How Moleskine uses Dropbox Business | Dropbox UK | Dropbox

How Moleskine uses Dropbox Business | Dropbox UK | Dropbox

Peter: You know, every great story starts with a blank piece of paper At Moleskine, we’ve been providing millions of people with beautiful spaces to create since 1997 But with teams spread across four
different continents on four different timezones, how do you take something
made for analog and make it relevant in the digital world? Ben: So it made us think—why not create a new customer experience that involves analog and digital? With Peter in Copenhagen,
we came up with the idea of integrating Moleskine into a series of
apps something that would allow people to pick up where they left off, from their
notebooks to their mobile devices but it takes more than just a few people to
make this happen Peter: So we have been in Australia working on different concepts and me in Copenhagen
leading the project Then we had our UX team in
the US and our design and tech team in the US, Canada, and Singapore with everything being brought together
in our Milan headquarters Ben: And here’s the thing, we built our first
app without having to meet in person once Peter: Everything was done in Dropbox
Business From concept to design, to testing and building, PR and marketing, it’s an essential place for everybody to stay in sync and for everybody to contribute Ben: And by using Dropbox Business with Dropbox Paper, Zoom, and Slack we’re always working as a single team It’s our digital toolkit helping us achieve our goals faster by speeding up how we work, collaborate, and communicate Peter: Has it worked? So far, Timepage has been
downloaded two million times and our newest app, Flow is receiving a couple of hundred subscriptions a day And our analog book sales have increased ten to fifteen percent year-on-year When the right teams come together good things happen

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