How to Build a $10 Million Business You Can Sell (The 8-Figure Pyramid)

How to Build a $10 Million Business You Can Sell (The 8-Figure Pyramid)

– All right, three stages
to getting to eight figures, that’s $10 million, that’s what we’re going to be covering today. So we’re going to go
over what it looks like to build an eight-figure company,
an eight-figure business, and the exact steps to get there. So what we’re going to cover is kind of the typical model that I’ve seen work for the businesses that
I’ve been a part of, and the businesses that I have coached. So this is based on kind
of the step by step process for how I got my business
from zero to $10 million in about three years, and then
sold that for eight figures. And also I’ve helped a handful of students get to that eight-figure,
that $10 million mark, and then either sell
or build on from there. I would love to be showing
you the $100 million model; unfortunately I have not yet
built a $100 million business. Working on it; I’ll keep you posted. But I have built an eight-figure business, a couple eight-figure businesses, and I’ve helped a handful of
students get to that level. So what I’m going to do is, we’re going to start at the beginning, for those of you who need
the seven-figure model, we’re going to talk about how to scale into the multi-millions, and
then we’re going to talk about getting to eight figures. Because ultimately you want to
have a big, impactful company that you can sell so that you can have whatever type of life that you want once you exit that business
and invest for passive income. So that’s what we’re going to go into. Also, you should note, these
aren’t necessarily in order, you can do these out of order, but the businesses that I’ve seen that do go to eight figures have followed step one, then
step two, then step three, or stage one, stage two, stage three. They’ve all kind of
followed that same model. So you can get these out of
order and we’ll talk about that, but most of the ones that
I’ve seen have followed this. So I’m just going to make a pyramid here, because I’m in the
Illuminati. (ominous music) And this foundational,
the base of any business, this is where you’re going
to hit seven figures, and I have a video that’s on YouTube that has been seen my a
couple million people, and this video lays
out the stages of going from zero to seven figures, and it usually takes about 12 months if you follow the strategy that
I’ve laid out in that video. I also have some cheat
sheets and some playbooks that we give away for free that
walk you through these steps but they tend to be the same steps to getting to seven figures. And it looks like this; it
is three to five products, three to five products selling
about 20 to 30 sales per day. I’m going to put, times
20 to 30, sales per day. And if you run that math,
three to five products doing 20 to 30 sales a day,
that’s about 100 sales a day, which, at a price point of $25 to $30, you’ve got about a
million-dollar per year business. Now, how do we get there? The way that we achieve
this seven-figure point of having three to five products, is by launching three to five products to one specific type of person. And so for example, this is
kind of a really simple brand; actually this is not the
brand that I thought it was. This is from a store called, is it “The Trash-Free Store” or something? So basically the market for this business, this is a recyclable,
compostable coffee cup. That is a very specific market, that is for a waste-free, no trash, they call it “zero waste living” person. So the person who is buying this is probably also going to buy a lot of other products
that are waste-free. Or, if you are just a coffee company, you’re going to have coffee mugs, you’re going to have ground coffee. You’re going to have coffee creams, you’re going to have
three to five products to a very specific target market. So if your market is teachers, one of your products might be markers. Another might be sticky notes. Another might be other
things that teachers buy, whatever that is. So an easy kind of hack for this is if you are the target
market, it’s pretty easy to walk around your house, and be like, “Ah, what did I buy on Amazon
this week, let’s see … “I go to the gym a lot and
I bought a weight belt, “and I bought protein powder,
and I bought some bands, “and I bought some creatine, and I bought, “I bought a Total Gym,” right? So these are all things
that are going to end up being to a very specific target market. Too many people would just be like, “Ah, I need a good product to sell!” Who’s the person that you’re marketing to? Because if we know that, it’s really easy for us to identify those
three to five products that we can sell to. And the important thing here is, so this piece, this is the mystery, how do we get to 20 to 30 sales per day? And the answer is, that we
need a predictable sales model to get our three to five
products out to them. Now my experience, like
today, the best opportunity is to take those products and list them on to get your reviews up and to get in front of the ideal customer on something like Facebook or Instagram, or influencers or email lists or blogs, or giving away product, until this hits. And then you release product two, and product three and product four. So right now, the best
opportunity is Do you have to use No; people like my buddy Russell Brunsen does the exact same
process all with funnels, meaning simple pages
where you hit the page, then there’s an order; you’re
driving traffic to the page, collecting the order, sending
them to your other products. That’s fine too; the question is, what is your predictable sales model for being able to release
three to five products and to be able to work that until you have 20 to 30 sales
per day, per product. If you don’t know what that is, I suggest starting with, because that’s what the vast majority of our successful students have used. That is step one. This process takes about
12 months for most people. Most people it takes about 12 months. Now I’ve seen it done faster;
for example we have students who have hit the million-dollar mark or have been pacing $1 million in as little as 90 days. I’ve seen a couple of people
do it even faster than that. But that is not your typical person; your typical person is
going to take three months to release their product, get
those first 50 to 100 reviews, then release product number two; by six months you’ve got three products, you take the next six
months to grind your way to 20 to 30 sales a day. And by month six you’re like,
“Is this ever going to work?” And then month eight,
you hit $50k a month, and these are just fantasy
numbers I’m making up, but I’ve seen kind of the typical person follow this process, putting in the work, getting to that million-dollar run rate, which is about $80,000 a
month, in about 12 months. So that’s the first stage
to getting to $10 million, assuming that is your goal. The second stage is your audience. Now, I told you before that we
could do these out of order. For example, I love, I love! Working with bloggers,
Instagrammers, YouTubers, who have 100,000 followers,
who already have an audience, because I can plug in these
three to five products, and blam! (snaps fingers) Have a million-dollar
business very, very quickly. So by the way, if you’ve got
an audience of 100,000 people, call Uncle Ryan because you are sitting on a million-dollar business
and we can milk that sucker for a million-dollar business. So, I love working with people who already have the audience,
because we’re at step two, and we can plug in step
one (snaps) like that. But for most people, they
just want to have a business, they’re starting off with the person, they’re starting off with the
person that they’re targeting, releasing those three to
five products to that person, and then they’re going out and
they’re building the audience around that person. So now they’re going out and they’re driving Facebook
ads to a page and it’s all, for example, I had a business
called “Zen Active Sports”; it was a yoga products business. And we sold yoga blocks,
yoga towels, yoga mats, so what we did is we drove Facebook ads to a page called “I Love
Yoga,” pretty darn simple. And when we had 3,000 to 5,000 people, that’s when we started
releasing products to them. And we kept doing that, you know we had the three to five products:
blocks, towels, mats. We kept selling those products, and we brought more of that profit into advertising for our audience. So we started building an email list; we started building a YouTube following; I think we even had a
podcast at one point. So we started building the audience so that we could continue
to launch more products in the first stage of the process. So, if you get out of order, and you have the audience first, your job is to release products as quickly as possible to this audience. If you don’t have an audience, and you are releasing
products and they’re selling, what you do next is it’s your job to turn these buyers
into audience followers. You know who does this really
well, is Quest Nutrition. Quest Nutrition was founded
by a guy named Tom Bilyeu. Tom Bilyeu has spoken on our stage at the Capitalism
Conference, which is an event that we do every year. And what they did is
they had a Facebook group that they use as their testing grounds. So they took the Quest Bar, which is, I think the best-selling protein bar ever, they’ve done like $1 billion
in sales in five years, which is nuts. It might be the number-one
product on; like they sell a ridiculous amount. But anyway, so Tom
Bilyeu had a small group, like a test group, that he
releases some products to, starts releasing three to five products to a very small audience, and
what they do at that point is they start taking
taking their profit margins and advertising to new people with their mission and their
message and what they’re about, and they keep releasing new products. So what you’ll see now is they have chips, and they have protein powder,
and they have desserts, and they have all kinds of things now, that are made to continue
building up that product line. Which they can do now, because they’ve got tons and tons of buyers. When you’re starting out,
you usually don’t have a ton of buyers. If you do, it makes it
(snaps fingers) really fast. So if you have a blog, or a
podcast, or any following, releasing million-dollar brands, releasing three to five
products to that following, really fast and easy. So call me (laughs) if that is you! But, for most people, we’re releasing three to five products
to a very target market, and then we’re using the profit from that to start advertising to the audience, and then we release additional products. And this is when the snowball
really starts to pick up. This is when we can go from $1 million, to $3 million, to $5
million to $7 million, and this is where you can really, really scale your business quickly. So a lot of businesses, I
work with a lot of students who hit the million-dollar mark, and they’re like, “It
worked, I can’t believe it! “Like, I have a million-dollar business; “this is amazing; what do I do now?” And I spend the next
year, the next 12 months, telling them “You need
to build an audience.” “What do I do now?” “You need to build an audience.” “What do I do now?” “You need to build an audience.” Then the question is, “How
do I build an audience?” You build an audience by
following up with your customers; you build an audience by putting content on Facebook and social media; you build an audience by advertising and building your email list; you build your audience by giving away free samples of your product and getting them into your email funnel; that’s how you build an audience. You go after (snapping fingers)
a bunch of different ways and see what hits. You release videos;
you start an Instagram; you do all of these things
and then you scale what hits. Because, not all of the same types of audience-building
tactics are going to work for every business. For some people, they’re
very content-heavy. Like, you need to train your customer in order to get them to rally behind your business and your brand. So you’re going to want to be on YouTube and be doing blogging and
podcasts or long-form content. For other people, it is all
about before and after photos, like weight loss pills; there
is a company called “SHREDZ” that did tens of millions
of dollars just on Instagram because they were showing
before and after photos, and people in very little
clothing that were very, very fit. So they built up this
big Instagram following and then they were launching
products (snapping fingers) to the Instagram following. Same exact model, the exact same model, but for them the audience
lived on Instagram and that’s where they doubled down. For me, I do my best
work with email lists. So I am usually putting in
the profit and the energy into building up email
lists, and then I’m launching more and more products (snapping fingers). So, this is usually your
second year in business, which is going to take you to that multi-million-dollar level. And when you’ve got 10,000 email lists, when you’ve got 10,000 email subscribers, or you’ve got 50,000 podcast downloads, or you’ve got a raving fan base, all of a sudden you’ve got
security; you’ve got stability. So a lot of my students
who are on, they sit there and they’re
like, “I’m selling a lot “but if Amazon makes a change I’m screwed. “Like, if Amazon changes their algorithm “or they get rid of my reviews
or a new competitor comes in, “what am I going to do now?” When you do this, you don’t
gotta worry about that. Because you’ve got buyers. So if Amazon makes a change,
you sell more to your audience. This is the beauty of this
second part of the process. The other side of this, is
when you get that right, it makes things like Amazon way easier. It makes funnels way easier. It makes retail way easier. For example, the reason
why I was able to get into about 1,000 retail stores
across the United States is because I had this, is
because I had done this right. I had done those two things
right, and as a result, hundreds of retail stores
wanted to carry us. Because we had proven
the model on, and because we had an audience that we could send into retail stores. So, when you do these two pieces right, every other sales channel becomes easier. So I get asked by people, “I’m afraid Amazon’s going to change, “I’m afraid a competitor’s
going to come in and copy me, “what do I do?” Get these two things right. Target your person right,
release good products to them, and build a frickin’ audience. And I mean this is as
important to your business as this piece. And a lot of people are good at this, and then they miss this. So this is the million-dollar vision; this is your
multi-million-dollar business; here’s where we get to
eight figures and up. Are you ready, you ready for this? Innovation: innovation is very simply, what do you bring to the
marketplace that’s new? Now here is the disclosure/disclaimer: it doesn’t need to be a brand new product, it just needs to be new enough. Chris would you toss me a jot
of that coffee back there? This is one of my favorite
examples right now. Thank you. So, I love finding examples
of brands that do this well. This is a brand called “Javazen.” It’s coffee, all right? It’s hard to differentiate coffee. Coffee is coffee is coffee is coffee. Hey Chris, would you
toss me the other bag; it’s open, so be super
careful with this one. Thank you. Ever heard of “Bulletproof Coffee”? Now look, coffee’s a huge market, right? Why is Javazen super successful, and why is Bulletproof
Coffee super successful? Well, Bulletproof Coffee was
the first “mold-free coffee.” It actually wasn’t, but it was the first to say it was mold-free. It was the first to double down on that’s where we are going, that’s where we are committing
to, is being mold-free. What about Javazen? Javazen was the first
to be infused coffee, so this is ground coffee
with yerba mate and açai. There’s another one back there that is goji berry and something
else, it’s their decaf blend. So, you don’t have to
like, reinvent coffee; it just needs to be a new spin on it. So Bulletproof, let’s
reverse engineer this. Bulletproof had the audience, because Dave Asprey was a blogger, because Dave Asprey had a podcast, because he had an email list. He then released an
innovative product, boom. And he went to eight figures (claps hands) like that (snaps fingers). That is is this three-step pyramid to getting to eight figures. Now, we could do this all day long with the types of business that
have gone to eight figures. Most of them finally pass when they are innovating on something; they are innovating on
a marketing angle … Even this would be innovation because it’s got a new
spin in the marketplace. Most people are going out
here, and they’re like, “Ah, let’s see, I think
there’s money in spatulas, “so that’s kitchen products, that’s moms, “so I’m going to sell spatulas,
cookware, and olive oil, “all right it’s just cooking gear, “and now I’m going to
build an audience of moms “so that I can release more products,” that’s all fine; that can
get you to seven figures a lot of the time. It does not get you to eight figures; it does not get you to $10 million, because there are a bunch of people who can nip at your heels at that. If there’s no differentiation, if there’s no innovation,
in the marketing, in the product, in
something, it is very easy for someone to come and nip at your heels and it will keep you here. You’ll be playing the review game; you’ll be playing the what’s
my new traffic source game. Nobody wants to carry old boring stuff. They want to look at new stuff; retail stores want to carry new stuff. And “new” is just a new
way of doing things. It is a new type of coffee. If you go into any Whole Foods now, there are entire stacks
committed to Bulletproof and all of their different products. And they’re selling oils,
and they sell butter, and they sell protein bars. It’s like, was the world
lacking new protein bars? No, but Bulletproof did it
in a slightly different way that gave it enough innovation to release to the audience,
to add to their product line. Which is why they’re an
eight-figure company. That’s how this model works. So at this point, when you do this model, this is when you have a
company that can be sold for lots and lots and lots of money, life-changing type of money. This is when you’ve built a real business; this is when you’ve built an empire. Because you are providing
new value in the marketplace, you have a customer list
that will buy from you, and you continue to
add to the product line which gives you the profit
margins to continue this process, and now you have a
scalable, sellable business. So if you have no business at all, and you’re just getting started, you need to focus for the next 12 months on releasing three to five products. Unless you’ve got an audience, or you’ve got an innovative product. If you’re sitting on a product like, “Hey I’ve got the next
Javazen, what do I do now?” The thing you do now is you
release it to an audience. And you build a scalable model of selling out of that product, and then you release product two (snaps), product three (snaps), product four, and you’ll have that audience
start to rally behind you and you keep releasing
innovative products. That’s your model from there. So if you’re here, if
you’ve got an audience, your job is to release products to them as quickly as possible, three to five over the next 12 months will get you to a million dollars. That’s how we get to seven figures; it’s how we scale to eight; and it’s how we build impactful companies. If you need help with this, regardless of where you
are in this process, around this video you’ll find
applications to work with me or applications to work with us. If you’re sitting on an audience,
I want to work with you. Because I can turn that into
seven figures really quickly. If you’ve got a seven-figure business, we know what levers to
pull to get you to eight. If you’ve got an innovative product and you’re not sure how to
bring it to the marketplace, we can show you how to do that. And if you’re already doing all this well, we can help you position to
sale for a really big payday. We can position you for sale
to a big private equity group or a competitor who wants to buy you up and pay way too much
money so that you can live the type of lifestyle that you want, which is exactly what we’re
trying to do out of all of this. So, if you want to do this, we can help and you can find resources
around this video. Hey, I would love to see your thoughts and your feedback in the comments, so leave them around this video, and you can start taking action
on building out this model by clicking the links around this video. Thanks for watching; share
this with an entrepreneur who wants to build a business
and isn’t sure how to either get past seven figures
or they’ve hit a plateau or they’re not sure how to go to eight, because we can help them do that; we’ve done it for hundreds of students and we want more success
stories at, so share this with them,
and thanks for watching. This coffee smells
delicious. (Chris laughs) (chill techno music)

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