How To Build a Successful Coaching Business On Your Own Terms – The Art of High Ticket Sales Ep. 4

How To Build a Successful Coaching Business On Your Own Terms – The Art of High Ticket Sales Ep. 4

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  1. So refreshing to hear your words Dan. I have to admit I put your content to the side for a bit and now I unsubbed from almost all of my fucking subscribtions so that I focus on the few, not the many.
    What I gathered is the importance of roleplay and I will train different scenarios in front of a mirror. Like the straight punch, Bam!

  2. "Deal with people who want to deal with you." Life is so much better when you don't have to waste precious time with people who are not committed, energy drainers, or not a good fit.

  3. "Your clients should be like family – they're easy to work with and get incredible results." I think this is one of the most fundamental teachings. Personally, I find it hard to find clients that are worth treating like family.

  4. Hi your videos are so inspiring. Could you talk about how growing a small businesses need to adopt professional styles of management and how to meet the challenges in the business environment. Thank you

  5. you never cease to amaze me Dan and I'm so much inspired to always watch you vedios and learn different things and I have seen by what you do that the sky is not the limit to those who pursue success diligently.

  6. A breath of fresh air, amazing and inspirational. I have only recently learned about Dan Lok and already I have been inspired to take the clutter of the noise of the so-called spiritual and self-improvement guru's and business evangelists. . At last, someone I feel I can really relate to and learn from., someone who has been there, done it and, tells it like it is. So refreshing and inspiring.

  7. Great video. My takeaway is having the confidence in myself and my value to not settle for things that hinder progress.

  8. Those "Motivational and Prosperity" gurus I see on Instagram love to just recycle and preach motivational quotes, yet they are all miserable and broke. I have seen their engagement groups and all they do is like and comment useless shit to boost engagement. I even saw some of their actual Instagram profiles, and they are the saddest people I have ever seen. Keep exposing them Sifu

  9. Find your tribe. Mesh them with your business. Connect with what you do and who you do it with. Work with less to make more and be thanked for it. Nothing is unplanned.

  10. I had a part time job in a restaurant back in high school.  We had a bad customer and I was surprised that the manager asked her to leave. But it felt really good seeing her leaving the place.

  11. Sifu, I have been experiencing a deep sense of fulfilment and gratitude in my life all thanks to HTC. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to be a part of that group!

  12. I love the freedom that this style of business gives, only deal with the people that want to work with you, you do not have to serve those that do not (HTC group 3)

  13. It's not how much money you make, it's how you make the money!

    Setup your life on your own terms. Don't tolerate anything or anyone you don't want to. You got a client from hell? FIRE thier ass, it will be the happiest thing you've done. There is always another client that will appreciate you!

    None of of this happens by accident!

  14. Dan is the only person I know that lives on his terms in all aspects in in life. Thanks SIFU for showing me that it's possible.

  15. Thank you, this has taught me to not be desperate with clients. I will work with who I want to work with!

  16. Dan is the real deal here. Excellent words and real life strategies. Superb. Describes real life and how to be successful in the real world. Made me laugh as well which is brilliant.

  17. This advise sounds nice and all but what if you don’t have a business? What if you don’t have clients? How do you even get there?

  18. That would be awesome to build your own business on your own terms. I've learned to deal only with clients who like working with me. There's more that I need to learn to do – that's giving other people's business card to those unwanted clients.

  19. I have so much respect for you! I used to listen to Garyvee to feel good about my misery but YOU are actually what I needed! Thank God for that. What Bruce Lee is to you, you are to me!

  20. Wow I think I found my twin brother, love you when you . The spiritual people, most of them are hypocrites

  21. Спасибо за видео! Некоторые вещи я не понял, в силу знания языка, но шутка про вашу жену зашла) спасибо!)

  22. Hola ,eh visto algunos vídeos y me encantaron , me an ayudado bastante, sería genial ver tus vídeos de tu página traducidos en español , sería de gran ayuda para mi y para muchas personas 🙏🙏😍😍

  23. Hope you can read this😅 You inspire me much not just by watching your videos but the way you talk in every people's sides. By the way, I'm just started my channel and I just wanted you to be part of my success. And just one favor for you having your Autograph with my name my gratitude to have it 😍 I hope my life or journey with a business minded like you grow and develop as aspirant of success not just rich by wealth but also rich with a heart. Thank you very much 😊

  24. Great advice, don't tolerate things and people I don't want in my life, I will live longer without the stress for sure! Thank you Sifu

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