How to add photos on Google My Business

How to add photos on Google My Business

I’m Heather Mohorn and this is my toy store
Momo’s Treehouse. We sell handmade and unusual toys you wouldn’t find at a big box store. I want people to see what we’re all about so I put photos on our
Google My Business page. This is how we do it. To add photos to your business listing go to Sign in and from the business dashboard click the Manage
Photos button. On this page you’ll see options for adding several types of
photos like a profile photo, your logo, or a cover photo. You can see
examples of each type by clicking the links labelled what are these and see
examples. Once you’re ready to add a photo click add one now on the type of
photo you want to add and then either drag your photo into the box or click
select photos from your computer. When somebody does a Google search for your
business the main image that shows up is called a first photo. This picture is an
opportunity to show off your business’s personality. If you want to change your
first photo preference navigate to the menu. You can set your first photo but
Google might use one of your other photos based on best practices for your
type of business. You can also upload your logo which is done in the logo
section and of course you can also upload photos
of your products to showcase all the great stuff you sell. If your business is
a restaurant you can show the food and drinks that you serve. Some tips for
images: your photos should be in focus and well lit and real as opposed to
stock art. We recommend minimum image dimensions of 720 pixels wide by 720
pixels high. Another great thing you can do is add a virtual tour. Virtual tours
are done by a professional photographer and you can request a quote for how much
it will cost here. Want more info? You can read about image specifications in the
Google Help Center. Now you have all the tools you need to show off your business
using photos. And that’s it. Just Google Momo’s Treehouse and check our photos.

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  1. It is never that straight forward!!!! I have No what are these??? Or see examples on my google business page ;( So does anyone know how to change your front image on google maps?

  2. Google turned all this upside down. This video is obsolete. As far as I can see there is no way to install photos to your profile let alone move up the list from number 57. Best bet is to scrap google and find another way to get your name out there.

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