How The Battle Of The Five Armies Should Have Ended (feat. Screen Junkies)

How The Battle Of The Five Armies Should Have Ended (feat. Screen Junkies)

Look at me son. Look at me. You have nothing left… but your death! Hold still… Arhhhh!!!!! Crap! Deflected! Oh no! BENEDIIIIICT CUMBERRBAAAAAATCHHH How The Battle of the Five Armies Should Have Ended Are you in need of some assistance, my lady? No, everything will be just fine. Because we all make it to the next movie!!! Oh yes, alright! Except you… Awww. I’m listening. I just wanted to let you know, I killed the dragon. What dragon? What dragon?!? The dragon that you couldn’t handle and let loose on Laketown. Oh, that dragon. I killed it. What is your point? So technically that makes me more powerful than you doesn’t it? I do not see it that way. And now you are severely outnumbered and owe us a lot of money So pay us back. Or else. Your threats do not sway me. Does your word mean nothing? Did you just awkward slide me? awkward slide…. Yea, he’s not coming out. Very well. we attack immediately. Immediately? You don’t want to wait until dawn? Heck no. There’s like 12 of them and 10,000 of us. This will be over before sundown. (gasp) (screaming) Give me back my necklace!! Yes! I was just thinking… If this gold is cursed, do you think the rest of us could catch dragon sickness? I hadn’t thought about that. Oh I think it’s happening!! Oh it’s happening to me too! Get away from my gold! Noooo, it’s my gold! Then I will have WARRR!! WAARRRRRR!!!!! This floor is freaking me out! Mithril…. No blade can pierce it. It is a gift. You know what? Why don’t you give it to me after the battle? You probably need it more than I. Starting a war and all. Oh. Yea ok. That’s probably not a bad idea. Mithril!!! Yes! Haha!! Eagles really do solve every problem we have. Haha! I know, right?! Not every problem!! If this is love, I don’t want it. Oh, that’s not love, my dear. You barely knew him for like 2 days. It was real!! What was his last name?? Um… The dwarf? Kili the dwarf? Hahahahaha But seriously, who has my arkenstone? A new precious!! I saw subscribe fade from the.. Whoaaa! Legolas!!!! You’re better than us! You can jump and fight and flip and stab and shoot and JUMP!! Legolas, LEGOLAS!!! You’re better than us! YOU’RE BETTER THAN US!! You kill anything that gets in your way and we love it. Whoa, LEGOLAS!! Thank you so much for watching this episode! And a special thanks this time goes to Screen Junkies for lending us their voice talents. Go check out their Battle of the Five Armies Honest Trailer for an exclusive scene that we animated. And tell them, How It Should Have Ended sent ya! Or you can click here to watch our entire Hobbit How It Should Have Ended trilogy. That’s all for now! Be sure to subscribe, click on these buttons, leave us a comment, and we will see you next time!! Bye Bye! Be gone!

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  1. Die Elben sind die einzigsten welche überhaupt keinen nachvollziehbaren Anspruch auf den Schatz haben sie wollten diese Perlenkette von den Zwergen für die militärische Unterstützung der Elben kaufen aber dann hat ein Drache angegriffen und die Elben haben sich verpist sie haben also ihren Teil des deals nicht eingehalten wollen aber die Bezahlung dafür

  2. 4:24 Lyrics :

    WHOAAAA !!!!! Legolas !
    You're better than us !
    You can jump and fight and flip
    and stab and shoot and JUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You're better than us ! x2
    You kill anything that gets in you're way and we love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHOA ,LEGOLAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. xD after Thorin asked "but seriously who has my Arkenstone?" And it began moving away I was thinking "Gollum" ?

  4. You think when the white orc went into the frozen water that he would’ve sank to the bottom since He most likely weighs a lot plus his most likely heavy armor. I mean seriously, how buoyant are orcs?

  5. i have readed lord of the rings and the hobbit so i know the nature wizard only show up in lord of the rings in the books

  6. Does anyone else feel it's weird that before the battle thorium had loads of armour but during the battle he doesn't have any

  7. Lady witch: "everyting will be just fine, because we will be to the next moviee" XD

    Bibo: "eagle almost solve all of our problem"

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