How many positions are available? – State Department: Consular Fellows

How many positions are available? – State Department: Consular Fellows

She’s saying there are 4 opened periods to apply between now and September 27th, as a Spanish Consular Fellow, how many fellows will be hired in each round and are these appointments for different fellowships in different countries? Ok so I guess I’ll take this one. So we don’t hire a requisite amount from any of the vacancies we hire the amount of qualified applicants that actually make it through the process. So there is no set number of how many we are going to hire for each vacancy and the reason we have it set up with an opening and closing is to kind of manage the flow of applicants and the language testing requirements. So, um, and you know the positions are to work at different countries overseas. As you apply, you are not applying to work at one post or one mission. You are applying to work in a country that requires the language skills you have. So that could be any country; if it were Spanish, so any country that entails and you wouldn’t know that until… You wouldn’t know that until you have gone through the process. It’s a similar bidding process to what the Foreign Service Officers actually go through. Now with that being said, the countries where we are posting our Consular Fellows are where the demand for visas are high. So it’s not just all of our missions throughout the Spanish speaking world There is a set number of them but there are several options to choose from.

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