How to Compare Business Schools

How to Compare Business Schools

Hi, I’m Soojin Kwon, director of
admissions at the Ross School of Business we hear from prospective students all
across the world who tell us how they use spreadsheets and meticulous note taking to compare
business schools. Well that’s really nerdy… and I love it! Taking a critical approach
to such a big decision is important to making sure you’re finding the right
school for you. So, in that spirit, I’d like to take
you through how I would build a business school
comparison spreadsheet, to give you an idea of what to look for as you’re evaluating schools. There are a bunch of ways to go about this. There are rankings, of course, and while they do have a place in
helping us understand schools, they miss a lot of the qualitative data that’s
really important for making a decision. Those prospective students who’ve built their own spreadsheets to evaluate schools on a more personal level are really onto something. So here we go. I’d start by making the top row a list of the schools I’m interested in. I’ll put Ross first. I might have a bit of a bias already. But I’ll follow it up with some other schools I’m considering Down the first column here
I’m gonna put the qualities I think are important in selecting a Business School
and evaluating fit. You may already have your own
personal criteria but I encourage you to consider these as
well, if they’re not already on your list. The first thing I’m gonna
list here is one that all MBA’s will agree is important, and that is access to the careers and companies that interest me. Do the companies I want to work for
recruit at this business school? If your goal is less traditional does
the school have alums working in that field you could talk to?
Each school will fair differently depending on your individual career
goals, so make sure you check out employment
reports, and talk to students and alums in your desired industry. I’ll link to
ways to help you do both those for Ross in the video description. Next I want to
look at the experiences the school will give me. Will I primarily sit in class and listen to professors talk and discuss cases, or will I get to do things, get my hands dirty so to speak. I don’t
know about you, but I learn more, and pay more attention, when I get to do
things. At Ross, we do this through action-based learning. From the moment
you arrive on campus until you walk across stage at graduation, you’re doing things. Whether it’s
helping 400 of your classmates launch a startup to encourage youth entrepreneurship in Detroit, or running
a venture fund, or working on a map project in Brazil, there are so many
opportunities it is impossible for me to point to just one. So check out some of the links in the video description for more. Next, I’ll look at the school’s culture. I know I’m going to achieve more if I’m surrounded by people who inspire and motivate me. So I should be looking to see if those kinds of people will be at the
schools I’m interested in attending. You can do this by evaluating a few factors. First, the Alumni Network. Where are they,
geographically and industry-wise. Next, chat with
current students. Are the passionate about their program, because
if they are, the school must be doing something right. Finally, meet with and network with other
applicants to these schools. Could I see myself working with them during business school and potentially beyond? There are more
qualities to consider of course, but this will help you get started on the deep
dive we hope you’re doing as you consider your business school options.
We’d love for you to visit us here at Ross to meet our students and help you gain
the insight needed to fill out your own evaluations spreadsheet. Links to register for one of our visit days can be found in the video description along with the link to my complete
spreadsheet. Thanks so much for watching. If you liked this video, be sure to click
the thumbs up button, and subscribe to the Michigan Ross YouTube
channel. That way, you’ll know when more videos from me are
available. See you next time!

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