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  1. Guys are you not aware that such foods are class 1 carcinogens – so apart from the cruelty to factory-farmed animals (the vast majority), it's killing you.

  2. Lo peor de tener un jamón en la cocina es que cada vez que entras y lo ves ahí tienes que cortar un poco y probarlo, por no hablar de los asaltos nocturnos al jamón…

  3. Thank you for your recommendation! I went to this shop two weeks ago, we had a little tasting and brought over €200 products..the staffs were super nice! I wish could bring one home..hahah

  4. Si frota el corte del jamón con un par de gotas de aceite de oliva y lo cubre con la grasa del jamón y una toalla cuando termine, se puede guardar mucho más de un mes antes de que se endurezca. If you rub the cut of the ham with a couple of drops of olive oil and cover it with the fat of the ham and a towel when finished, you can save it much more than a month before it hardens.

  5. That's a very good video but I would look around on the price front. You are paying top dollar in that joint and it can be considerably cheaper. I've been buying Jamones for years and there here are a few pointers for buying. Serrano jamon varies in quality. From mediocre to excellent. My favourite Serrano comes from Trevelez in Andalucia and it has Denominacion status. A 7kg leg from there will cost about 100 euros. They use the French Duroc pig like all Serrano and it's hard to find outside the region. The length of curation often relates to the size of the jamon. It needs more curation the larger it is.

    Iberico jamon is a whole different ball game. The very best is Iberico Bellota where the Spanish black pigs, which are far smaller, are left to roam in the wooded fields (dehesa) during the final fattening stages and eat naturally including nuts and acorns which gives the jamon its very particular flavour. The top producers come from Andalucia and Extramadura but there are some superb producers around Salamanca like Joselito. This sort of jamon has a lot of fat running through it. This fat is delicious and meant to be consumed. It melts in the mouth. If you want to make it affordable buy a paletilla (shoulder) because it tastes the same as the larger leg. The shape of the bone is different and cutting at the later stages is more difficult. A paletilla from a top producer, like Cinco Jotas, can cost $150 euros. The leg (jamon) from the same producer will cost over $400 euros. Different producers have different prices. The consistently good ones are more expensive. It is possible to have a bad one where the curing has gone wrong. Do not be afraid to return it. I've had a couple of bad ones and retailers are usually very sympathetic.

    If you are going to do it properly you need a very sharp knife and ham stand (jamonero). You need to be very careful taking of the outer skin which is hard as plastic. You need a big sharp knife for that and no distractions. I almost took my thumb off so be very careful. I started with a stand like yours but it's well worth buying a better one. They look much better and they are far more secure. That's important because you are far less likely to have an accident. Typical Jamon knives are long and thin for thin slices but you can use other knives but keep them sharpened regularly. Hand cut jamon looks very different to boned jamon cut on slicing machines. With bellota you should try to get a mixture of fat and meat. The fat is integral to quality jamon so don't shy away from it. As for the cutting, the more you do the better you get. Lesson over. Buy and enjoy.

  6. I really like ur videos! I've just found you but I am really happy! I am studying spanihs for a half a year now, and I love it!

  7. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Madre mia! os dire que esto me os trae unos recuerdos inolvidables cuando mi ta-ta-ra-abuela compraba el jamón y comiamos por un buen tiempo, con una copa de vino, pan con aceite de oliva y aceitunas….. Abrazos

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️OMG! I'll tell you this brings back unforgettable memories when my great-grand-mother would purchase the jamón, & we would eat for a while, with a glass of vine, bread with olive oil, and olives…. Abrazos

  8. La mano que no sostiene el cuchillo, al cortar se suele poner por encima de él. Es decir, con una mano agarrar la pata con fuerza para que no se mueva y con la otra vas cortando hacia abajo. Al menos en mi casa siempre lo hemos hecho así to keep our fingers safe. Subscribed 😉.

  9. Guys I am not living in Spain but having bought tens of paletas and Jamons in Barcelona to bring to Switzerland, I have to say you are paying too much for these…. even for the first paleta, 180 eur, uau…

  10. James, un consejo. Nosotros solemos guardar el primer corte grande cuando empiezas el jamón. El de la piel y la grasa (ver minuto 6.17 a 6.21) Así no tienes que ir guardando trocitos de grasa y colocarlos como si fuera un Tetris. Maravilloso video.

  11. Cool!! Thanks for sharing your experience. I you educated me on something. I started thinking about El Cid and maybe ham became the symbol within time. As a Puerto Rican I love ham. Que Viva España ❤️💛💜

  12. Here's some advice for newbies: Roll the kitchen towel into the free hand. No more accidents with that perfidious knife! 😛

  13. Great video. I studied abroad in Granada during college and since being back here in the U.S I have learned, through books and videos, how to make jamon at home from local pork. It takes about a year minimum for it to be ready to eat but it is delicious.

  14. Never quite thought I'd be so interested in someone buying ham but you deliver it so well guys . Well frickin done!!! Xx

  15. Buying ham is like having a baby? OMG..that was too funny…your wife was looking at you whilst you were saying that and laughing so hard😆😆😆😆😆

  16. Seeing you so happy with your ham brought a huge smile to my face haha! I hope you guys enjoyed it 😀

  17. Best acorn iberic ham is from the Appellation dOrigine (Denominación de Origen) D.O.P. "Dehesa de Extremadura", certified from the most beginig till the end of process. A good acorn iberic ham need al least three year to be proper cured, and many times four and sometimes, specially the big ones, more. Like the good wines, quality provide time, and time intensify taste, flavor and palatability.

  18. Un saludo,me gustan vuestros videos.Pero de cortar jamón,FATAL.Lo aprenderás en URGENCIAS, después de cortarte un dedo.La mano Izquierda NUNCA por debajo del cuchillo¡¡,siempre por encima del cuchillo.Ahy agarras el jamón con la mano izd por encima del cuchillo,así cuando este resvale,pq resvala,no te cortarás.Saludos.Es normal todos los españoles nos hemos cortao alguna vez,cortando jamón pero tu postura es de acabar con algún deo de menos

  19. "He's gonna open it for us because we're absolutely hopeless on this thing".

    Ja, ja. Qué bueno. Creo que eso nos ha pasado a muchos…

  20. Shouldnt you be cutting in the other direction, slicing with the knife towards the huff?? That way the knife would bump against the dent that the guy at the shop left prepared. That would be safer.

  21. Looks like you need a longer and sharper knife. The knife needs to be sharper to a point that you can cut the slices almost effortlessly.

  22. You realize that you didn't really get a whole ham in the sense that the puerco is more than one leg? 🐖 At least the farmer/rancher knows that, and it all starts there, not at the mercado. You left out the slaughtering, curing processes, etc. Maybe your viewers would like to see that. Tengas un buen dia!

  23. Muy bien, nicely done. But it has to be said, that "Pata Negra" ist not longer a Quality Trademark due to the fact that it has to be a 100% Iberico Pig but they unfortunatly not all have black Feet (most have). So officialy in Spain "Pata Negra" ist not longer allowed as a Quality Stamp but has to be called "Jamon Iberico" instead. Lo que no verdaramente importa, porque esto jamón es casi adictivo de una manera u otra. Keep on and maybee we see each other one day or the other in Valencia. Hasta Luego, Queridos.

  24. I was just wondering…..did I hear you say….”just like the way Luis me said ?”… I thinking in Spanish?…..ese fue un buen vídeo,disfruté mucho

  25. I love your videos SO much, you guys make my day every time. Best entertainment on YouTube!! I am saving up for a Devour tour in the future

  26. You do realize that it's a piece of a corpse? Now imagine if it was the leg of dog, would you eat it?

  27. When you smell the ham and thrill with that face you passed the exam to be an authentic SPANISH (caps enabled). Cuando hueles el jamón y te conmueves con esa cara has pasado el examen para ser un auténtico ESPAÑOL. Felicidades James. Eres el fucking amo. Tu canal is raw cinnamon (canela en rama) !!

  28. Truth is if I was to buy a $700 ham, I would have to DNA it to authenticate its breed and feed. Said ham will end up costing me ~ $1500!! Can’t do it 😆

  29. The year I lived in Oviedo I found the tradition of having a pig's leg in the kitchen to be very off-putting. I don't understand the veneration of pork in Spain. I've heard it might have something to do historically with eating pork as a way to prove to your neighbors you were not Jewish or Muslim during the age of la reconquista and la inquisacion. In the context of climate change and what we know about the negative health effects of eating cured, processed meats like jamon (similar to smoking cigarettes according to the WHO), Spain should change its tastes away from consuming so much jamon. Not to mention the cruelty of inflicting suffering and death on an innocent, sentient, intelligent animal such as a pig.

  30. that ham is more expensive than the laptop that i'm using right now, back when it's brand new, HOLY,
    that's so stressful to buy one, it's so expensive it came with a gun case lol

  31. you got 30k viewers in your channel. I will tell you how you can get 3 million: Let Yolanda talk more in the video. Instead you hogging the whole segment.

  32. Hay dos tipos de personas cortando jamón. Los que se han cortado y los que se cortarán…Cuidado…no es cuestión de fuerza. Hay que usar más la habilidad y es muy importante usar un buen cuchillo que esté muy bien afilado. La mayoría de los accidentes es con cuchillos mal afilados

  33. can you guys do a video about some words or expressions i can translate to english? like, simpatico, or machista…i can't explain the meaning in english

  34. Hey Jack! Great video, first of all.

    One curious thing about Spain that you didn't mention is that here it is very common the companies to "gift" their employees a Christmas Basket (actually not a real gift as it is part of your annual wage) which usually contains povorones, 1 or 2 bottles of wine, cava (similar to champagne but made in Spain), several ibéricos like chorizo or salchichón and eventually, it also contains a whole front leg!!

  35. thank you james & yoli; you guys are so helpful & informative. Spain should pay you for promoting Spanish beauty…

  36. You inspired me to purchase my first "Jamōn Serrano Español." $99 Noel® 14.3 lbs. with wooden stand and carving knife from Costco Wholesale Warehouse in the USA.

    Iberico Jamōn is not available in my area. ☹️

  37. I bought a whole Jamon for my dad a few Christmases ago as he loves it. He put it in his garage and did nothing with it until rats started eating it and he told me to throw it away. I won't bother buying him another one. 🙁

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