How the News Business Brought Maury Povich and Connie Chung Together – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

How the News Business Brought Maury Povich and Connie Chung Together – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

In New York City they have one
great rule about Central Park: seven to nine in the morning,
off the leash for a dog, so my dog runs every morning. We’re out there
around quarter seven, we run for about half hour 45.
I don’t run. It’s fun to watch
you’re dog run though. You look like
you’re in great … You are. I’m all right. I walk on the golf course,
I don’t use carts if I … That’s good. Unless I’m in a mountain. But that it’s fun watching
your dog run in the dewy grass in the morning.
Just like let loose. And they all kind of roll over. Oh, my God.
It’s so fun to watch. And I figured out how not to
have him attack other dogs. Since he’s a golden retriever. I put a ball in his mouth
and he won’t let go of the ball. So, he can’t bite anybody. That’s genius.
That’s really smart. So, he runs throughout the park
with a ball in his mouth. But he’s not going to let
go of that thing. Let go of the ball. Snap at another dog. He may bark, you know,
a muffled bark but that’s it. So, why didn’t
your shows last? You know, so many different
reasons, just like internal things.
And then also you get … Who did you work for? Like you said about … Comedy Central who I now work
for on the radio and then MTV. So, they didn’t play it enough.
I want to do a show, if I ever do a talk show again,
it cannot be one time a week. Oh, it’s only once a week. If they don’t replay it, the audience doesn’t
get to know you, and trust you. You can’t gather an audience
once a week- But you don’t have the time to
and they don’t time. … unless you’re some
variety show. You see, it’s very interesting,
for instance, in daytime, they’ve tried
so many actors, comedians, people who were never, ever
broadcasters as talk show hosts: it didn’t work. I’m very interested,
for instance, next year Kelly Clarkson
is going to do a talk show, and so, it’s going
to be interesting as to whether that works.
Ellen works. Ellen worked. Ellen worked. Rosie O’Donnell worked. For a while. For a while. I loved the- But then she got dark,
you know what I mean? Yes. Yeah.
I got a little weird at the end. But in the heyday,
that was a fun one. But these things come and go. I mean, you must see them come
and go all the time. Can you tell when
something’s going to work? For instance, I mean,
there are a lot of … I knew Jane Pauley
wouldn’t work, I knew Meredith Vieira
wouldn’t work. Well first of all,
you have to understand these were people
who made their mark and made their reputations
in shows that were an ensemble: the today show is an ensemble.
Hey, Matt Lauer, right? Biggest name in the world,
not there, still Today Show works, you know, bring on
the next person, plug them in. It’s an ensemble. It can exist
without someone and it … Yes. Okay. You go alone, you’ve got to be
a different person than you were
when you were that ensemble. And so, it just doesn’t
work that way. Didn’t work that way. They didn’t develop that skill
as a solo host or the audience isn’t going to
want to see them in that role? I guess. I mean, you never know
how far you can get that way unless you do something solo. Yeah, you gotta try. You gotta do something solo before you know
you’re going to work. I mean, and it took me
a long time … First of all, I mean, look,
I’m a news guy, I never got along
with my co-anchors ever. Really? I mean, look, years
and years ago, I was the second banana
to a woman named Connie Chung at the biggest station in LA,
and guess what? They fired me, it didn’t work. You guys met at a station?
Oh yeah. Working together? Oh Sure. Oh my God. Was that so fun? In the early days
of like no one knew? First of all,
I started before her, I’m much older than she is,
not much significantly older, and so, I was a pretty big name
in Washington, D.C. my hometown. She was hired as the assistant
to the news director, the secretary, okay? The first job that opens up
in a newsroom is a weekend writing job.
She wants the job. The news director says,
“You can’t have the job, you’re my assistant, you’re my
secretary, you can’t … ” “Yes, I want the job.” “Well, you can’t get the job
unless you replace yourself.” She walks out of the newsroom,
across the street, into a bank, looks at the first woman teller
and says, “You want to be in TV?
Come with me.” Replaced herself
and became a big star. And nobody really knew
who she was, and then all of a sudden
we’re going, “Wow, that took a lot of guts. I mean, that’s
really aggressive.” And so, she becomes a star. She goes to LA,
she becomes a big anchor, and then I’m hired as her
second banana, her co-anchor. That didn’t work. And six months later the new
General Manager fired me, and then she took such pity
on me, we started to date. Wait. You dated after? -Yeah.
-Nothing happened before? No, I mean, no I just knew her. Was there any flirtation? Oh, maybe. I don’t know. Yeah. I mean, there had to be
a little something, something. Well, Connie, she had become
a pretty big star at CBS in the Washington bureau
during Watergate. I mean, she was a big star
during Watergate. And so, she went to LA
and became a huge hit, she was the only person I knew in that whole
West Coast newsroom. And so, when I got fired,
she took pity on me. Well, how did that feel? Getting fired was the worst
thing in my life, and the best thing
in my life because the greatest fear
of anyone in this business is getting fired.
That’s the worst fear because: A, you don’t know
what it’s going to feel like, and B, will you
ever work again? And so, when you end up
having the feeling at least you know
what it’s like, it’s shit. It’s shit. It’s shit. That’s so true.
You got to go through it. I believe that that’s all part
of my personality that I bring out. Hey, I’ve had my lows.
You know, I’ve been fired, I’ve laid down on a couch
and wondered to myself, “Should I be in this business?
I mean, what the hell.” Yeah. Oh, that’s great to hear
that you’ve had that thought. Oh, yeah. No, I mean,
and then what you do, you end up watching TV. You know, and I’m watching
all the newscast. I’m saying, “Shit.
I’m as good as that guy. You know, I can do that story.
What the heck?” And so, I got a job
in San Francisco about three
or four months later, and then we started dating
and had a commuting relationship between LA and San Francisco. We dated for eight years
before we got married. That’s smart. But not exclusively.
She says, I dated people I couldn’t even remember
their first names. And she dated nothing
but stars in Hollywood. Oh, really? I love this.
That sounds fun. So, before you got married
and settle down, you were together, and you would
see each other when you could, but you were just like, “Hey, we’re in different cities,
things are gonna happen.” Exactly.
I love that. I love it. In fact, she would say to me
sometimes, “Well, maybe we
should get married.” And I’d say, no I want to.”
And then I would say to her, “Well, maybe we should
get married.” And she say,
“No, I don’t want to.” And then finally,
she called me up and she said, “We can get married now.”
I said, “Why?” She says,
“Because I found a dress.” So, she called it in the end. Six weeks later we got married. Oh, my Gosh. And that was 34 years ago. And then where did you move
after that when you got married? Well, then I was back
in Washington, and she was in New York, and we commuted
for the first two years. And then this wild Australia named Rupert Murdoch
called up and said, “We’re doing start this show
called a Current Affair, and we’re going to move you
to New York. And you’re going
to find out whether you can live
with your wife.” Now, you have to understand,
I was a local anchorman. So, I would come
to New York every week or two to see each other
on the weekends we were married, and I would go
to the apartment building and I would say,
“Connie Chung please.” Who is this?
I said, “I’m her husband.” And he would call up
and say, “Miss Chung. Mr. Chung is down stairs.” And that’s when I knew,
that I had a long way to go. That’s so fun. I love your wife. She’s is indefatigable.
She’s the best. I gotta look that word up later. Good I think. It’s got to be good. Nothing can penetrate her. Except you. Yeah, that’s true. That’s true.
Once in a while. Thanks Chris. No problem man. That’s why
I’m here, just sniping. Nikki does the …
I just snip in somehow. Some hit, some don’t hit.
It’s what it is. Nikki’s approval. Oh boy. She just went after
what she wanted, and told you
when it was, “No-” She was back to going
across the street and taking a girl
from the bank and saying, “Do you want to be in TV
because I want this job.” What happened to that girl
at the bank? She said she ended up
being a talk show producer for me at that station. That’s what happens. No way. So she did.
She wanted to be on TV. See that? See that? All you bank tellers out there. First of all, do they have
bank tellers anymore? I don’t know.
I do everything on my app. Yeah, that’s true. I mean, if it’s not
ATM is there anybody ever go
into the bank anymore? I don’t know. I don’t either. I recently wrote a joke
where I was like, “And I went to the bank.” And I’m like, “No one’s
believing this right now. When is anyone in here
been to a bank? And I go,
“I didn’t go to the bank. Let me put it
somewhere else as CVS.” Yes. CVS. Yeah. You do everything on the app,
right? You meet with girls,
you put you’re check in. Are you on Instagram,
are you on Twitter? Yeah, all that stuff. How do you feel about it?
Do you like it? Well, the show is on it,
first of all. We’ve got like,
3 million Facebook people and another million
YouTube people. But I have a hard time. I see a lot of people who I know
who are in the business, they’re on Twitter,
and I wake up in the morning, I usually wake up
like six 6/6:30 to walk the dog, and all of a sudden
all these people are on Twitter. I’m like,” What the hell are you doing
this early in the morning?” Just responding to stuff.
It’s almost like being a shrink. I think
Twitter’s become a shrink. What do you mean? Oh, just people pouring out
their emotions that they should maybe go on a walk
with their dog and work out? “Well, let me tell you
what happened to me.” Really?
Do I really want to know? Yeah, I know.
It’s sad sometimes. You see like
if one of your friends is having like a manic moment
and you’re like, “You might want
to pull this back a little bit.” And then, of course,
you better not do anything wrong because somebody’s got a phone
and it’s on video. -Oh yeah.
-Oh yeah. I mean, how is it like
for you out there? Are people coming up to you- Boring as shit. You’re getting recognized
all the time and have been- Well, first of all,
if it’s a guy right? “Can you say,
“Stan, you are not the father. Maury Povich
write it down here.” That kind of stuff.
And there are a lot of selfies. I don’t mind it.
Over the years, I’ve known personalities
who just don’t do that: don’t sign autographs,
don’t take pictures, and I’m saying, “Hey man.
I mean, you spend a lot of time trying to get people to look
at you, get into your life and then you just
shove them away and don’t have anything
to do it.” Look I’m on television
five days a week, an hour or two hours a day,
if they know you, that’s the best
of the alternative. What happens
if they don’t know you? That means that
you’re screwing up and you ain’t making it work? Yeah, yeah. The fact that
you’re being recognized. Yeah.
You’re doing a good job. You just taking a few seconds
of your life to sign a …
they’re a fan for life. It doesn’t matter what you do,
it’s always gonna be like, “I’m team Maury.” Oh, I love selfies.
They’re quick phone to someone else, so you
don’t have to look at it again. You’re done.
Yeah, You’ve been famous for decades, isn’t that kind of fun
selfies have changed, maybe the getting recognized
expedited that? There used to be the Polaroid. I think it’s fun. Yeah, I mean, it is.
I mean, it’s the new Polaroid. Yes. It totally is. Stay right here Maury.
We’ll see how it looks. Yeah.

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  1. Every morning after my nightshift, I'd stop by my Dads house and we'd have coffee and watch Maury. My Dad passed last year and I still tear up when u see The Maury show like a bitch.

  2. Maury Povich is 80 years old now and you still looking good for your age and you are the best talk show host ever Maury!!

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