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  1. hi there i tried to change the name of mine but it doesnt seem to work! is there a huge delay or something? i only have 13 likes 🙂 please reply

  2. Hi meercatdavo1. There shouldn't be a delay, but I've had occasions where the name change hasn't worked first time. Try giving another browser a go, or just wait a while and try again. Good luck! Andrew.

  3. Hi Veronica, you can only change the name of a Page with fewer than 200 likes. Looks like it went up from 100, but no luck for someone in your position, sorry 🙁

  4. I find it hilarious how the "boston bombing truthers" lack the understanding that you can in-fact change the name of your Facebook page and that the names of Facebook pages are changed in hopes that they can become popular.

  5. I was able to change my business name coz I had 188 like, but now fb is not letting me upload a cover picture. It looks like its loading but then take a long time and nothing hapens. I am stil able to upload a cover onto my personal page. CAn you please help?

  6. Hi Shamie,

    I've experienced the same thing from time to time, and it's always been a temporary glitch. Have you tried uploading the image in a different browser? Otherwise, just give it a little while and try again.

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