How To Create A Facebook Business Page For Beginners And Get YOUR FIRST 100 LIKES

How To Create A Facebook Business Page For Beginners And Get YOUR FIRST 100 LIKES

What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video I want to show you how to set up your business Facebook page So you can go through and brand yourself generate leads run ads do all that cool stuff right so right here I’m just going to give you a quick run-through of what we’re going to do today And then also I’ve actually got a really cool bonus for you guys I’ve got a free tool for you of free software this can actually automatically post to Facebook for you So I’m gonna show you guys that here at the very end of the video And if you guys want that go ahead and comment down below say Facebook auto post or comment Facebook Auto poster And then I will shoot you over the link to be able to create your account So you can get this hundred percent free lifetime access guys. There’s never going to be a monthly fee or anything else It’s just kind of a special gift for you guys Being a viewer here on the channel right and you guys are brand new here My name is Jason Wardrop, and I launch new videos I try to watch people’s every single day on how to generate leads make more money and grow your business so if you guys are not yet subscribed make sure you guys go ahead and subscribe to the channel right so here is my Facebook page you can see I’ve got kind of this cover photo we’re gonna Show you how exactly how to create this today got a profile picture of me coming down here I’ve got you know a little over 28,000 followers right now and then if we come down I’ve got this post up here at the top because when somebody new comes to my Facebook page I want a little bit of an intro a little bit like telling them who I am and what I do And you can kind of see down here. Hey, here’s some essential tools and things to know there’s a software or some trainings Here’s some Facebook groups or some different things and so Basically, if someone’s brand new, but they see your Facebook page they can come here and get to learn a lot about you now They’ve got an About section all that stuff But also it’s sometimes nice to have this as your first post you guys can see here I’ve got about two hundred twenty-five likes. I’ve got tons of comments down here That you know people are just inter engaging with me alright, so let’s come over here to the main Facebook part I’m gonna show you guys exactly how to Create your Facebook page if you’re starting completely from scratch for like Jason have a personal profile But I don’t know how to create the business page Let’s walk you through how to do that alright, so we’re gonna Do is click up here on this down arrow in the top right and we are gonna go to a create page, okay? So now we can go through and this is really easy Facebook’s made it super easy for us They’re gonna say hey. Do you want to do a local business or place a public figure entertainment? What do you want? I would recommend a public figure because you want to go brand yourself Or if you have a local business or a place then you can go through and do that as well But I’m gonna stick with a public figure right now. We’re gonna. Do is choose a category So we just come down here we choose What best fits our so we can do you know public figure we can do entrepreneur which I believe that’s what I did Blog or chef coach whatever you guys want to do, so let’s just stay well. Just to keep it kind of generic or whatever We’ll just say public figure right here. Okay, and as far as the name. I like to you I like I just used my own name, so I just use Jason Wardrop But let’s say you’re like in real estate for example You might want to say Jason Wardrop? And then you know Dallas realtor or Park City realtor like wherever you are located and then Realtors So people know okay, like I know what Jason were drops page is all about okay? So we’ll say Jason, Wardrop, and then we’ll say We’ll go with Dallas Realtor right there okay, because then when they see like your posts on the news feed They know like what you’re all about all right so now We’re just gonna hit get started or you could just leave it your name guys what it’s honestly up to you your preference Okay, now. We’re going to go through says upload a profile picture. Okay. Now. I think I’ve got one I’ve got one right here, so just make this easy you can just go through Upload your picture now one tip right? Here is whatever picture you use on? Like Twitter or Instagram or any of those other ones make sure you guys use the same picture Because then it kind of like brand you and people kind of recognize that profile picture mutant if you use it a different picture on Every single social platform it really gets hard to keep it consistent and make sure it’s like a clear head shot alright. Nothing like with With you with like you know in the background or like that your dog And then they like people can’t really tell it is people want to see who you are especially on your business Facebook page Right you can keep that stuff for your personal profile help, maybe like weird pic of you know something else But with this you want to have a clear head shot, right Okay, upload a cover photo me to show you guys how to do this here in a second So we’re just gonna skip this for right now, and then this will take us to the next step So we’ve got initially it says now you can invite your friends guys And this is an awesome easy way to go through anything. Just kind of walk you through okay? Here’s how you make your first post which is fairly simple and you guys probably ought to know how to do that alright So what you can do now, and you don’t have to invite all of your friends But you can maybe invite some family members some people that you know would be interested in you and your business but you just coming over here and just hit invite on all these k now I’m not gonna invite these people because This is obviously a demo Facebook page to go through and help you learn some of these different aspects But this is an easy way to go get your first 100 likes on Facebook without having to spend any money on Facebook ads or anything else right now What I want to do is show you guys how to change this cover photo right here, and how to make one really easily? so what we’re gonna do is use a free tool it’s called canva Canv and then you can it’s really cool guys. Cuz you can go through. This is create a design We click on more right here, and they have all the dimensions already pre-built for you So if you want to do like a youtube thumbnail or a Facebook ad Facebook post Instagram post you got all these different options So if we want to come down here social media an email headers, okay? You got a Facebook event cover YouTube thumbnail you’ve got all these different one Facebook cover This is the one that we’re gonna want to use right here cuz the Facebook event Cover is a little bit different than the Facebook page cover right so we’re gonna want to use this one right here so we’ll do is click on this and They’ve got some pre-built designs right here for you guys that really make it pretty cool So you can kind of come in here you know choose these different ones they’ve got a ton of options They have a few options that I think costs a little bit money But a lot of these you can honestly go through and use without spending any money. Okay, so it’s really pretty cool You can just you guys could see this over here on the left There’s tons and tons of different options, and then let’s say we want Let’s say we want this one right here. Okay, so we can say We’ll say Jason Wardrop Realty we’ll stick with that theme right here, okay, and they’ll say like Dallas Realtor, okay, then what we could do is and if you guys look over here one thing I tend to do like I added my my picture right here It’s kind of goofy picture, but I just kind of leave. This is I don’t really need My picture there because I’ve got a picture of myself right over here on the side, okay? So what am I do since it’s real estate I think I’ve got some cool real estate images uploaded over here So I might come over here and throw that in there and now you got a nice-looking Cover phone right there, okay, so now if we hit download Go over here download This you guys like that took me literally what 20 seconds to go through and do that? Put my name on there put like hey I’m a dallas realtor, which guys I’m not by the way just this is demo right all right so that downloaded So let’s come back over here to our page all we got to do is click on add a cover as cool You can actually add a little video on here as well, okay, but for this one. Just keep it easy We’re just gonna add an image at first So we’re just gonna go hey upload a photo or a video, and then this is the one I believe yep That’s one. We just created so now you guys can see this is already starting to look a lot more professional And really nice, and we haven’t spent any money right like you’re getting your first hundred likes by inviting your friends here You’ve got a really nice background image back facebook cover photo using canva canv We’ve got our profile picture right here and guys if I I’m in real estate if I’m working with high-end real estate I
Probably shouldn’t use a picture of me in a hoodie right you probably want to have a shirt and a tie like looking nice you Want to fit the brand fit the you know whatever you’re going after okay? So now what we can do is come down here. It says create a username for your page. Okay now This is really cool because like see how says four slash Jason – wardrobe – realtor and then a huge long number we can actually make it so it’s a lot easier for people to search so we say create a Username for your page so we could say Jason Wardrop Dallas realtor something like that Cana says hey check and you know it’s good to go so we hit crate username and Now the cool thing is is look we could say hey These are some of the easy links that people could go to you could say hey at the username jason wardrobe Dallas realtor or we could even say for Jason Wardrop, Dallas Realtor, so we just use that URL right there now. It should go to the page. We just crazy right see this Oh, that’s that’s right here at this page Okay, so now what I want to do is go through and kind of maybe like make some a few other tweaks here So I’ve got this paid this post right here at the top like I showed you guys So you want to go through and he’d do a little bit of an about you Section you can see here what I did was like hey guys my name’s Jason port drop I’m your real estate mortgage broker business growth automation guy. I’m awesome an entrepreneur I kind of tell a little bit about me, and I say hey. Here’s your next step like my page You can jump on my free training comment and introduce yourself below and You can look forward to do some videos and different things so like go through and customize it to your your business You can say hey, there’s a link to my website Message me on Facebook of you. We’re looking to buy or sell a home and just have a few of those different intros there Right so what I’m gonna. Do is. I’m just going to make this quicker for this video. I’m gonna go through and upload the photo So my same profile picture photo here, okay, just so like it creates that consistent branding And I’m gonna throw in this all this copy and paste text you guys can go to my Facebook page check it out See I’ll throw a link down in the description so you guys can have that so Anyway, and then I’m just gonna hit publish now You don’t want to hit publish and just leave it at that because then what happens is anytime you make another post It’s just gonna go down below alright, so what I’m gonna do Is click on these three dots right here? And I’m gonna say hey pinned this to the top of the page, right So now if you come back over here to this one like I did this July 27th of 2016 right now It’s 2018 and so I like that normally would be like stacked way down in my feed But what I’ve done is I’ve post this at the very top so anyone new is gonna come in and see this right So anyway guys these are some of the basic main things to get your facebook cover photo looking nice your Facebook profile your top post Getting your custom username Inviting your friends and get your first 100 likes or so and now let me just show you guys really quick this 100% Free tool that you guys can have that it’s got you guys can set the schedule to pulse to your Facebook page your Facebook profile any groups You’re a member of or even Twitter and LinkedIn all at the same time And we have some pre-built content for you guys So I just want to show you guys that really quick like I said guys if you comment down below And say Facebook automation tool then I will shoot you the link to get this 100% for free and I mean you’ll never have to pay for it’s just a free resource For you being a viewer you here on my youtube channel right so what you can do is you go through you connect your Facebook Account you can connect LinkedIn you can connect Twitter, you can see all this so you got your personal profile And I’ve got you guys cuz here I’ve got a ton of business pages and then any groups that you create that you have to be the owner of the group You can also post in those as well, so you can either come in here and create a test post Throw in a link to your website or whatever. It is, and then let’s say hey, let’s post this test group You can see it like it’s gonna update in real time So you can see what its gonna look like on Facebook or even if you want to go to Twitter, okay? You can add an attachment you can add a URL down here. It shows a post days to say hey, let’s moat next January 31st at 10:30 p.m. I want to post this and then you just hit Schedule and it goes through and schedules it and you can go through and create another post right now One other cool thing that you guys can do is We’ve got this a library of content that you can go through and you know like let’s say We’re in real estate ok Because I work with a lot of real estate agents and help them generate leads and all that stuff So we’ve got all these pre-built posts for you guys, so like hey check this place out How cool this hey thoughts on this room and family room and kitchen is this your style okay? So these are just post like stay top of mind with all your followers and get in front of them And you know get some some likes and comments and get them gauging alright, so you can see these other ones They’re like quotes that means it’s like a link out to another profile, and it takes a second to load sometimes but we’ve got all these other ones that you can go through and and use so what we’ll do is just hit schedule and Then we’ll go we can add like we could say hey, let’s post it to our real-estate agent demo page And then we can say hey, we want to link back you can link back to your website Whatever it is, and then you can say hey. I want to choose to post this on Tuesday at let’s do this one in the afternoon so 1:30 p.m. And we just hit schedule, and then you got the schedule right here You can come back and see okay like you know you’ve got one post going out to Facebook Twitter Linkedin And it just makes it super super easy alright, so anyway guys I’m not gonna spend any more time on this not trying to like sell you guys hardcore This is just a free little bonus so comment down below Facebook automation tool And I will send you the link to create your free account and get started with this alright, so anyway guys hopefully that was helpful as far as giddy your facebook business page created and Going through and getting that jump start making it look professional Even if you’re not designed like guys I’m not a designer, but I’d use canva canv a com you guys can see up here and it makes it really easy to go through and make you have a professional nice looking design Facebook page right so anyway guys I hope you enjoyed the video today if you did make sure you guys like this video also Share with any friends that you feel like might find this a value of magnifying it helpful Then also comment below facebook automation tools And I’ll send you guys the link to be able to get free access Lifetime access to that social automation tool as well and also guys if you guys want new videos like this every single day make sure you guys subscribe the channel and Hit that little notification bell, and you guys will be notified every single time We launch a new video right so thanks so much for watching today guys and with that said we’ll see you all tomorrow

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