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  1. Hi I wanna start a YouTuber channel but I don't wanna talk in my videos just some drone shots and showing off places in my travels. Please how Successful will that be. Thanks…

  2. this is so inspirational, I'm only at the start of my YouTube journey but this gives me hope that one day I could make a living off of something I love doing

  3. I was mentally preparing to be teased for ten minutes before you beat around the bush on how much you make, thank you for being straightforward. I will watch all your videos from beginning to end.

  4. Growing on YouTube is great… Making money on YuTube is AWESOME!!!!…. Tbe best way is create longer videos (over 10 min), increase your audience retention (to show more ads) and focus on profitable niches (fitness, money and relationships)

  5. Great collaboration. Very helpful. Every time I feel like quitting, I just watch you. And I am energized again. Thank you

  6. Thanks for sharing this video! I’m a small YouTuber with only 1500 subscribers and just from affiliated links and YouTube ads I make about $200 per month… and I make on and off about $500 per months from projects and sponsorship… I just make a video if anyone is interested in seeing the details for a small YouTube. 👍🏼👊🏼💪🏼

  7. Spot on @ 5:17 – Deliver value in all you do and the money will come. Find a need, fill the need = provide value, and you'll make money.

  8. Ive currently made about -£1000 👍 hoping to break even by the end of 2020 😂 wishing all of you luck 👌

  9. could you suggest any courses where i could learn how to make edited videos i have been wanting to start a motivational channel here on YouTube and dont know where to start

  10. My struggle doing filmmaking tutorials etc is that i see so many channels that already made the same videos so I find it kinda pointless.

  11. this video gives me so much positive energy, love this video so interesting!! I just got started with youtube and still trying to find my way of doing it hope i can succeed in youtube a bit!!!

  12. Jeven thank you so much for this. I'm just new to YouTube and feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff to learn, but your videos are always so engaging and I've already learned so much.

  13. Just when I was thinking WOW their audio is fantastic -wonder what mic they are using…LOL Super Great Info guys! ALWAYS, always enjoy your channel!

  14. Hello Jeven, it is great to see you with Ian. Thanks for sharing how you make money on YouTube. It is good stuff to think about. Especially going into digital products. Thanks for another great video. Have a great day.

  15. My YouTube travel channel has over 9 million views and I receive approximately $1,000 on AdSense for every 1 million views, which is on the low end of what other YouTubers earn for the same amount of views. One reason is that I have a lot of views from India, which has a low CPM. It's quite clear that I cannot rely on AdSense to make a living so this year, as Jeven mentioned, I'm going to focus more on trying to get sponsorships.

  16. Reeks of a scam. Wish you would just go back to mountaineering videos and not clickbait YT BS you’re not even big on YT

  17. Thank you both for a fabulous collab and keeping us motivated to take our channels to the next level. Consistency, patience and focus are key! 🙌🏽

  18. Hi Jeven thanks for the information. I have a page but it's mostly about cars. I would love to have a mentor to help me grow my page. If anyone has some tips they can share with me on this, I would appreciate it.

  19. Very impressive Jeven, it is a serious achievement, result of talent and hard work, and certainly inspirational for the new youtubers! Congrats on that!

    It is worth mentioning though (just to be realistic) that probably only one on 10 thousand YouTubers (or maybe less?) will see six digits paycheck. Interesting to dig out the correct number, maybe a topic for another video 😀

  20. Monetization youtube..? 500 Internal Server monkey error kill me for years … one of my videos got 600,000 views back then…but no monetization. …google adsense setup tips…? Did I set it up right? …

  21. What great advice! Thank you both so much for your content. It really helps not only is smaller channels but the whole community as well. 😀

  22. I don’t know when I can make it 🤗 just started few month a go and upload some videos . Not happy with engagement. But now I am on process editing of cut sequence and B-roll sequence . Love some suggestions and feed back ❤️😇

  23. One on your viewers commented on getting that first $20. I think for many of us, it is not the promise of making the lottery, but of getting monetized and getting that first monthly check. I was first monetized last week and got $16.88. It was exciting. The data behind each video was now showing me something I had never seen before, money… I was getting paid for my efforts. Will I make $300K, I don't know. I don't care. I have a vision and am focused on delivering content aligned with that vision. Just having enough revenue to fund my hobby would be amazing. Imagine having an extra $200 a month, or an extra $1000 a month. How would that changes things? To me, that is more attainable than making it big.

  24. I know people say, yeah, you can be a youtuber, but it is hard, It is like you are in a field of wheat, but they are already growing and you need to shoot up from a seed and see the light. Who is going to see you, one little seed in millions of plants. Yes it can be done. But it is hard work, and making videos is a lot more work than people think.
    I have been making content and make no money, it is just a hobby at this point. I have been doing it for years, and only now it is starting to get traction, this is mostly on instagram. I was planning on youtube being the take off. So remember, be on a number of platforms so you can double , triple you opportunities.
    You need to be persistent and regular and keep focus on your topic.

  25. Thanks for the power-up. 2020 is gonna be a big year for me, I can feel it. Love your content, Jeven, keep up the great work!

  26. This is an inspiration video like me specially, who is just started. Thank you all of you'r suggestions & nice video.

  27. Awesome video bro…so…what can I do to have the Business Kit if I am in a country where I can´t send a text to USA? Thanks in advance.

  28. Youtube is a great platform to earn your income. It is one avenue of income stream the other is to build income through stock portfolio.

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