How to Apply for SARTAC Fellowship 2019

How to Apply for SARTAC Fellowship 2019

welcome everyone to how to apply for the
our SARTAC Fellowship glad my name is Teresa Moore I am the SARTAC project
director we also have on the line Vicki Turnage the SARTAC project co-director
say hello Vicky so they know your voice hello again
Thank You Vicki and Danielle Underwood who is the SARTAC fellowship
coordinator hello everyone and Alex who is assisting in the background not sure
we’ll get to hear his voice right away but he will join later
oh good as this Alex and he will be helping us with technical support so in
just in case you are new to SARTAC and have wondered what all of those
letters mean and have seen them but you have forgotten them it’s the
Self-Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center SARTAC
it is an AIDD funded project of national significance the National
Resource Center supports self-advocacy organizations across the country by
providing quality resource and direct assistance to group next slide our
website if you are not familiar with it the website address is all spelled out and this is a snapshot of the
homepage so you know you have the right location and we would love for you to
check out the fellows page and you can learn about the different projects that
we funded last year and the project that we’re currently funding
for this year and I’ll give you some ideas about what you can write about are you ready to take over Danielle and show folks a little bit of more information
yes I would love to hi can I ask you a quick question
sure go ahead hi I’m I’m here with an individuals who is interested in
applying for the SARTAC fellowship we had a little bit of issue logging on so
we just joined the call is there anything that we’ve missed up to this
point that is that is vital for us to go back and check out I apologize no
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that’s is resolved and that you are able to join us the only things you may need
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you’ll see a little hand you can click on that if you have a question that
you’re going to want to ask toward the end or you can type it into the chat box and send it to us that way and Alex keeping track of all the questions
coming in so that we can get to those at the end of the presentation thank you
you’re welcome thank you okay so today we’re going to be talking about two
materials that we have online right now available for you all this has all
of the information you need to to apply for the SARTAC fellowship on the left
side you see the online submission form and the URL is at the bottom of the
screen there this presentation will be posted online and this
link is also available on the website that Teresa just showed you a moment ago
is to go back again in case anybody wants to write it down is the SARTAC website so the link to the online submission form is
there on the fellows page and on the right side is a graphic of the
information packet that is also available on the website it has the same
information exact same information on both of those the online submission form
is the one you will get into when you are ready to actually apply the information
package on the right side is just something to help you think about it
ahead of time and maybe come up with your idea and talk about it the fellow
and the host together so those are both available and that’s the information
we’re going to be going through today so about the fellowship this will give you
the quick version of all the information in those two places the SARTAC fellowship is a one-year project it starts March 1st and goes a full calendar year
it is designed by a self-advocate and done with a host partner and a SARTAC fellowship a good way to think about it is that it’s a research project that is
works a way to help solve problems that many self-advocates have the SARTAC fellowship focuses on
policy and leadership topics so with this we really want you to think bigger
so this this is a national project we will have people across the country
doing these different projects and where you might think the first thought you
might have would be something that you would do on a community level at your
local level in your own town or city or state and while those are good ideas we
really want you to think bigger with it and how this project that you might do
could help someone in a totally different state another region of the
country to do something similar where where they are the SARTAC fellowship
case $5,000 to the fellow I already mentioned that it starts on March 1st it
needs to end with a report for products that other people can use so they can
learn about your project idea and do something like it in their own area and
those reports the products are hosted on the SARTAC website so that we
can let people across the country know about them and so that a lot of people
will be able to read what you write for they will be able to view videos that
you make just a way to get the word out there about what you have done so who can be a fellow there are a few rules about who can be a fellow first of all
the person must have an intellectual or developmental disability they need to
have been a leader in a group for at least three years it doesn’t necessarily
have to involve in one group but it’s important that you are maybe not a brand
new leader that you’re at least gotten a little bit of leadership
experience it could be an elected role like maybe an officer in a state self-advocacy organization or it could
be something that’s not elected but it is something like starting a new group
or sharing a big event or doing some kind of community changes working on
policy maybe with local leaders or working on a
community board of some kind so it’s important that the fellow has had a
little bit of out of leadership experience the fellow cannot work for
the host either now or in the past so if the person is already an employee they
cannot work with that group as their host a fellow must be able to share
ideas by writing or typing and the host can be a support we have had
some different hosts that the fellow and the host agreed that they would work
together on what a report might say but that the host might actually do the
typing but they need to be able to communicate their ideas and all of our
reporting is done through online form so that’s another piece that some of our
hosts have helped to support the fellows in all all of our fellows joined monthly
calls where we meet together as a group and it’s something similar to what we’re
doing now except we all take turns from all the fellows update their other their
fellow fellows as we like to call them on where they’re where they are in their
projects and kind of what they’re working on right now and the SARTAC
leaders are on those same halls with them and this is something that’s kind of a special tradition this class of fellows
will be present their projects at the Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered or
SABE in Denver Colorado in
October 2020 and that’s a pretty big deal our first class of fellows was able
to do that this past summer in Birmingham when we had over I’m trying
to remember Vicki if it was close to a thousand people attended that conference
and they had this really cool privilege of being able to get up and talk about
their own projects and let’s go the products that they had created through
those sure that’s going to be an important piece the cost to attend that
conference is while we’re asking for the fellows to do this there will not be extra
money available to pay for that cost so some of the hosts we hope will be helping to support the fellow to attend and if
needed they can take it from where five thousand dollars that they’re being that
are than is used to help support their projects so the next question is what is
a host a host is really the best way to look at it is that the host is the
fellows partner they are there and the fellow and the host agreed together what
the host will do to help support them to be successful and it’s different for
every host and fellow pair we have some of the ideas or examples we can give you
to help you understand what a host might do are that they can help set goals and
timelines so like helping stay on track with the project the host might assist
planning project actions so like say the fellow wants to do an event where they
bring together legislators well the host might help plan that with with the
fellow so the task goes really well they might help with research so
looking for different information in different places the host can be a great
partner with the fellow in doing that type of thing or also like I mentioned
before typing materials and reports including those online forms some other
things to note that a host may also help provide an office space to work in so if
the fellow does not have access to a computer and is working on some of those
computer skills some of our hosts have an office space that the fellow can use
to come and work in it also if the fellow needs access to video equipment
or camera equipment things like that a lot of times a host might offer to help
the fellow in that way and then like I mentioned I guess I already mentioned
this about some of the hosts help the fellow to go to the national
self-advocacy conference and we’ve had quite a few hosts go along with the
fellow for that presentation to be able to be there as they get this spotlight
this really exciting moment to be able to present their project many of our
hosts have wanted to be there for that so host offer full support of the
fellows project to ensure their success hosts and fellows are both really
important in this and a host I would say is the most important partner
SARTAC is here our SARTAC leadership team that’s helped with mentoring and
just assisting in different ways but really the key partner is the host and
one other thing to know is that the host also confirms that the fellow has met
the goals that they set before they are paid by SARTAC it’s just kind of our way of keeping everybody on the same page
making sure that everyone understands what’s happening with the project so a
few other things to know fellows and hosts must work together to agree on the
project goals timeline and end products they work together to decide who will do
what so what part the fellow will do independently and what support the host
will give and they work together to submit that proposal to SARTAC and at
the end of that online form there’s a place for both the fellow in the host to
sign because it’s important that that partnership is that before we ever
review the project idea so something that we want to make sure we emphasize is that we we make a strong point about this that the fellow should be building
work skills through this project that may may lead to jobs in the future I
mean they’re doing high level project project work where they’re building a
lot of skills about planning and goals and submitting reports and making
products so we’re hoping that host organizations are going to find the
fellows work so valuable that they will want to hire them by the end of these
projects we also understand that that’s not always possible but where it’s not
possible that posts can be great references or fellows afterwards because
the host knows the strengths that that fellow has developed through this
project so as they go on to look for paid positions and other places hosts
can be important people to be able to speak on their behalf and explain what
they can do okay so now I’m going to switch over to
how to use the online form and if you can give me just a moment here I’m going
to share another screen with you so I’ve taken you are you all able to see the
SARTAC logo on the webpage oh yeah you should see it being shows the front page great okay so this is our SARTAC self
advocacy info org slash 2018-2019 fellowship application okay so if we go
down this page the way that we got to this let’s see Alex I think you might
have taken control of my screen Oh what did I do
make sure you are you not to preserve it okay all right hold on a second okay
okay here we go I’ve got it back okay so what I’ve opened up here is the fellows
page so when you go onto the StarTAC website I think I’m just going to go
ahead and show you this is our home page right here self-advocacy info org and if
you scroll down you’ll see a page here that says 2019 2020 fellowships and if
you click on that it takes you to our fellowship application page and this will kick take you to all the
information that we’re discussing today it gives you some ideas about what the
Fellowship is when the deadline is which we will be talking about later on in
this and also it says want to apply fill out the online application form that
that is your link right there to be able to go to the forum which looks like this
actually here I will okay so if you go to this forum there
are the first page gives you all the information that I just went through
with you and then after that you click on the box that says to continue and it
will take you to this where you say proposed fellowship project information
so you will it says write your host and fellow should complete this form
together host and fellow must agree on a project that we helped to study and you
can click on OK and it takes you to the title of the project so you can type
directly into this box leadership project now say I have a lot of
information and it doesn’t fit all here I want to be able to see more of it
there is a little corner down here on the bottom right that if I click on it
and drag it I can pull this and make it bigger so I can see more words so that
is one way to do this you can just type straight in and when I’m done with the
title of the project I just click OK and it takes me to the next box where it
tells me to describe the topic and you can do the same thing leadership tools
now you’re going to want to put a lot of information in this so that someone who
is reading will have a whole panel of people who are reading and grading each
one of these project proposals and if you give us plenty of information to
know what you’re talking about it will be easier for us to know if this is the
type of project we want to go ahead and ————— background noise ————– ————— background noise ————– you able to mute that for us thank you
you can always go back up and look at what you put in an earlier
box and you can go ahead and go down all the way to the bottom if you want to
scroll one thing to know is you really don’t want to leave any boxes blank if
you if you leave boxes blank then you’re going to be losing points so I would
strongly recommend that you fill in information on each one of these
questions to help us as we’re measuring and when you’re done with the first page
you click on go to the next step and there is more information to enter so
one thing I do want to make sure I show you is that you can if you want to use
the information package that is also available on this page where it says learn all the details of the StarTAC
fellowship by reading this first and it says StarTAC fellowships information and
preparation package if you click on that it will show you another document this
is a word document and you can use that let’s see here I can see essentially
what you can do is you can copy and paste information into that form that we
were just looking at so if you would copy and paste information Sonny didn’t
choose we just this is join we just got kicked off of the webinar version and
we’re trying to get back in so Bo you would but it’s saying that it’s locked
and put in like the participant code again
we were just watching it and then it says the host kicked you off and there’s
no way to use what you guys are yeah how can you real quick click on meeting um
on the WebEx presentation where you all click on meeting and you’re not on the
job down there is a lock and unlock that it’s a unlock um I don’t know what’s
happened beyond your menu bar are you in the meeting I am trying to get back in
okay so where it says meeting uh-huh and in the last option its I think it set up
that’s why it’s getting locked from your great it is greyed out for me for some
reason it’s not giving it to me as a live option oh okay um are you able to
am I able to handle already oh yeah yeah let me see if I can log in as you again
because that’s that’s where I found it earlier so I think there is waiting for
others to join okay yeah that’s why it’s getting on it keeps getting locked okay
oh yeah I logged in as you and it’s it’s good it’s unlocked how people something
is triggering that yeah yeah okay I think we’re good now so let’s see I’m
working give apologies to everyone sorry
sometimes computers are our friends and sometimes they are not very helpful so
our apologies if you had all had issues were you able to rejoin yes okay great
thank you okay so I’m going to try to not go back and forth between too many
things here because I’m worried that that might be causing some of the issues
but I was able to show you the online forum and in case you were kicked off
beforehand one word of advice I would give you
to make sure you answer every question on that form so that so that your idea
your proposal does not lose any points for not including information when we
ask for it so one other thing I wanted to make sure
well two other things at the end of the online forum I was just showing you it’s very important that you press the submit button at the end there is a place on
there that you can click on a box that says please send me a copy of my
proposal and when you do that you need to allow me a few days because I don’t
check it every single day because we’ll be getting in a bunch on some days
and you know maybe one or two on another day so every few days I check and I will
get the different proposals and make sure I save them and if you want to be
to email it back to you so you have a copy of it I’m happy to do that so just
make sure you check the box at the end that says please email me a copy so
before we go forward it is another word of advice for you
it’s really important for you to go like Teresa had mentioned on to that fellows
page which is here on the right side where you see the pictures of our
different fellows and the two classes that we’ve had so far to go in and read
about their projects and that will give you a much better idea of the type of
things we’re looking for in these project ideas but I also would say that
it’s we love hearing new fresh ideas so if you have it you can get an idea about
the type of project you like to fund but then you can also see where there might
be a place to be creative and come up with new fresh ideas because that’s
really what we’re looking for is to be able to help self-advocates across the
country in lots of different ways okay so we’re
having a lot of background noise thank you Alex okay so our deadline to submit
is December 20th at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time so you have a little bit less than
a month to come up with your project idea and submit it through that link on
the SARTAC website we are going to go ahead and go to questions and let’s see
if we have Vicki we’re going to go ahead and have you help kind of guide us
through this portion and hello everyone again we want to apologize for
some of the technical difficulties that we’ve had I’m going to open it up for
questions you can either enter it into the chat box or you can raise your hand
and we can recognize you anybody have their hand raised
oh yes who is this Oh Vicki yes hello is this David Taylor I recognize
your name if everybody could you kind of identify themselves when they
speak and also say what state you’re from yes want me to go first go yes go right ahead so that’s David Taylor from North
Carolina and what was your question David I’m trying to get on
the Webinar so you’ve been trying to get on the
webinar through your phone yeah it’s trying to put an email it
is it won’t go through and it doesn’t want
to take i what we may have to do David is this is being recorded and as well as
we’re putting the the slides up as part of that recording so maybe you can
reference it there after the call and obviously I mean you can also call
Danielle or Teresa I and we can answer whatever questions you might have
I know that it phone works a little funny because I tried that
during re when we checked on when we did a rehearsal the other day and the phone
does some strange things when you try to connect with it so so let’s if we could
do that since um we can have later and maybe go over some
of the things but I need to know on the PowerPoint does that answer
your question David I’m sorry I wasn’t much help
I would like that ask a question okay just one let me take a
question from the chat box real quick and the because I do see that we had one
that came in a little bit earlier okay we had a question from arm I believe it
was John McCartney if I got that correct and John woods no can the host be a
for-profit company that works in a disability arena um at this point
there’s no reason that that can’t be the case John um we certainly would
entertain a application from a self-advocate that was partnering with a
for-profit company okay my name is Julian and I’m from Colorado and I my
question was can a host have two different fellows work I’m doing two
separate projects working like using that same space and host
so could a host submit two applications for two fellows is that your question yes
yes there’s nothing that prevents a host for doing that I don’t it just would
really depend on the quality of the proposals that we’re getting as to
whether both of them would be accepted now if you’re also asking can two
self-advocates share a fellowship on that that would not be acceptable but if
we had to applications from one host with two
different self-advocates they would be accepted and considered Emily speaking hi I’m
doing it on my computer but is everything working huh I had a question
regarding the $5,000 huh my mom has died and I was just wondering like
how that payment is distributed and like how it would affect my benefits I don’t know if that makes it yes only it does and we would work with you and your host to to
address those issues on to distribute it in a fashion that that would make it so
it would make that you would not lose your SSI okay particularly dollars is
really it was not going to completely lose it anyway depending on because you would
not get it all in one lump sum so oh thank you may I add to that this is
Danielle may I add to that yes go right ahead
Danielle okay hi I just wanted to let you know the way that we have done that
this year is to give the fellow complete control over when they want to when and
how much they want to receive at one time so the way that we we have some
some basic rules about how we do it that they can’t get more than half of the
$5,000 before they reach the halfway mark
but and they can’t get the last $500 until they’ve completed everything and
turned in all their products and their but their final report but other than
that the fellow and the host can decide together and they submit a an invoice to
me every time they want to get a new check sent to them to help support the project so the way we’ve done that is everyone
has different situations with their benefits and the amount of income they
may already have or not have we’ve let the fellow decide when they want to get
the funding does that help a little bit more yeah actually thank you so much you
bet absolutely hi Thank You Danielle let me go just
really to the chat box to take one more question before we I take your question
the person who is just speaking I understand we have questions Savannah
regarding the conference often you may use if you’re a fellow and selected some
of the money that you receive can be used to pay for your participation at
the conference everybody who participates in the conference does have
to pay a registration although you know there may be at some
point depending on how the advocacy organization in Colorado handles on
their fundraising there may be some stipends about now who is the next
person who wanted to speak hi I am Kevin
hello Kevin I am a currently funded person and I went to a conference this year and I got a lot out of it and it’s been great it was great is that what you said Kevin
thank you for sharing that um we have another question from McCarty
asking about the application and about the details that’s involved in
describing the application you need to be detailed obviously you know the we’re
not asking for someone to submit a project proposal that is many
pages because it’s only a five thousand dollar project yes you do need
to be detailed and you would put that in the application oh go ahead try you what
it go ahead and respond to that too and for more detail Danielle yeah yeah if I
could because I think I may as I don’t experiment confuse anyone so we don’t
give more points for more details what I was do explain was that that we have
blank boxes then you may lose points because we don’t know how to answer as
we’re measuring different things about your project idea if we have full blank
boxes then we can’t give points for things so more details doesn’t
necessarily mean more point I also want to make sure when you say can the
project change some as the details change yes they can a project plan
change to some extent but we will need you to keep us informed about any
changes you might need to make Teresa do you want to add anything to that I know
that that’s something we’ve been yes all of it you know
sometimes when you’re talking about different products that you want to
create a for example you plan a video and it ends up ——- —- —— ———- ——–
things like that you planned on doing a toolkit and several handouts and it
turns out that that doesn’t all come together exactly the way you thought it
would at towards the middle or end of your project you just have to let us
know so that we can assess what we’re expecting and sometimes most of the time
self-advocate have more difficulty knowing when to stop recording and start
working on the final product and I usually help with that and we have mini
conference calls with teams and then I also will meet with each team during the
process to make sure that you have any questions that come up for you
I answered during the process so that you can make adjustments or tell me that
something new and incredible happened and you want to now include that instead
of something else that is also doable as long as we know about it as it’s
happening and not at the end a little bit Emily and I had one more question
go right ahead Emily um I’m considering working with high-current a volunteer
with but I’m not getting paid for it can I still apply with that host well at this point um you know we’d like to encourage fellows to not have worked for this
host before but if you’re volunteering I think that that might be the we have
considered all our fellows applications in the past who
have their relationship with those has been a volunteer okay thank you
Teresa Danielle do you want to add anything to that it may actually help
you depending on how in depth you want to go with your project if it’s
a very detailed project it might help you to know what they’re currently
working on to help connect it to something that you’ve been wishing you
saw that organization do or try and because you know them it is makes it
easier for you to talk to them about it but it does not discourage you from
trying to make new relationships with the place that you would like to work
eventually – okay thank you all I’ll take that into consideration
yeah um we also had a question from Gregory ah
and that I’m not sure I understand what your question is are you asking if is
there someone that can help you with the application Gregory do you want to
expound on your question or want to write any more about your question in
the chat box and I will just say we are available to it to answer questions if
you need personal you know assistance you’re the reason that were the reasons
that we encourage that fellow and prudential fellow and all host to work
together so they can work on the application together we also had a question from Luke about
the limits to the changes as Teresa said that we you know can work with you if
your application is accepted and there are some minor changes we would not
expect you know a significant change in the project but they’re going to
obviously be some changes after the arm in motion has been awarded oh this is
Julian again I had a question meaning referring to the save save conference in
2020 because how with me for what me and my self-advocacy statewide organization
helping putting on the self-advocacy conference how how will we find out
who’s going to be selected and to end up presenting and that I have thing well
the fellowships are gonna be awarded I said I’ll do it
I’m sorry was that Tracy was in sorry I can take that if you’d like okay go
right ahead Danielle yes that’s a great question minging forum asking that
because I did not put that in this presentation and this is a very
important question so the due date for applying is December
the 20th we will start reviewing the applications in the beginning of January
and take most of that month to get through all of the applications that get
turned in so we will be letting everyone know whether or not their application
was accepted in the middle of February no later than February 17th and
everyone will get an email back letting them know what happened with with their
application is that answer your question Julian no
exactly don’t really I also heard you asking who will present at the
conference all fellows all will present at the conference at the
last conference we had panel discussions eight fellows presented in one panel and so if you’re chosen you would
present at the conference but I’m saying like because our statewide self-advocacy
group is helping to put on the conference I’m just trying to figure out
how will we find out so we can put those into the schedule that’s why I’m turmoil
yes we will work with you on that we have been working with some Vicki and
Heidi over there and will with the sir tech team will be working very closely
with y’all and putting together the program that will be a major sponsor of
the of this conference okay cool yeah oh that’s great for them there’s a question from Luke again what
is it major change versus a minor changes and what changes aren’t allowed
do you want to address that if accepted for example the the fellow can’t change the host can’t change those cannot change
but the things that and the general general idea of the the project cannot
change if you say that you’re going to work with policy makers then you need to
be working with policy makers throughout your project if that puts your project
but if you say that you’re going to do a toolkit and some videos and some
handouts and some PowerPoint and it ends up that you only have videos and a
toolkit the PowerPoint we can probably work with letting that go things like
that so the products themselves can change it’s the most common change that
happen is that people change how they want to have the final product presented
but the overall project itself does not change if you say that that’s what
you’re going to do then you still need stick with the topic because that’s why
you were selected is most likely how you said you were going to work on the topic
in general it’s usually some of the products change a little bit at the end
towards the end and so that I can work with you on we have another question in
the chat box can you work with two hosts on a single project I have two hosts
in mind for the project that I’m considering if I choose amazed can I still work with
the other organization as a secondary host or Theresa would you like to
respond to that one uh what we usually need is that there is a host that signs
on with the project overall that’s going to help you with your day-to-day
activities and to make sure that you know things get done and turned in
they’re going to be the primary host but we encourage you to definitely partner
with several groups to help you get the work done to help you stay the most
informed person about the topic that you’re working on if that other group is
that then you can definitely work with
several partners to help to get it done but we do need an identifiable host that
is the primary person or place that you get your support from so that we can
know who you know to contact if we’re if they have questions they need to be well
informed about what you’re doing and any issues or problems that you’re having
does it help question is again as the application included space for
additional pot partners um Daniel where would you suggest that they list the
additional partners you know I think it does not include a space for additional
partners because we have not had that question to come up before and like
Theresa was saying I think as long as we have the main partner listed the main
host that you can have your additional partnerships with up your host on your
own and you can ask us to include them later in the communication that we do if
you would like them to be involved on the monthly calls we can certainly
include them but there’s just the one the one space for one host so the host
itself does not help or hurt your your project proposal it’s just we just know
that you have a but you worked out a situation with a host and what that hose
can provide know if you want to put it so extra information in that box where
said what will the host provide the fellow you could put in some notes there
about working with your extra partner and what that host would provide for you Thank You Danielle do you have any does
anybody else have needs or questions there doesn’t appear to be any other
questions in the chat box but John had a problem up it he said do I make it a
formula sheet I would say that’s really up you it doesn’t have to be formal it
can just be informal but we need to have we need to have one formal host so that
that part is important we have one question another question from Luke on
that wants to know what time dates are the monthly calls are there the same day
sometime every month as some people are probably working going to school they
are set dates during the month um and set times
Danielle Theresa did you want to add anything for that yeah this is Danielle
I would just say the way we did it this year was at the very beginning we asked
all the fellows and the hosts we gave different options about what would work
then like I think we picked out you know the third Monday of the month at a
certain time so we found the one that worked for everyone and then we just set
up all of our scheduled calls for the year so that everyone could put them in
their calendars so we’re flexible and we also understand that you know our last
call one of our fellows was not able to be on it because of some circumstances
happening for him and we’re flexible but we do want to make sure that all the
fellows can be on for most of the calls we work to find your time that works for
everyone great question thank you for asking yet
by the way I have a question to join follow-up to that is there a percentage
of calls of that perfect ello slash house has to be on to consider full
participation to get to the side about them you know we’ve never had that big a
problem Julian everyone wants to be on because every the fellows really like
having that time commitment to each other and to hear what’s happening with
each of the other projects so I mean we’ve we’ve had almost every call we’ve
had every fellow on yeah the oldest and the one this past time who could not be
on it was because of the wildfires happening in California because you know
natural disaster so that just tells you everybody really wants to be a part of
those calls and we have not happen yeah they become their own family because
they all end up really becoming close because they’re supporting each other
through some struggles learning how to manage time how to work through issues
the project and they learn a lot from each other and it’s the thing I would
add to its a the fellows are active in their projects right now we’re able to
see announced at the Nationals convinced at the National Conference this last
time and I think I wanted to mention to you I’ll just I was so impressed by how
excited they were to be able to have their names and their prospects
announced in front of a roomful of 800 people and just what a huge moment that
was for them what if you honor it was and to be able to be a spark a fellow so
it’s a opportunity right here all right
that answer your question Luke do we have any other questions all right
doesn’t appear there any additional questions um Theresa Danielle do you
have any additional comments the only thing I would stick I have posted my email
this is Danielle I posted my email address on the last slide there so
everyone can can get the email address I also posted my um my office number in
the chat section so that if you want all and leave me a message both of those
pieces of information are on the Start menu when tonight mm-hmm and they’re
also on the online form and on that information packet we’ve tried to give
you that important information in a lot of different places so it won’t be hard
to find but you please feel free to reach out and and ask further questions
if they come up later we’re very happy to the answer have one more question
um and can’t we make an app this I’m sorry I didn’t quite hit me a while ago
what you’re asking you’re asking if we can create an app for the application is
that correct Gregory or is it that if you could
create an app for a project maybe that is what I heard yes definitely we would consider an application for making an app for self-advocates to use just be
very detailed and what you wanted to do and how it would help people help people
and self-advocacy groups because it must it must be something that helps you know
as many people as possible and would serve a purpose some major issue or
something that self-advocate need thank you all right if there are no additional questions and I think you covered this but can you
just confirm about the leadership it needs to be a self-advocate and both
organizations that take that they work together on putting the project together
and that the self-advocate is doing and learning primary activities of
everything and that the host can help them be successful in the project and
help what paperwork and things like that getting paid and those kinds of things as
well I think what he’s asking also is can hit the leadership to consider it or
read it leadership probably different organizations that’s correct yes it have
to be all in the same organization correct yes yes we you know we have a variety of
people that apply all the time and you can be involved in as many groups as you
want but we prefer that you have some kind of leadership activity or goal that
you’ve learned as part of that because pairing up a project through a whole
year does require a lot of responsibility again do we have any
additional questions if not we will be posting on the webinar to the SARTAC
website as well as our she’s sending it posted to our Facebook page or if you
want to go and view the have an argument that it will be available if you want to
address with timeframes the availability Danielle so the webinar
yeah my best guesstimate is it will probably take us about a week to get it changeover and formats and ready to be
up on the web so probably probably four to four to seven days like actual days
from now also if you want to last year’s call is still archived on the web page
on the website and little could also go and listen to that so that last year’s
call that was similar to this one it’s archived on the website if you go
to self-advocacy info org slash fellows Luke are you asking can it be on Arc
are you asking can the host organization be a Arc and if that’s the question you’re asking
yes it could be a Arc on the application do we insert examples of
powerpoints we have done Daniel do you want to address that one
oh we do not have a wait for you to insert files it is just we’re most
interested in what you’re wanting to do in the future and you can if you want to
tell us about presentations that you have done there is a place where we do
add with that and you’ll want to make sure that you talk about presentations
you’ve given in the past and you can also mention that you have created
PowerPoint I’m going to put some the URL where it is archived on the web in the
chat box and while Danielle’s doing that if
is there any last questions that anybody would like to ask well it’s not we would
certainly like to thank you and we look forward to learning about your project
oh and we do hope that you talk to others if you have any friends out there
they might be interested please send them to the website also reply Teresa do
you have any closing remarks be creative and try to think about the things that
you think are missing from what you have available to you and that you would like
to create with someone’s help and who that might be that is that creative
organization that has you have an interest in working with maybe someday
or that you have volunteered with in the past and would like to work again on a
project just be really creative Danielle any closing statement no I just wanted
to say thank you so much for joining us today we’re really glad that you were
with us for this walkthrough and hope that it was helpful and again please
feel free to email me or call if you need more help on any of these things
thank you everyone thank you so much we’re going to end a webinar now

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