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  1. Hello, great video. It helped me stay on track with my branding efforts. I have an off subject question. What software do you use that shows how your prints will look on a wall? Thank you.

  2. A lot of stuff to remember. No experience here but am enjoying each of your videos. I haven't started my business yet but plan on 2020. There are a lot of nuts and bolts to learn and the learning curve can seem quite steep at times. Right now I'm known as the lady who takes photos at the animal shelter. Not sure if that fits into the branding but that's where I'm at currently. When I do get a website going most of the images will be of the animals I took pictures of at the shelter. I do have some of my friend's dog and of course mine. Well, I'll do the best I can with what I have. Thank you for doing these videos!

  3. Hi good morning I will create a brand for my business when I am done can I please share it with for your opinion please?

  4. Thank you Vanessa for all of this tips and at same time marking it fun!! by the way ive6done everything wrong Lol but now I know!

  5. Thanks very much for this video, i jave a very very bad problem with branding and its everything. If i can message you please let me know

  6. Great video. As creatives we often struggle with business I have learnt no matter how good you are you won’t make a living without running your business correctly. I have recently rebranded my product photography business and your series has come at a great time. Thank you. (just putting my name everywhere. LOL)

  7. Good Stuff Vanessa. I never really gave much thought in the color association with my brand…have me scratching my chin…

  8. Nice, your right less is more and a logo can go a long way.

    Its funny how photographers at the moment all want very ornate signatures across their work.

    Not my cup of tea and personally I find it very outdated, but its such a complicated area and can be difficult to find something original. 👍👍

  9. Thank you for this video! Even though the examples used weren't relevant to the direction in which my fiancee and I are moving, I found a the overall information really helpful!

    Question about colors: We have decided to go for a black logo on a white/off-white background. Does this pose any disadvantages? Also, if the blue color in the coffee shop example says calming, what do you think our colorless scheme says?

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