How to Build Your Own Business: An Introduction to ZGN

How to Build Your Own Business: An Introduction to ZGN

So we’re officially live dude, we literally built this entire studio First video has been long awaited. It took four months, should have been faster, but it is what it is So yeah guys, pretty much, this is our first episode of zgn talks and We kind of wanted to give a brief Introduction of who we are, what we do, but before getting into that if you want to just give a brief explanation Of what the two channels will be about Yeah, so currently we’re about to have two channels. The first one being this channel you guys are watching right now Which is gonna be called ZGN talks. We’re kinda, you know gonna talk about, like Mitch said, like, who we are where we come from Businesses we’ve run, et cetera, you know just giving us a free value About business, entrepreneurship, stuff like that. Hopefully you guys can voice on the same mistakes We made, you know stuff related to that. Our other channel, we’re gonna be interviewing people like founders and other business owners, you know It’s kind of bringing them on and getting their perspective on different topics as well So yeah That channel is gonna be on the same exact set, same everything The difference is we’re not going to talk about ourselves Just gonna be us talking to a guest, you know, really bringing out the knowledge that they have. exactly So yeah Pretty much just to give a quick Introduction of who we are and that’s kind of what this main video will be about before We actually start putting out videos of our experiences in business, life in general stories, and just having you guys Getting to know us on a more personal level along with us being able to give back as much value as possible So yeah as many of you know, my name is Mitchell. Um, I was born in 2000. I’m 19 years old I’m currently still a sophomore in college II and that’s something that we’ll be discussing in later videos But balancing building a business along with school, which is super tough My family emigrated here in 1994 from Belarus, escaped communism. They love it here That’s aside from the point, fluent in Russian, by the way Um, so I’d say elementary school through high school life was pretty typical. It wasn’t until I started really getting into business Where I started really understanding what I want to do with my life And it was actually Emiliano, if many if any of you guys watching know what Shopify is He got the early wave of that nearly four years ago That and as many of you guys know Shopify consists of running Facebook Ads that’s back when Facebook ads were super super cheap, dirt cheap compared to today He was able to catch the main wave of that and this was around Sophomore or junior year in high school where he actually introduced it to me now Emiliano And I actually met in middle school and we already had a super tight bond since sixth grade. And that’s another important topic that we will be making a video on later which is choosing your business partner Super important topic lots go into it and we were lucky enough to have known each other way before him before actually choosing to pursue business so pretty much We got into Shopify lost money at one point made some money learned a lot through that And we were able to kind of take our cash flow from those businesses and dump them into Instagram pages so what we will do we would build Instagram pages using a certain algorithm to make posts go viral on the explore page and Through growing these channels we were able to then sell them to other companies So say for example There was a clothing brand there was one clothing brand that got in touch with us the founder of that was too lazy to start a brand from scratch or start an Instagram page from scratch and pretty much the Account was already grown and were able to flip that over to him and have him pretty much take that audience We do like theme pages and then sell them to brands that are in the same niche stuff like that So it was pretty it was a pretty good business. We were I think 17 at the time , 16, 17 We actually had a summer job during that time it was super tedious, we had to go to the post office every single day and from there We actually got to Amazon because Amazon allowed us to kind of be able to sell products online without actually having to hold any Inventory, and we’ve been working a lot on Amazon recently We’ve been able to travel more, invest more into experiences at nineteen-years-old which were we are super fortunate to be able to do And that’s kind of how our lives well my life in general has been and want to get into too much detail because it’ll be videos that get into other details of my Life along with businesses. So that’s pretty much a little bit about me and keep it short and sweet I mean, yeah, I mean hit it off to me the baton But yes, I mean kind touching on what mitch is talking about from my perspective, you know Got in a shop file at stop four was bigger on 1617. So about three four years ago From there. I went in flippin Instagram pages went to eBay and then You know went to Amazon the next step up from eBay and you know in my opinion and I think both of our opinions But before that actually was never into business As Mitch and a lot of people may know I was actually big into investing in the stock market bonds stuff like that So I actually used to trade simulators for stocks and stuff like that retract the indexes and stock and stock just like that I probably did that around 14 years old and I started trading freely around 15 to 16 From there. I you know, I was just investing the stock market I would I think my first year I got a 37 percent return second year. I got around 40 to 45 percent return You know from there I really started thinking if I’m getting just a piece of what these companies Profits actually are like, what would it be like to you know be the company and in turn You know potentially be able to get a higher ROI That’s kind of what let me in the business and then you know slowly I start things started to kind of work and got some Traction, you know, I kind of like dragged Mitch in with me and yeah from there It’s just been doing business ever since pretty much no hiccups on the road overall So I’m you know Pretty good and then also the fact so it’s actually different have a Perspective because I’m still managing all this as a college student while you on the other hand Yes about that. I Recently dropped out a couple months ago and you Know decided to pursue business full time Mitch, on the other hand, hasn’t yet. You know, I’m slowly wearing him down I’m sure he will one day. Yes as I mentioned earlier I have Russian parents Russian immigrant parents and for all you guys watching. You know how those parents are about school um, yeah grades are super volatile plan is hopefully not to finish school, but yeah, you guys know how Russia parents are But yeah, that’s kind of a quick overview on who we are Next video we’ll actually be getting into more details about business or buying stuff Exactly what we do the actual interesting stuff the value stuff. And yeah, there’s pretty much our first channel We’ve been long looking forward to actually build build this whole studio with our own hands I mean, yeah any ideas you guys have feel free to share it with us Please share the word as we’re trying to grow this channel spread reach in and yet Thank you for watching and hope you guys have a good day Signing off

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  1. Congratulation for the new channel on YouTube.
    I think your story will be very interesting to a lots of people due to your business idea at younger age!.
    Wish you the best of luck and congratulations again.

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