How to Attract More Business by Using Lead Generation Advertising – Dan Lok

How to Attract More Business by Using Lead Generation Advertising – Dan Lok

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  1. I’ve had lead magnets explained to me many times, but never in a way that maps content topics to where someone is in the sales cycle. Dan, thanks for making complex ideas simple to understand and apply!

  2. Thankyou Dan.Most of the times simple things are what a business needs.This content is an eye opener.Iam going to take my business to the next level.Truly appreciate.

  3. Love how you made Gary come up with a topic depending on the percentage of the market he wants to target. The way you explained it makes the material easy to understand.

  4. Speaking to 70 percent of the audience have 2 great benefits:1. You cover the most targeted plus least targeted prospects, 2. Casting a wider net into the funnel. Thank you sifu.

  5. This is distinct from all explanation I have heard or read about lead generation. Dope information from the Sifu

  6. Never seen lead generation explained this way before. Damn!
    Suddenly I'm getting my ideas on what to do in my marketing.
    Thanks for the content Dan.

  7. The bald guy on the right, second row, looks like the guy from Project Life Mastery. he's also on youtube lol. if it is him then it's incredible how successful people still continue to attend seminars and learn.

  8. Man, now it makes sense. There are so many explaining lead generation in the most complex way possible. Now, I'm thinking either they don't know what they are talking about & don't get it themselves lol, or they don't know how to convey it.
    Thanks Dan for this! 🙂

  9. Thanks Dan . I enjoy all your videos. I haven't seen one yet that I haven't learned a load of information.

  10. Could someone explain how this would be done with my business which is car detailing. I get 2 cars a month how would i increase this thanks

  11. I know this is probably going to ruffle some feathers, but my focus is real estate marketing & I don’t agree with collecting emails when it comes to real estate lead generation. You want PHONE NUMBERS. The reason being is that there is a typical buying process that most fall into. Most sellers & potential sellers will go several months JUST trying to choose an agent to work with. So similar to Zillow & trulia, getting their email makes you another option that they can add to their “think about it” list. You want to be top of mind & the easiest way to do that is to have a conversation. It’s psychological; People remember conversations easier because you can hear emotion in a voice & emotion allows them to connect with you, thereby making you memorable & trustworthy.
    Whereas with email, the only way you can portray that is learning to write convincing copy & by default, real estate agents don’t understand how to do that, nor do they make time for it. So you could put in the same amount of effort, (if not less overall) by having a 5-10 minute convo with potential clients that give you their number & 10x your results. You shouldn’t even move to email until AFTER someone’s become a client. Otherwise you spend months wasting time writing a puck load of emails “checking in”. Most people won’t even take the time to respond & update you, they’ll just go silent & never respond.
    So as I said, focus on PHONE NUMBERS FIRST, NOT email.
    Just as a side note to understand why I say this, let’s look at California; there were over 200,000 people who applied for & passed the Real estate licensing exam just during the 2017/2018 fiscal year. Let’s say 25% became active, that’s another 50,000 trying to make a name for themselves in the industry. It’s imperative that in real estate, you do something different. Because when it comes to picking an agent, it is ALWAYS a buyer & seller market. They make the call on who they want to work with, not the other way around. So as I said, if you’re going to do a funnel, you provide the value, your intention should ALWAYS be to get the phone number. It would show some seriousness of interest on the buyer or sellers side & even if they’re part of the 7% “open to it” crowd as Dan mentioned, & you’ve conditioned them, then they’ll definitely be open to giving you their number.

  12. Hi Dan, I finally got an overview of your strategies. I have been watching your videos, researching marketing topics and this makes great sense. I have now realized how these tips you gave implemented in your very own videos, thru webinars, thru freebies. I am amazed by your strategy to the point that you have changed someone like me who almost always never comments/like/subscribed into the complete opposite. I will put these lessons into applications and figure out your concept of "triangle of wealth". Thank you and I shall see you next time in your other videos!

  13. Creating a list of new contacts.

    Why do lead generation?

    Main reason is to qualify buyers.

    At any given time in the market.

    Only 3% are ready to buy now.

    Then 7% of the market are open to it. I could buy…

    30% not even thinking about it.

    Other 30% they dont think theyre interested… may be interested in a few months.

    Last 30% not even interested.

    So even with 100 of your ideal people….

    People given the option to walk out of they want to…

    So, what would be your pitch?

    Start with ‘Stadium Pitch’

    Lead gen is basicly getting a phone number.

    Lead magnet – valuable information for the prospect
    – add value
    – no obligation

    Put them into your marketing funnel.

    Continually adding value through the process

  14. Love your video on generating leads.. Never new it is an easy way to earn income as an affiliate marketer. I am happy i stopped by. Great video

  15. I didn't get the last lead magnet mentioned, can someone kindly complete what Dan said please? All I heard was property tax again?

  16. I just think it's funny how all of these big companies have figured out how to get free advertising from wanna be salespeople. Not everyone can sell or market. I believe in the long run this type of thing will ruin our children future and economy.

  17. What is the title last guy told about the property presentation. How to never pay the property tax again? is that what he said? Correct me if I am wrong.

  18. In summary:
    Step #1 is to attract "potential leads" with a good lead magnet

    Step #2 is to process, and if need be, reprocess all potential leads through your funnel. Once all leads have cycled through your funnel, 3% of those potential leads will be "generated/converted" into qualified leads.

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