How More Tariffs On China Will Impact American Companies | NBC News Now

How More Tariffs On China Will Impact American Companies | NBC News Now

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  1. Biden Jr.'s betrayal was a heavy blow to America.
    Trump called on the World Bank not to lend to China, as it violates freedom of speech to China.
    Trump is doing everything to take control of the Chinese situation.

    America demands to deal with the traitor. All are equal before the law!
    Biden Jr.'s betrayal was a heavy blow to America.
    The most secret documents of the White House of the time of Obama could be transferred to China.
    The most secret documents went from Hilary Clinton's home server directly to China. It was a stab in the back to the entire American people. The most secret documents, the most top secret.
    Trump is desperately trying to save the situation, it's a battle against time.

    Trump now needs time, he needs a second term to rectify the heavy betrayal of the Obama administration.
    Brennan must testify in the Senate about the whole story.

  2. America is tiring of NBC and it's anti-American socialist liberal spewing propenganda. The FCC should pull their license!

  3. In China, there is no poverty in the United States fighting 30 percent to survive China is not killing civilians in endless wars, that's the US

  4. In every story … NBC completely ignores the REASON for the tariffs. No one thinks tariffs are good long-term. Trump is using the tariffs as leverage (a tool) to get these other countries to negotiate better (more fair) trade deals.
    The tariffs/taxes China (and most other countries) have been charging the US have been WAY worse than the tariffs Trump has (temporarily) placed on their products.
    The US has been getting cheated for decades. Regardless of whether you like Trump or not, what he's doing in regards to tariffs, is the smartest thing any US president has done in decades.

  5. HEY AMERICA.. The "imaginary" #demoKKKrat recession of 2019 is over. The #TRUMP2020 Economy added 266,000 jobs for the month and the unemployment rate fell to 3.5% lowest level in 50 yrs. #winning

  6. China puts 50% tariff on USA wine for many years. It's time we returned the practice.
    Why China gets to tax our wines 50%?????
    Why nothing in walmart taxed the same????
    Why one way street?

  7. americunts kept reporting propaganda aobut china, but couldn't stop themselves from trading and doing business with china.

  8. How about start producing in the USA again! Or start buying from another country, china is not a friend. They steal, cheat, and bully, cut them off.

  9. Yeh, tariffs cost businesses. This cost needs to be weighed against the cost of NOT applying tariffs to a state that has your demise as one of its explicit goals.

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