How This Business is Saving Elephant Lives | Doing Good Business

How This Business is Saving Elephant Lives | Doing Good Business

[Music] I’m from the poor family yeah but never thought that one day I will come to work with elephants and even thing I heard the screaming in the creek and then after hit man what going on and the haired man said elephant working as a locking I saw the big cut on his chest and he looked at me no when he stopped him he’s screaming scene that day that that noise never out my head and my life completely sane I want to become the elephant protector in traditional elephant training there’s a lot of force at very dominance based and anytime trainers or people are walking around with elephants that means that they have been through some kind of breaking process people expect to see elephant dancing people want to see the elephant play football volleyball today elephant painting flower mountain people face when the people expect a lot elephants suffer I want completely elephant to be roam free but I didn’t have that much money this is a like a dream you know I and I didn’t have you been a foundation myself I’m just an individual I have the curl name lowest and she said Nick setup volunteer program I said why because volunteer will pay you and you use the money to pay for the mother now for you are enough for your elephant I said no doesn’t work and she convened me first poop volunteer right I told him no no don’t but I cooked for you I do everything but believing that the people compared me I said I paid to come here I don’t come stay for a holiday resort I want to work with you I said alright we plant a tree so may for around the world I could have that money they pay to us they can stay in the beach but they pay money to come to work and I use a money to buy land extra every year and those are money to rescue elephant I’m very happy because it’s I love fun happy anybody who’s able to do this at all is awesome but the fact that she’s been able to do it despite so many obstacles it’s really incredible many people they look after the anymore because of the business but for her know is for her family because Elif and his whole family [Music] go back [Music]

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  1. I volunteered there last year and can 100% say that that was the most insightful week of my life. You can feel the love within seconds of being on the property. The staff is amazing and even still as a volunteer, you’re still very catered to. Seeing how this amazing woman has influenced every animal ( and I mean EVERY single animal) on this property is enough to melt your heart. She truly is a diamond in the rough!

  2. THEY HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! It's called Elephantnews and they upload videos of the elephants, rescues, and things like that. Please go and support😌👏👏👏

  3. So incredible to see people taking such big steps to save such a beautiful, intelligent, and kind animal. Thanks SoulPancake for bringing positive attention to this sanctuary!

  4. Animals have feelings and bonds just like us. They experience joy, fear and pain. A shame that we kill 56 BILLION of them every year for no reason other than that "they taste good"… YOU have the power to change this by not paying for it with your dollars! Go vegan! <3

  5. What a coincidence!! I've JUST finished working at an elephant sanctuary ( in kanchanaburi) in Thailand! They've rescued them from trekking camps, tourist attractions, street begging, etc and now all their 27 elephants (and 30+ dogs, couple cats, chickens, cows) can live the rest of their life in peace and being spoiled. "Where we work for the elephants and the elephants not for us"

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