How to ATTRACT Mentors for Business Success (That NO ONE teaches you!)

How to ATTRACT Mentors for Business Success (That NO ONE teaches you!)

What is up everyone, welcome back to my channel. Now last week I posted a video about the three
types of friends that you need to let go of in order to live your best life in 2019, and
find massive success. However, what I left out was exactly how to
attract the right people into your life, in other words mentors. Now in today’s video you’re in luck, because
I’m actually gonna share the step by step process on how I’ve been able to attract high
quality mentors into my life that have significantly improved my career, my business, and my overall
life success. So if you’re interested in that then keep
on watching. Now to kick off the video I’m gonna actually
share something that I learned from Tim Fares on the topic of mentorship, and that is instead
of saying things like how can I find a mentor and freaking out about that, start actually
being more concerned about how you can be the best apprentice. That’s why I decided to create this video
because there are so many people out there that are approaching mentorship in the completely
wrong way. As my viewer I wanna be able to teach you
strategies that are gonna set you apart from these people and actually help you land these
mentors so that you can optimize your life and your success as well. Also, before I go make sure that you keep
watching until the end of the video because I’m actually going to share with you a free
resource that I created that is absolutely bulletproof and is going to guarantee your
success when approaching mentors. Now I’m gonna share the resource until the
end of the video, so definitely, definitely keep watching. Now the first piece of advice that I have
for you is that like attracts like. That means if you want top performing mentors
to be attracted to you then you need to be a top performer yourself. Now what I noticed a lot of people doing is
that instead of actually putting in real work and working on themselves they spend the majority
of their time looking for mentors, rather than mastering their own performance. I really hate to break it you, but there’s
no good mentor out there that’s going to waste their time coaching someone for free if they
are not an action taker and if they haven’t even attempted to reach success themselves. Trust me, when you can demonstrate that you
are a top performer then you’re going to naturally attract high performing mentors that are interested
in you and that want to also invest in you. So ask yourself, if you were Jay Z, if you
were the richest rapper in the world would you waste your precious time and energy on
someone who has not even attempted at a music career? Probably not. On the flip side if you were Jay Z would you
invest in someone who has actually hired a music coach, who has actually performed at
local clubs, who has actually tried their best to make their career work. Absolutely. That person has a higher chance of getting
mentorship by Jay Z than the person who has not even tried at all. This same principle applies to any mentorship
that we’re talking about, especially a mentorship that comes for free. Now of course there are paid mentors and these
mentors are so amazing, because they help you full time, and because you’re compensating
them for their time. Now if you’re looking for free mentors it’s
completely different. You need to show that you are worth their
time and their energy to volunteer themselves to help you. How exactly are you going to do that? It’s by being a top performer yourself. So the key takeaway of this first tip is that
successful people attract successful people. When you show that you are persistent, that
you are hungry, that you are an action taker you are naturally going to attract mentors
into your life, because they see potential in you. If you sit there on the sidelines and you
spend all your time Googling people, like adding them on LinkedIn, literally asking
anyone you see on a coffee chat that is actually such a wrong signal to send to high quality
mentors. You need to put your blinders on and actually
put in the work, so that you can prove yourself to the people who are worth mentoring you. People who are actually going to move the
needle for you. The second piece of advice that I have for
you is to put yourself in the right environment. People can’t mentor if they cannot find you,
that means if you want to attract mentors into your life then you need to make sure
that you are at the right places. So actually take some time to think about
where your ideal mentors hang out. Whether that’s a business conference, whether
that’s a private Facebook group, whether that’s a certain forum on Reddit or on a different
website. Think about where these mentors are hanging
out so you can put yourself in those environments to attract them. Regardless, whichever location it is, the
key point here is that you need to actually step outside your comfort zone and be with
the big players. For example, when you pay for a 600 dollar
conference, you’re not just paying for the knowledge that you get or the presentations
that happen. You’re also paying for access to high quality
people because you decided to invest in a 600 dollar ticket instead of investing in
a free conference. By investing in those high level place you’re
gonna naturally surround yourself with high level people who are also playing big. Whenever you are thinking about going to an
event, think about which event is actually going to have the highest potential people
for you to have potential mentorship relationship with, and use those event opportunities to
network and to also put yourself out there as a high performer yourself. Now speaking of investments, I do also wanna
add that the same concept applies to if you want to hire a mentor. Honestly, the best advice doesn’t always come
free and for me the best and smartest decision that I ever made was hiring my business mentor. In less than four months I was already able
to make money off of my business, and I would not have been able to do that had I not had
a mentor with me full time, helping me with all the strategies and helping me overcome
the fear of running a business. Regardless of whether you choose to have a
paid mentor or you try to find a mentor that’s going to invest in you for free, the bottom
line is that no one’s going to invest in you if you’re not willing to invest in yourself. The third piece of advice that I have for
you is to always exchange value, because when you exchange value with someone, especially
a potential mentor, it shows that you aren’t taking their time for granted and that you
are showing deep appreciation for them even spending time with you. For example, when you are going on a coffee
chat always offer something in exchange for that person’s time. Let’s say the potential mentor that you’re
at a coffee chat with has a blog or likes to write articles on LinkedIn. Why don’t you say something like hey you know
what? Thank you so much for your time, I definitely
don’t take it for granted. I’m actually really good at copywriting and
I would be more than happy to review one of your articles or even be a ghostwriter for
one of your posts, that’s the least that I can do to thank you for all the advice that
you’ve given me on this coffee chat. Now don’t you think that, that approach is
so much more sincere and effective versus the person that is saying hey thank you so
much for meeting at this coffee chat, we should keep in touch. This person is not going to build rapport
with the person that they’re on a coffee chat with. The first person that actually offered something
in exchange for that person’s time is definitely going to be way more memorable than the person
who doesn’t offer anything at all and just takes their free advice and runs with it. When you show appreciation and back it up
with an actual offer to someone, that shows so much of your character. So remember reciprocate value, because I guarantee
you’re not only going to earn your potential mentor’s respect, but you’re also gonna be
able to form longer term relationships with the people that you exchange value with. The fourth advice that I have for you is to
be teachable and show your results right away. In other words, what I mean by that is if
your mentor is giving you advice during a coffee chat or a phone call or an email, implement
their advice as soon as possible and then get back to them on the results that happened
by implementing their advice. Don’t be that person who makes your potential
mentor feel like they just wasted an hour of their time giving you free coaching. There is a massive benefit of doing this,
because not only are you showing your potential mentor key characteristics. Such as: being a great listener, being a top
performer, and being an implementer. By sharing your results you’re gonna be able
to keep in touch with them even more. That’s gonna help you convert that potential
mentor to be an actual mentor in the future, because remember one of the easiest ways to
kill rapport with someone is when you waste their time and when you fall out of touch
with them. So definitely find ways to keep in touch with
your mentor and show them that you have the characteristics of someone that they wanna
invest in. Now onto my last and final, fifth tip. That is to pay attention to who your ideal
mentor mentors. Now that’s not meant to be a tongue twister,
let me explain the concept. Now many of us we look up to people like Tony
Robbins, Gary V, Mel Robbins, Jay Sheddy, Sam Oven, Dan Locke, all these key players
in the business world. The truth is, is that majority of these people
are totally not attainable especially at our level. These people are world class performers and
if you are still in the bottom part of the success ladder then it’s gonna be very hard
for you to access these mentors one on one. But I do have to tell you that there is a
little hack for that. Take me for example. My mentor’s name is Erin Henry, I’ll link
her channel right here, I’ve mentioned her before on my channel. Her mentor is James Wedmore, now at this stage
I definitely can’t afford James Wedmore’s mentorship. He is one of the bigger online marketers in
this space, but because I work Erin I get a byproduct of all the things James Wedmore
is teaching her. Similarly, if you worked with me you’re most
likely also going to get some byproduct of the things that Erin has taught me. This concept applies to any industry that
you’re looking at. If you wanna be the best chef in the world
then work with someone whose worked with Anthony Bourdain. If you wanna be the best singer in the world
then work with someone who has worked with someone who has worked with someone, who has
worked with someone, who has worked with Beyonce. I hope you get the point and I really hope
that this tip is going to widen the mentorship pool for you, because good quality information
is everywhere, you just have to open your eyes and look for it. So remember whether it’s paid mentorship that
you’re looking for, meaning that you’re hiring someone to help you or it’s someone that’s
helping you for free, regardless whichever one you choose you need to first invest in
yourself so that other people can invest in you. For me to help you to do that I’m actually
going to share with you a free resource that includes all of my bulletproof tips that I
use myself that has helped me get a 100% acceptance rate every time I ask someone out for a coffee. I really think that this resource is going
to help a lot of people do coffee chats the right way and put your best foot forward when
you are seeking potential mentors. So, I’m going to link that resource in the
description box below and in the comment section so that you can get it. With that being said let’s recap what we learned
today. The first is be a performer yourself or at
least work towards being a performer. The second is to put yourself in the right
environment. The third is to always offer something in
exchange for that person’s time. The fourth is to implement someone’s advice
right away and share your results with that potential mentor. And number five, always pay attention to who
your ideal mentor mentors and so on and so forth. If that person that you want to do mentorship
with is currently unattainable. Now I really hope that this video helped,
also let me know if my resource helps you at all with landing those successful coffee
chats. Other than that I’ll see you next time, bye

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    3:34 this just happened to the first Artist I started producing beats for (he got hit up by Sony last week). About 4-5 years ago I would have never dreamed of ever getting into music! I used to be mainly only rapping and writing lyrics at that time over free YouTube beats, I just left the Hardcore Punk band in which I played guitar and wrote lyrics. I didn't know anything about beat or vocal production and hip hops music business (management and marketing wise).
    Then a couple of months later I met a beatproducer at a party over a friend who had been working with Sonny Digital and Que in their early days as he reveald while we were talking and drinking.. we ended up crazy drunk losing all our people at the party, he lost his keys and we then crashed at my mama house lol. Before he went back to ATL he gave me some advice on music production because he liked my flow. We've been skyping from time to time since then about music and just basic life stuff.
    Due to the help of his tips I then connected with my former producer/mentor at a freestyle session at a friends homestudio who already played recent live shows and had international releases unfortunately coke took over his life.. and he started shitting on playing gigs to the point where I once had to call in a to this point unknown homie of mine as "substitute DJ" when I was opening up for one of my favourite bands (international main act). He turned out to be hustling hard dropping beats every week. After I recently ended cooperation with my old producer because he lost most of the files for my upcoming Mixtape which we put over a year of work into, I started learning how to produce beats on my own putting all the free time into learning this, cutting sleep to 3-4 hours or sometimes going from studying my DAWs straight to work without sleeping (was too focused to stop).
    Over the same time me and some friends failed at keeping our club running and had to close it down and sell off the location but I got to know a lot of people who have been working in the music business for 20 years+ and we all learnd from our mistakes. On top of that my girl left because we lost the club..

    Now about 9 months later one of MY OWN FAVOURITE PRODUCERS DMed and asked me for cooperation work on beats and rapping on one of his beats + one of the first international Artists for which I produced got hit up by Sony BGM for a Deal + I got contacts to the head producer of a record label like 2 weeks ago and we chat on a normal basis now about how I can improve + an upcoming rapper from L.A. wants to rap on a beat of mine

    It has been a long hard way, I had many struggles and failures to get where I am now especially the last year and this all just happend within the past 3 weeks.
    I still have to adapt to the new situation and I'm so excited about it, you can't believe me!
    2018 was the worst year I HAD ever gone through in my life but it seems like this rapper was right.. 2k19 will be our turning point.
    Now I just need to learn how to use social Media since I'm planning to stay independent. Ain't gonna fall for some wicked 360 deal which a lot of artists these days get offered…

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