few other little tweaks tips and tricks we go through and get this all set up So the first thing you want to do is want to upload a profile image. Okay, so we’re just gonna upload a photo and once again I like to go through and brand myself no matter what business you’re in and so I would upload a headshot of you Okay, and obviously if you’re in like professional services, I probably have like a professional looking photo with a tie You know, if you’re if you’re a male you maybe like a suit if you’re a woman, maybe a dress like what whatever you want But I’ve got this picture right here. Obviously, not the most of our professional-looking picture The butt is the one I kind of use across all of social media. So that’s another big tip is You want to keep a consistent? Branding across all different social channels. So I use this on YouTube I use this on Facebook on Instagram all the different profiles And so if you have like a picture you use on LinkedIn or Twitter or any of these other social profiles make sure it stays Consistent across all the social channels because then when your followers are seeing you on different platforms They’re able to recognize you a lot quicker. Okay, so I’m just gonna hit save right there You could drag and drop it and reposition everything that you want but says your profile picture was successfully saved So we got this update right there and then we want to add a cover photo now One really cool tool that I like to use as far as adding cover photos is called canva Canv AECOM now canva is a hundred percent free tool and if you look right here, they’ve got all of these different Templates already pre-built to size so you got the Instagram post You’ve got posters Facebook posts social media logos presentations and then we got the covers right here. Okay So let’s say we want this one to be our cover photo So you can easy go through and it’s got the template you can drag and drop images in here You can change this will say like over here Jason Wardrop and then I’ll say something like Real estate and you can go through you can change the colors Obviously you can go through and play around with this spend a little bit of time but I’m not going to spend too much time on this and Then you can go and upload photos drag and drop photos over here do really whatever you want to customize this to your business Okay, then we’re just gonna hit download I’m gonna download this and then it’s going to save to my desktop there so now once I’ve gone through and created that image in canva the great thing is you don’t have to be a designer you have A really nice professional-looking design without you having to go through and set anything up. We’re just gonna hit add cover Upload folder or video and then let’s see. We’ve got the documents. We got the downloads right there Boom this right here that we just create on canva Okay, and then we just hit save and we’re already build this out It’s already looking extremely nice. And this is just a few seconds of getting everything set up and started now another thing I like to do is add a call to action button right here So if somebody hits my website, I want them to either or my facebook page I want them either go to my website. I want them to be able to contact me So we just come over here click on this and then you could say hey booked an appointment for you Contact you learn more about your business. So learn more about your business. That would be sent to your website So if you want to book with you you say book now Okay, and then we come down here and we say next and then you’ve got this appointments on Facebook. Okay, this is really cool They can actually book an appointment with you through facebook case we go through the appointments on facebook We start the set up and we go and just through the whole walkthrough process Okay, what days of the week what times a day that you can actually go through the book an appointment? We hit next appointment approval double booking So you got all these things you can turn on or off and even sync in with your Google Calendar Okay, so walk you through the simple process which if you’re a local business if you like them if you meet with people in person This is a highly recommended little tip and feature that I would go through and do I want to necessarily send them to your website To look at the appointment because it just removes one extra step that you don’t actually have to end up doing Okay So we just hit next and then from here You can go through Lister services and we’re just gonna go and hit done for now, but you can see right here This is really cool because you can book all of your appointments have your calendar in here since you have an appointment already you can Add an appointment and it’s basically like a little Google Calendar, but it can seek in with your Google Calendar but you have this appointments tab now up at the top of your page and you can even eventually Promote this button. They people can go through and book appointments with you. Okay? Now, let’s come back here to the page tab now one thing that I highly recommend doing Whenever you start a brand new Facebook page, or even if you have an existing page and you don’t have this already I would come in and I would make the first post and I would probably add an image of myself So come over here and add probably just the profile image So that people can kind of see Who I am alright, and then I would say Welcome to my page. Okay, and then say like something like my name is Jason Wardrop and then I’m not gonna go through and type the whole thing but I usually would give a quick little bio and background about me and my business and how long I’ve been in business who I Help how I can help you. And so that people kind of feel like they’ve got a quick overview So like think about a website it’s kind of like an about us or an about me page and I like to go through make this post and then we hit share now and Then what you can do is come up here this these three dots right here Click on those and we pin this to the top of the page Alright, so then what happens is once you post it, it’s not going to get lost in the feed But every time some brand new person comes to your page, they see your profile picture They see your cover photo or they can book now and they also see this top post Down here that gives a quick bio About you your business how long you’ve been in business and the different things that they can go through and work with you on? Okay, so now coming up here We’ve got this automatically respond to new messages So this is really cool where if somebody messaged your page you can have a welcome response You can have an automated follow-up message response. So thing that we can do and go through and set all this up is we come over here to the settings tab right here and then we can click on messaging and From the messaging we go through to start a messenger conversation we jump to that section You can show a greeting. So we just turn this on right here. It says hi. Jason Wardrop. Thanks You’re gonna touch this a messenger Please send us any questions you may have so if you want to go through and kind of personalize that a little bit more you just click on that right there and I like like it’s not supernatural to me for someone to say like hi Jason war drop whatever like an automated email or something like that says hi Jason war drop sounds like very II like it’s not very personal So I like to go in and just have the first name actually She just come over here and says say hi And then first name of the recipient not the full name because I know you can’t put the full name, but to me That sounds a little weird And then what I would you do if I were you based on your business is I would go through and I would tweak this Message a little bit. So it’s not just the kind of like just automated like mass response to any type of business owner I would make it specific to real estate If you’re a real estate agent make it specific to you know, your dental practice or whatever business that you might be in Okay, then we come over here And we hit save and then you can go through you can add messenger to your website You’ve got a lot of cool things that you can do with Facebook Messenger, which because I have not ever used facebook Messenger It’s a great way to connect with clients. Okay, you think about email email is a great way to send information to people Texting is a great way to get in touch with people directly on their mobile phone but nowadays a lot of people have facebook Messenger as well on their phone as well as on their computer and so it’s a very convenient way That’s not as invasive as maybe sending a text message to go through connect and follow up with your clients and you can even set appointment reminders via Messenger when people go through in book appointments with you now just a few other things I want to show you really quick if we come up here to the general tab now One thing I like to do is on this visitor post I like to click on this and it says review post by other people before they can be published to the page The reason why I like this is because sometimes people like you have like spammy PO for different things They’re like people are saying that like they might not even ever work with you But they’re just kind of scamming posts that people are trying to get people back to their business Their their company or whatever it is their website So I like to review the post before they actually go live on my Facebook page So then I’m just gonna hit Save Changes right there. And then another thing you can see this profanity filter usually if you have a business page and you’re trying to deal in a professional business environment There’s not really a good place for profanity so you can come over here turn it to medium strong I’m just going to turn that to strong and hit Save Changes right there Okay And there’s obviously you can go through and check out all these different things if you want to merge pages Like let’s say you’ve got multiple pages. You can merge those right there. You can remove the page Leave your page completely if you want to do that at a later date, that’s all in this general tab Then once you’re going through and getting your page set up You want to make sure? That you’re completing the description of your page basically giving a little bit more info about you A lot of that will probably be similar to that top Facebook posts I showed you how to pin that to the top of the page You want to add your phone number your website all this different information of how? People that want to do business with you can get into contact with you Okay So you want to go through happier your address your place of business right here All these different things you can see in your hours of operation the days of the week time of day and Everything else right here? Okay, and then one other thing actually two more things I want to quickly show you So this templates and tabs? This is the tabs. Let me just show you really quick what I’m talking about right here So over here on the left hand side, you’ll be able to see all these different tabs Now if you’re a real estate agent, you’re probably like shops and offers and some of these different things It’s probably not gonna really be beneficial for you to have those on there So it’s kind of weird to show up like tabs right there. Okay. So what you want to do is come over here it’s on settings and come down here to the templates and tabs and then you can rearrange which tabs are actually shown maybe move some of the ones that you want up higher and All you got to do right here. So you’ve got services reviews reviews probably would be nice to have up here at the top She just drag and drop it like that. Then this shop one. We probably don’t even need that So we’re just gonna turn that one off we’re gonna hit save and then you can go through and you can add tabs link out to other websites or anything and Turn all these on or off depending on your business You can rearrange them if you’re like, oh I want these photos up here at the top right by the review services I’d probably go review Services photos something like that But you’re able to go through and just customize the page that you how you want it So it’s not just gonna look like every other facebook business page that’s out there All right. Now a couple other things this page rolls right here this is if you’re gonna have some type of something like marking agency or someone else is gonna go and Help you run your Facebook page, maybe post different Like post related to your specific niche. This is where you’re gonna go and add them to your Facebook page so they can go through and post on your behalf go and you know create marketing content without having to actually login to your Facebook account Alright, and then one other thing I actually wanna just thought of I want to quickly show you What’s nice is you see up here? It says Facebook calm Jason Ward Realty and then this really long number right there. What you want to usually do is create a page username Okay, so that’s done right here, and we just create the page username And so you’re just gonna go go in here and type some type a username. Let’s see if jason Wardrop Realty is available. Okay, so see it’s green checkmark. It says it’s available So we just create the username and then instead of having like that super long ugly URL, it’s very clean 4 slash Jason Wardrop Realty and you’re like often to a much a better start when? You send like if somebody sees your URL, it just doesn’t look all messy. It’s really clean It’s very concise. And it’s almost kind of act like a second website where people can come in and find you on facebook now One other thing that I would do and a quick disclaimer here a lot of times people get their Facebook page set up Then they get stressed out because they’ve got zero likes over here so Steven You know They trying to help you get your first 10 likes so you can actually go through and like your page Which you get your first like, which is awesome right but then you have your friends and family right over here that you can just go through and click invite so you can click see all friends and You can go through and see which ones you can select all if you want to be kind of more spammy or you can go Through and select them individually and send invites to each one of these people to build up your likes Now though the key thing that was talking about a little bit earlier is so many people think that they don’t want to run ads until they get a lot of likes because They need likes in order to run ads or any likes actually get results with leads aren’t marketing or anything like that And that’s just not the case. Alright, like you don’t need any likes obviously It’s good to have maybe 40 to 50 likes just get started. So it doesn’t look like you’re a completely brand new business But at the same time I have created brand new Facebook pages completely from scratch I’ve started running as from those that day with zero likes and I’ve just gotten just as good results as my facebook business page that has 40,000 likes and followers on it So really guys at the end of day don’t stress out too much about how many likes and followers you have because that was more of a thing of the past because Back in the day if you made a post on your facebook business page right here You would get a high high percentage of your followers be able to see that post in their newsfeed Well now you got to go through and Facebook makes you go and pay for the visibility of your post And so typically it’s less than 5% of people that follow you that like your page That’s actually gonna see that post that you make. Okay. So let’s say you have 10,000 followers You’re gonna see less than 5 percent or less than 500 people actually seeing that post honestly at the end The day is probably gonna be closer to about 100 to 200 people Unless you boost that so really at the end the day it doesn’t really matter if you get 10,000 likes or followers because the whole idea behind that back in the day Was because then you go through make a Facebook post be able to get that visibility But now you don’t really have that visibility anyway, and so it like there’s not really any huge benefit to that So anyway guys, I hope this was helpful. You need a facebook business page in order to go through and run Facebook ads So this is kind of one of those first steps of going through setting this up making sure you look professional You look good. It links out to all the drives web sites You’ve got your appointment book II and all that stuff set up and then we can go through and start Running some Facebook ads to get your marketing your lead generation Scaled up now if you want my free Facebook Ads mini course I’ll have a link down below in the description as well as in the top comment section why break down all of The key features as of facebook advertising as well. So now that you’ve got your facebook business page all set up The next step would be to go through and start promoting your business at a higher level So anyway, I hope this video was helpful. If it was go ahead give it a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate that also drop a comment down below Let us know what business you’re in if you have any questions on the whole Facebook business page setup I’d love you to help answer any of those I respond to every single comment right here on this YouTube channel So with that said guys, thank you so much for watching If you’re brand new here Make sure you subscribe Hit that notification bell because I launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business. So with that said I will talk to you in the next video

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